Midweek Encouragement

For the first time since… I don’t know, probably last summer/fall?… I could hear birds singing outside my window at work this morning as the sun streamed in, and it made me so happy. I know I’ve said it in who knows how many other posts, but this winter has been ENDLESS and, even though we’re supposed to get more cold weather this weekend and possibly more snow, this little glimpse at spring-like weather is cheering and wonderful!

This morning’s happiness built off good feelings from last night’s workout with run club, during which I had one of those encouraging “I’m really a runner! I’m getting better! Running is actually fun!” epiphanies. One of the high school teams was using the gym so our workout started an hour later than usual, and many of the regulars couldn’t make it. There ended up being only 7 of us, but it made for a fun, close-knit feeling in the workout.

We repeated a workout we had done recently – 5-7x 300m fast, 300m recover – and the last time I attempted it I only made 4 or 5 of the rounds, and took full advantage of the 2 laps of recovery. Last night I started a bit too strong, letting myself be pulled into the pace of everyone else (all way faster than I am!) and was wiped after my first 300m. I struggled for the next 3 repeats, but then got a second wind out of nowhere. In an attempt to catch up to everyone else lap-wise, I switched to 300m fast, 150m recover, and found that I was going even faster in the 300m than I was when I had a full 300m recovery. (This is where the epiphany hit!)

I ended up completing 6 repeats to everyone else’s 7 and finished strong, which was definitely an improvement from last time! Steve congratulated us all on a good workout and everyone started high-fiving, which has never happened since I’ve been attending run club. (Woohoo! Props! Positive reinforcement!) The only thing I didn’t like about the workout was the new-fangled stretching we did afterward; Steve has us all lay on the floor with our bums shimmied up against the wall, so our legs were going straight up the wall. It’s a quick test to see just how inflexible you are when you hear someone tell you “No, straighten your legs out… no, your knees are bent… straighten… oh. That’s as far as you can go?” Apparently my range of motion isn’t very far.

Anyway, that’s been my boost for midweek, when I’m usually feeling unmotivated. I’m hoping it carries through to tonight so I can finally do the core strengthening exercises I’ve been meaning to try!

What’s motivating you this week?


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