Midweek Confessions

As I was catching up on my WordPress Reader feed during my lunch break today, I got the urge to jump on a blog bandwagon. So many blogs I follow have reoccurring weekly posts – Manic Monday, What I Ate Wednesday, and It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? are some that spring to mind – and I got the idea that adding a little structure to my blog might not be a bad idea. Especially lately while I’ve been injured, I feel like I’ve been scraping the barrel for things to write about, so having a weekly feature can only help… right?

Earlier today I was reading Kelsey’s Memorial Day Confessions over at The Blonder Side of Life, and noticed that her confession post was part of a link-up hosted by Kathy at Vodka and Soda. I’m in. The time to jump on the bandwagon is now. I figure I’ll give it a shot for a few weeks and if it sticks, then you’re currently reading the very first installment of Midweek Confessions! Here goes nothing…

I confess…

…I hate my current hairstyle. I’ve been wearing it in a ponytail almost every day for something ridiculous like 3 or 4 years. Mostly it’s because I’m lazy and can’t be arsed to get up early enough to tame style it, but it’s also because wearing it down makes it hang in my face when I’m digging around in boxes at work (which I do a lot) and I get tired of constantly pushing it behind my ears. I’ve been toying with the idea of going pixie for the summer – and actually have an appointment at the salon later this week (!!) – but I’m terrified of chopping it short. I had wicked short hair for much of my childhood, then grew it long in middle school, and when I tried to go short again in high school it was a bit of a disaster:


That’s me on the left in the GIANT hoodie looking like a boy. This is what happens when you ask the hairdresser to make your hair look like Halle Berry’s, but don’t have the feminine physique or style (or even earrings) to pull it off. And to make it worse, that kind of haircut grows out into a mullet when left unattended:


Yep. So, I want a different hairstyle, but am hesitant to once again follow the mullety path I blazed in high school. Who knows what I’ll walk out of the salon with on Friday. I’m scared.

…I’m also getting a little bored with this blog’s layout. The leather-journal-look made sense when I first started it and it was called “My Running Diary,” but I hate how sidebar images get cut off, and it feels a little dark. I’m considering giving it a theme makeover, but I’m also a bit nostalgic and stuck in my ways.

…I’m scared I may have re-injured my ankle at PT yesterday. It felt totally fine when I went in, but after Graston scraping and a new stretch that hurt (but I didn’t speak up and kept doing the full set, stupidly) it’s been bugging me ever since. I iced it last night and abandoned my plans for a run, but it still hurts a bit today. I will NOT be happy if I’m back on the injury boat of sadness and pain!

…I’m a sucker for silly things. Silly Thing of today was stumbling across a “Find Your Running Name” thing and being utterly delighted that my running name is Niggles Heelstriker. Describes me perfectly!

…After deciding I was going to be good and follow the nutritionist’s hydration suggestions from last week, I haven’t followed them at all. I’m terrible. (However, I am sipping a Vitamin Water as I type, and have been sipping at it all day. I just am remaining terrible at regular water, and suspect I will remain terrible at regular water for a long time.)

…I am hating New England weather these past two days. The weekend was so gorgeous; I was wearing shorts and complaining about mugginess on Monday, and then yesterday started off lovely in the morning and turned to fog and cold and rain in the afternoon. Today was in the upper 40s. I do not approve. This past winter was too long and I want to actually have it be summer! Or, you know, spring even!

…I’m struggling with confessions! So I’m going to end here. Click on the photo of Mr. Gosling below to read the Humpday confessions of other bloggers!

Anything you care to confess?

What’s your running name?

What do you think, could my blog use a makeover?

Vodka and Soda

12 thoughts on “Midweek Confessions

  1. Yay I’m glad you joined in the fun! Where in New England are you? b/c I definitely shivered all day today from the gross rainy freezin weather boo!! And as far as blog design goes I feel ya, every so often I decide to change mine then get nervous to change it at the last minute so don’t haha

    • Thanks! I’m in the Boston area… I work in Cambridge and live in the ‘burbs. You’re in Boston for the summer now, right? We were probably shivering from the same stupid rainy grossness! I feel like I should apologize for the weather you’re stuck in at the moment… hopefully it’ll get better!!

  2. Hahaha my running name is Chasey O’Plantar! Hilarious. I’m sorry your ankle isn’t feeling good. Take it easy and hopefully you’ll be back at it soon! And by the way, thanks for the shoutout 🙂 I enjoyed your confessions!

    • Chasey O’Plantar – I love it! I’m bummed about my ankle, but I’m definitely going to take it easy… I want to get back as soon as possible but not at the expense of another month+ without running at all!

  3. Ooo excited to hear/see your new ‘do! Getting a haircut is always terrifying for me, the worst was when I had it done in France and couldn’t speak a word of French. Luckily it ended up being the best haircut I’ve ever had (probably because I wasn’t distracting the hairdresser with mindless chatter!).
    Hope your ankle feels better soon and is just a passing niggle – the ‘i’ word is such a depressing one!
    Blog-wise, I think you should trust your instincts. I think your theme looks fine but I know that I go through periods of suddenly needing to freshen things up and always feel better when I do!
    Haha finding my runner name was hilarious – I’m Windy McRiggerson.

    • That’s a great haircut story – I don’t think I’d be brave enough to venture into a salon in a country where I don’t speak the language! My main problem is that my hair always looks AMAZING after the haircut, but then once I wash it it decides to do something totally different and looks absurd. I trust the stylist but not myself!

      I hope the ankle is just a passing niggle too… appropriate for my runner name! 🙂

  4. i’m the same with my hair – back in a ponytail. when it was longer, i did a regular braid but i trimmed it and now it’s back to the ponytail. my reason is that i’m just way too lazy to make it pretty!

    thanks for linking up!

    • Sleep always feels so much more important when I have to decide between an extra 10-15 minutes or messing with my hair!

      Thanks for organizing the link-up! 🙂

  5. I always want to redesign my blog but then never get around to it. As for hair styles…ponytail and bun for the win. My mom wishes I would wear it down more but that’s just too much to ask for. Add some humidity and I’m done.

    • Seriously! My grandma always gets after me when she sees me wearing it up, but ugh. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t like the giant mess it becomes when it’s down either! I’m interested/wary about how my new cut will react to humidity… I may end up rocking an afro soon.

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