A Little Splurge

Every now and then I’m overcome by the urge to splurge on some piece of running kit. The last time I really went all out is when I discovered Running Warehouse and kitted myself out with some much-needed winter gear. (And I’m so glad I did! Those tights and the snood have made frigid winter races so much more bearable).

The little splurge I went on today, however, won’t result in more comfortable running. No, the purchase I made today isn’t practical at all, but borders a touch on the narcissistic. It is something I’ve been lusting after for several months, however… really ever since I knew these items existed. What exactly did I break down and buy?

Today, dear reader, I bought a race bib/medal holder.

To be entirely honest, a race bib/medal holder isn’t something I need. At all. This is currently how I display these items:


Dangling from a curtain rod

Covert race bibs

Peeking out from their hiding spot in my bookcase

After running my first race and coming home with my finisher’s medal hanging proudly from my neck, I wasn’t really sure what to do with my souvenirs. Drew suggested hanging my medal from the curtain rod above our bed, since the other curtain rod in our room is festooned with 3-day PAX passes and their matching lanyards. Then I just tucked the race bib behind some books on my shelf (you can see the very one peeking over the tops of the others in the picture! It’s the green one) because I didn’t know what else to do with it, and I didn’t have the heart to throw it away. The rest have all ended up there too, because apparently that’s where they all belong.

So, clearly I have places to stash/display my bling and bibs. But ever since becoming aware of the holders made by Running on the Wall and others, I’ve wanted to get one. Maybe I need to be validated by the “officialness” of having a dedicated display spot… or maybe I just really like the idea of having a proper place for the bibs, where they can hang neatly in order, and where they won’t sag and lean and bend. (I’m a librarian… I like things to be orderly, in their places, and preservationally sound.) Having a place to show off my bling where they won’t clank against each other each time I prop my pillow up in bed and accidentally billow the curtains would be nice too.

And so I bought this:


To be honest, I’m quite giddy for it to arrive so I can give it a place of honor on my wall and deck it out with all my race souvenirs! It’s the little things, right?

Do you display your bibs and/or race bling? If so, do you go the curtain-rod-type route, or do you have a dedicated display spot?


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