I’m Running Boston This Year!! … Well, Not Quite

It’ll be about 23.1 miles short of the marathon, but I’m excited to share that this April, I will be running the B.A.A. 5K! It will be my first time running any B.A.A. event (they also host a 10K, half marathon, and, of course, The Marathon), and I’m super excited that my registration application was accepted. (I’m not sure how many people they don’t accept, or if they turn anyone away at all before they reach the runner cap… but this is the first time I’ve had to apply to register for a race, and I’m just pumped that I get to run it!)

This will be my biggest race yet – I will be one of 10,000 (!!) runners taking part. My biggest so far had only about 4500 people, so running with more than twice that will certainly be interesting.

I first heard about this race last year, a few months after it happened, and I thought the coolest thing about it was that the finish line was the same as the marathon finish line on Boylston St. I’ve always thought it would be so awesome to cross that finish line in a race, and though crossing it after a 5K wouldn’t be nearly the same experience as crossing it after a marathon, I decided I had to sign up for the 5K just to get the chance to do so. Unfortunately, the finish line got moved for this year’s race (see map below) BUT I still get to run across it at about the 2.4ish mile mark.


I’m setting this goal today: I want to finish each of the B.A.A.’s 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon races. You heard it here first; keep an eye on this space to see if I succeed!


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