Finally Excited About Running Again? Maybe? Kinda?

About a month ago I wrote about how blah I’ve been feeling about running lately. Whether from overdoing it with lots of races in November and December, or struggling with finding a good place to run thanks to all the snow we’ve been getting, or just general post-holidays laziness, I just haven’t been feeling excited about running.

In that same post I wrote about things I was doing to try to perk myself up – joining a running club, signing up for a race, getting involved in my work’s fitness challenge, and considering buying a running-themed sample box. Well, I went to run club twice and haven’t been back in two weeks because I’ve been sick, so that’s not helping too much at the moment. Most of the minutes I’ve been clocking for GetFit have been earned shoveling, which leaves me too tired and sore to even think about running. I haven’t been able to justify spending $20 for a sample of a sample box subscription to see if I’d like it, so “free” gear in the mail hasn’t been motivating me either.

So what has gotten me perked up just a tiny bit in the last few days? Upcoming races. I’ve gotten the bug again and have been signing up for ALL the races, and some of them are making me feel pretty pumped again. Let’s take a look at what’s on the docket:

1) Guinness Celtic 5K, which is the first race I “grudgingly” signed up for back in January. Why I’m excited:

  • It’s in my hometown, which is always fun to visit (and especially to run around in)
  • Related, I’ll probably/hopefully get to see some family while I’m in town
  • It’s on the St. Paddy’s parade route, one hour before the parade starts. There should be a decent crowd of (hopefully!) supportive and/or drunk onlookers
  • Themed races usually encourage dressing silly, and I enjoy dressing silly for running

2) B.A.A. 5K

  • My first ever B.A.A. event, and I’m pumped. This reason is enough to stand on its own

3) Spring Classic 5K

  • I ran the winter version of this race in December, and it will be fun to run it in (hopefully!!) warmer weather
  • It’ll be my second time running with Shauna’s Team NeverWin, and some friends I haven’t seen in a while will be on the team this time around. Yay camaraderie!
  • *I was going to say that seeing if I could run this route faster than I did in December was another motivating factor, but… (see race 3a)

3a) Jay Lyons Road Race

  • Why is this considered 3a? Not-so-short story: My dad told me last year about a series of races that make up the “Tour de Worcester.” I found out about it too late, and was only able to run one of the races. Determined to complete the Tour this year, I investigated race dates a few days ago and discovered that the first race, the Jay Lyons Road Race, would be falling on the same day as the Spring Classic. Before I could be plunged into anguish about whether to ditch Shauna or give up my dreams of Tour completion once again, I noticed that the Lyons race starts at 2pm, whereas the Spring Classic starts at 9.30am. So I’m going to be completely mental and run BOTH in the same day. (But because I’m not completely mental, I plan to take it easy in both races and just enjoy them, rather than trying to PR in them both or something else that might make me faint.)

4) Worcester Firefighters Memorial 6K

  • This is the second race in the Tour de Worcester, and also the one I’m most excited about. The Cold Storage fire was a terrible event in my home city that has stayed with me, and taking part in a race to remember the firefighters lost that night is something that just feels right
  • Unless I randomly sign up for a 10K before June, this will be the first race longer than 5K that I’ve ever ran. Not a huge difference in distance, obviously, but it’s a step in a good direction

5) Shipyard Old Port 5K

  • I ran this race last year and really enjoyed making a weekend out of it and being a nerdy running tourist. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend in Portland again!
  • I’m also very excited that the race organizers changed the course from last year’s, which included a massive bottleneck at the bottom of a staircase in the woods. No stairs this time! Huzzah!

6) Canal Diggers 5K

  • The third and final race in the Tour de Worcester. I ran this last year, and am excited to see if I can improve my time this year

That’s it so far (!). Colin and I have discussed doing a 5-miler to see how we do with the extra distance, and we’ve also talked about wanting to do a 10K this year, so more races might be added to this list as the year goes on. I’m excited that I’m excited about running again… now I just have to get off my lazy bum and get moving so I won’t have to drag myself across the Celtic 5K finish line with my lips!


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