New Year’s Resolution Run, 1 January 2014

What: Virtual 5K

Where: Woburn, MA (course map)

Who: Me, Colin, and Gina

Benefited: The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Time: 34:40

Photos: (click to open larger versions)

Not an action shot, but this was our view of the pond as we ran.

Not an action shot, but this was our view of the pond for much of the run.

Recap: This was the third and final race in the Holiday Hustle series, sponsored by For the Love of the Kids, the others being the All Hallow’s Eve Romp and the Gobbler Gallop. Whereas Colin had signed up for the two previous races with me, I signed up for the third race alone. Luckily Colin and Gina, who was home for the holidays, were willing to run with me, which did wonders for my motivation!

Upon returning from my California holiday, I was happy to see that a random warm spell on the east coast had melted most of the snow that fell before we went west. Unhappily, a Nor’easter is currently dumping another foot on us as I type. Happily again, however, the ground was still clear and mostly ice-free at Horn Pond yesterday, so we were able to return to our favorite running spot for this virtual race.

I don’t know if it was all the not-good-for-me food I ate around the holidays, or if it was because I had only run twice while on vacation, or if it was my body revolting against having to run in the cold (20s) again after having last run in a gloriously warm climate, but I felt really sluggish during this race. The first mile started out okay, but soon felt endless… and I can usually manage a mile just fine. I had to stop to walk twice, and it felt like really hard work just to keep going, especially when my left knee started protesting during the last mile. Not the most encouraging run with which to start off a new year!

There were some good things about this run though. One was that my right foot continued to be pain-free (I wore my new sneakers again… I’m too afraid to try my old ones in case my foot acts up again). Another was that I got to run with Gina again! The last time we ran together was at the Jerry Garcia Memorial River Run back in July, and I’ve missed her infectious optimism.

The final happy thing about this race is that I was able to improve my time each time I ran this course for the virtual 5k… though now that I think about it the course was slightly different each time. Nevertheless, it’s a boost to see my time get better – 37:15 for the All Hallow’s Eve Romp, 35:43 for the Gobbler Gallop, and 34:40 for this race. Definitely a positive to build on as I embark on another year of running!


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