Throwback: Get Fit in May 5K, 18 May 2013

What: 5K

Where: Exeter, New Hampshire (course map)

Who: Me and Colin, with moral support from Drew and Drew’s mom

Benefited: Exeter PTO

Time: 38:04

Photos: (click to open larger versions)
Photo with * courtesy of Tracy Phillips Photography

Drew surprised me on my way to the finish

Drew surprised me on my way to the finish

Struggling across the finish line

Struggling across the finish line*

Recap: Another reason Colin and I were considering the Blues Run to be a warm-up is because we had this run just two days later. Colin’s running club had signed him up, and he invited me along. I loved the idea of trying to race in as many states as possible, so this was a great way to check New Hampshire off my list. Plus, it was a cool new place to take Drew’s mom, who was visiting from California.

This was my first experience running a 5K in the heat. The Ras was in early March, and the Blues Run had been in the evening by the cool shores of a river, so I hadn’t yet tried to run with the sun beating down on me. I was completely unprepared for it and I did not enjoy the experience. There were also steeper hills involved in this course, including one right at the finish. It was a challenge to say the least.

One of Colin’s run club buddies doubled back after he finished to find us and give us tips and encouragement. It was a nice gesture, but it also made me feel incredibly slow and unfit, since someone was able to finish the race and run a good chunk of it again to find us, and then run the rest of the way alongside us. It was also dispiriting to have so many young children sprinting past me throughout the race… all I could think was damn them and their boundless energy!

Colin finished the race strong, sprinting his way across the finish, but I was feeling faint and more than a bit nauseated so I gave him my blessing and continued to plod my way slowly towards the end. As I approached the finish line, I noticed the young boy and his mom in front of me. The boy was struggling to finish, and his mom was running in slow motion next to him, offering all the motivation she could. Knowing how disheartening it is to have people sprint past you when you’re struggling, I focused on slowing my pace even more so that the young lad could finish ahead of me. He crossed the finish so jubilantly that it made all my exhaustion and slowness seem worth it.

This was the first race that we celebrated with breakfast right after (at Steve’s Diner), which has become a tradition we look forward to after early morning races. It was also the first 5K to totally wipe me out… I fell asleep on the closet floor after showering when we got home. Warm-weather races are definitely a horse of a different color!


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