Gobbler Gallop, 29 November 2013

What: Virtual 5K

Where: Woburn, Massachusetts (course map)

Who: Me and Colin

Benefited: The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Time: 35:43

Photos: none

Recap: This was the second race in the Holiday Hustle series sponsored by For the Love of the Kids; the first was the All Hallow’s Eve Romp that Colin and I ran on Halloween.

Unlike my last race, this one doesn’t inspire much to reflect upon (so this will be a nice, short post!) It was cold, but nowhere near as cold as the race in Plymouth. We were also able to run during daylight, so we could run our usual route around Horn Pond without having to pace back and forth on the lit sidewalk like we did for the All Hallow’s Eve Romp. That made it a much more pleasant run.

Neither Colin nor I were in the mood to attempt a PR, and we both wanted a nice, easy run, so we took it at a slow pace and even walked for a bit after mile 2. It’s nice seeing that our “slow” pace is what our “faster” pace was just a few weeks ago… the PRs we’ve been getting thanks to 10-minute-mile (or less) paces make our old race pace seem like we’re just taking it easy. It’s encouraging!

One thing from the race that’s a little worrying is that the outside of my right foot began hurting quite a bit as we approached mile 2 yesterday. It’s still a little sore today, when I put weight on it and try to rise up on my toes. I’ll keep an eye on it, but hopefully it won’t sabotage the 4 races I have coming up within the next month!


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