Throwback: The Blues Run, 16 May 2013

What: 5K

Where: Cambridge, Massachusetts (course map)

Who: Me and Colin, along with Shauna and some of her friends

Benefited: American Legion Marsh Post #442

Time: 40:08

Photos: (click to open larger versions)
Photo courtesy of Shauna

Sprinting to the finish line

Sprinting to the finish line

Recap: The Blues Run was the first of 5 races in the “Let’s Run, Have Some Fun & Be Fit Summer Race Series” hosted by the American Legion Marsh Post. Colin and I signed up with the intention of doing the whole series… partly because we wanted to see our times get better as the series went on, and partly because anyone who ran all 5 races would get a nifty running jacket for free. It’s all about the kit.

We turned up after work and, after wandering around with other runners trying to figure out where the starting line was, finally got somewhat organized. The race comprised of 3 heats, with faster runners going in the first heat, and the slowest runners/walkers (re: us) in the last heat.

We hadn’t really been doing much running since the Ras, but we were treating this race as our warm-up for the vast number of races we had signed up for in the summer. Despite it being a “warm-up” race, I was still disappointed with my time. Wasn’t I supposed to be getting faster the more I ran? Why was I slower? I tried to take heart that setting a low bar in the first race meant that my times were sure to improve as I moved on in the series.

In addition to the start of the race being really confusing, the end was a mystery as well. As we rounded the final corner and everyone started screaming “run!” at us, we sprinted towards what we thought was the finish line and then slowed to a stop. The crowd kept screaming at us to run, to keep going, and we realized that the finish line was around the next bend. Though a little frustrated at the disorganization of the race, we figured at least we’d know the quirks for the next time.


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