Ankles… Silly Ankles

[Artistic interlude and So I Married an Axe Murderer homage]

Ankles… ank-ells. Tender tendons terrorizing my tibia. So painful, wicked crap, such stupid ankles. Un-yield… ing. Un-love… ing. Un-trust… ed? “Why won’t you heal?!” she screamed into the night air like a fireman going to a window that has no flames… except the inflammation in her tendons. I am aching. It hurts real bad. These ankles… suck.

Jane… get me off these crazy things… called feet.*


*I actually wrote this 3.5 years ago on another blog [and Drew deserves all credit for the “tender tendons” line] and yet it’s still painfully true today. I mention my “dodgy ankles” on the Cast of Characters page for a reason… my ankles have been causing me problems since I was 14, and they always seem to pick the least convenient time to start acting up again. (I actually wrote another post on just this topic on yet another blog, nearly 5 years ago. Seriously ankles… get yourselves together!!)

Like now – right after I wrote a gushing post about my warm running fuzzies and about how I’m excited to start training for a 10K, and right when the weather is FINALLY getting nice, I have to stop my running due to doctor’s orders. Last Wednesday I noticed bruise-like pain on the outside of my foot, just under the ankle bone, except there’s no bruise there. The pain appeared sporadically, and didn’t bother me too much during Thursday’s run, but then hurt like a bugger over the weekend when I moved my foot a certain way. Ice and rest didn’t help at all and the pain was slowly getting worse. Breaking the cardinal sin of never googling symptoms, I read in horror on running forums that I could be suffering from a stress fracture or peroneal tendonitis… or possibly even nothing. (This is why I usually don’t google things like this!) I figured I should be looked at by an actual doctor, not Dr. Google, so I called my PCP and she referred me immediately to orthopedics, and then told me not to run at all until they check my ankle out.

Fair enough, right? Except the earliest appointment I could get was a week from tomorrow… a mere three days before the B.A.A. 5K I’ve been looking forward to for months. So now I’m not only bummed out that I can’t go running this week, but I’m also worried that orthopedics people might tell me not to run the B.A.A. race at all, or any of the others that I’ve got lined up after it. (On top of it all, it hurts to wear shoes. So there’s that.)

I’m going to continue icing my ankle and trying to rest it, and trying to avoid wearing shoes that press right into the sore spot, but, knowing myself, I’m going to be worrying about this all week until I can finally see a doctor. And I won’t even be able to go for a nice, calming run to get my mind off the fact that I can’t run! Boo. Fingers crossed that it’s all healed up by the time of my appointment so I can giddily run the B.A.A. 5K as planned!

How do you keep from going insane when you can’t run due to injury??

Have you ever had to miss a race you were looking forward to because of an injury?


2 thoughts on “Ankles… Silly Ankles

  1. So so sorry to hear about your injury! I can totally relate it is THE most infuriating thing ever, I had a good cry about my shin splints a couple of times when I couldnt run I was that cross! To cope i did try swimming but I hated it, but you may not? Alternatively reading masses about running and buying a couple new bits of gear got me through. Also lots of blogging! The running community is super supportive and it helps you feel you’re not the only one suffering with said frustrating situation.

    Fingers crossed for you! Keep us updated with how it’s doing x

    • Thanks for the sympathy, and for the tips! I’m not a big fan of swimming either, but I am a big fan of buying new bits of gear… I’ll have to keep that in mind 😉 I’m sure blogging will help too, you’re so right about how supportive the running community is… though I certainly don’t wish injury on others it’d be nice to commiserate and know I’m not the only one!

      I appreciate the crossed fingers, and I’m sure I’ll be whinging away on here until I can run again 🙂

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