Throwback: Jerry Garcia Memorial River Run, 25 July 2013

What: 5K

Where: Cambridge, Massachusetts (course map)

Who: Me, Colin, and Gina, with moral support from Drew

Benefited: American Legion Marsh Post #442

Time: 35.08 Personal record! (Since beaten)

Photos: (click to open larger versions)

Gina didn't get the memo to look fierce...

Gina didn’t get the memo to look fierce…

Recap: The Jerry Garcia Run was the third race in the “Let’s Run, Have Some Fun & Be Fit Summer Race Series” hosted by the American Legion Marsh Post. I had signed up to run the second race, the Reggae Ramble, but didn’t run because of my back/neck injury. I could have gone anyway and just walked, but Colin hadn’t signed up in time and I didn’t want to go alone. Turns out the free running jacket wasn’t really worth it after all!

The evening was a bit rainy, and it had been raining all day so the path was full of giant puddles… one of which I dunked an entire foot into. The rest of the race wasn’t entirely pleasant. However, it was much cooler for this race than for any of the others I had done recently – in the 60s instead of the 80s or 90s – which made me feel like I had rocket boosters on my feet. It’s incredible how much the weather can affect your performance!

After a slow start due to a massive crowd of people trying to navigate around puddles (and during which time Gina ran off like a bat out of hell and left Colin and me to pick our way around people), I ran the whole race without having to stop for ankle soreness, shortness of breath, or what have you. Toward the end of mile 2, Colin had to stop to give his sore Achilles a rest, but when I tried to stop with him my hamstrings screamed in protest and I had to keep going. As I approached the finish line, I felt like I could keep running for forever. It was a great feeling, one I had been hoping/expecting to feel at some point when I started running but had yet to experience. It made me feel like I wasn’t entirely crazy for deciding to be a runner!


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