10K Training and Random Musings

Happy Friday! (I know it’s Monday, but I started this post Friday evening and was taken down with migraine before I could post it. Forgive me if what I’ve written here makes no sense… I blame my wonky brain!)

Maybe it’s the weather turning more spring-like, or maybe it’s the fact that we now know we can run more than 3 miles, but either way Colin and I are gearing up and excited to start 10K training. Or, if you look at the training plan he sent me a few days ago (below), we don’t even have to start… we can just jump straight into Week 4 and slowly increase our mileage, and (if we stick to the plan) we should be ready to tackle a 10K by the first weekend in May:

Training plan

Training plan

The possibility that we could be running 10Ks in a month blows my mind a little… but then again – and I know I mention this wicked often, but it’s true! – the fact that I was able to run a 5K having never run more than 1 mile still blows my mind a little. With a little dedication, I could be running my first marathon years before I would have ever thought possible! Amazing what a little motivation and hard work can do, yeah?

It’s good that we’re jumping in to this 10K training because I have a few coming up this summer and I wouldn’t mind feeling prepared for them: the Old Wethersfield race in August and the Beat the Blerch race in September. (Colin has even signed up for one in June that I might do as well.) Just thinking about running longer distances and being able to run in races other than 5Ks is getting me super pumped. And to think, just a few months ago I was writing about my honeymoon period with running being over! Maybe the honeymoon period is over, since I’m no longer a super-newbie, but I’m happy that our relationship is still going strong šŸ™‚

Speaking of a strong relationship, my happy warm fuzzies with running continued this week after the 4-miler on Saturday. Tuesday was the first outdoor speed training session with run club, and it was definitely a bit of a transition! Not only is it a full 400m track instead of the dinky 150m indoor one (laps feel SO much longer!), but dressing for the weather is going to be a bit more challenging, too. It was always warm and stuffy in the gym, so I was rocking shorts and t-shirts or tank tops all winter. Tuesday the temperature got up into the mid-50s, and in my excitement for spring I wore shorts and a long-sleeve shirt, not taking into account that the sun would be going down and that the wind at the track can be quite strong. My legs were pretty chilly!

The workout Tuesday went pretty well. We did 2x 1k, 4x 400, and “pick ups,” which I had never heard of before. (Turns out they were my favorite part of the workout!) Drew came along and stuck with me for the laps. In addition to enjoying his company, I like it when he joins me because he runs at my pace and it makes me feel like less of a loser if I’m not the only one whose “race pace” is slower than other people’s recovery pace! By the time we were on our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th repeats of the 400 I was finally feeling in the groove… I think I may need to warm up a little better so that my whole workouts feel as good as the tail ends do! Then the pick ups – the fun part! Steve set up some hurdles as markers (thankfully not to be jumped over) and had us sprint for 2 hurdles, then “float” for the second two. I’m still not entirely sure what the floating was supposed to be about, but I love sprinting and I was keeping up with some of the faster run clubbers, so it did some good for my running-self-confidence. (It would have done wonders if I hadn’t been subconsciously competing with Drew, who absolutely smokes me when it comes to sprinting… ah well. Maybe that was the universe’s way of keeping me from getting cocky!)

The warm fuzzies continued two days later with the Shammies’ Thursday night run. I wasn’t feeling great when I first got home from work, and Drew accused me of being a bit of a grump; I surprised myself by actually wanting to run regardless of my physical and mental state (yay!). And when I got home after the run, Drew greeted me with a “Wow! Someone’s cheered up!” Clearly running was just what I needed!

Colin joined me again, and inspired by the 10K training plan he suggested we try for 3.5 miles instead of 3. (There are 2 groups of Thursday night run clubbers generally – the 3-milers and the 5-milers.) We were figuring we’d just run the route from the previous week but keep going for a quarter-mile past the end, then turn around and run another quarter-mile, but Steve suggested we try a slightly longer route around the pond, one that would take us “around the lagoon,” which sounded magical. And it was! Going around the lagoon took us off the paved path and gave us a taste of trail running, which was quite a nice change of pace… getting back onto the road was a bit of a drag, actually. The cushy dirt path had felt so nice compared to the joint-jarring asphalt… I may have to experiment with more trail running now that the weather is finally getting nice! The sunset we were treated to was absolutely gorgeous as well. I was tempted to stop and take a picture, but I was feeling so good running that I didn’t want to break the spell. (Oops, that rhymed!)

Thursday's run

Thursday’s run

I felt just as giddy after this nice, easy run as I did after last weekend’s 4-miler, and it made me want to get out and run again ASAP. (Too bad my migraine brain had other plans for the weekend…) Here’s hoping I can get some more quality runs in this week!

How did your training go last week? What do you prefer – road running or trail running?


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