Pre-Race Fashion Nerves

It’s the night before a race – before the first cold race of the season – and what am I focused on? Proper hydration? What I’ll eat before the race? Nope. I’m fretting about what I’ll wear.

My first ever race was in cold weather, but that mid-March day was warmer than tomorrow is forecasted to be. Preliminary forecasts were saying mid-40s for tomorrow morning, but now it’s looking like mid-30s at gun time. Brr.

I’ve gotten so used to picking racing kit for hot weather – even the two races in October were quite warm, relatively – that I was totally flummoxed tonight when trying to get my kit ready for the morning. Do I go with a warm, long-sleeved base layer with a t-shirt over it? Do I wear my fancy new running jacket? What about running tights? Will I get too hot while running for any of this stuff?

After rummaging crazily through my all my running clothes, I finally came up with black running tights, navy shorts, a white long-sleeved base layer, my blue “BOSTRONG” t-shirt, and yellow soccer socks. I tried the getup on and stared at myself in the mirror for an awkwardly long time, trying to determine if I looked crazy or not. (I kind of like looking a tad ridiculous when I run, but tomorrow’s race is in honor of Vetetans’ Day and ridiculous doesn’t quite seem like the right way to go.)

Whether or not I’ll have a last-minute panic tomorrow morning and pick out a whole new kit… who can say. I think all this just means I need more cold-weather kit *cheeky, winky face*


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