Please Pardon My Appearance

I’m toying with a new theme (or two or three) to see if it suits. I very well may switch back to my old leather-journal style… please don’t mind me!

I also added a new page last night (Races) because the librarian in me wanted a nice, orderly index of each race I’ve run, each future race I’m signed up to run, and a handy link to the corresponding recaps. Because I’m a huge map nerd as well, I added a few in-process maps that show where I’ve run races. It’s a goal of mine to someday run a race in every US state, as well as a maybe-slightly-less-obtainable goal of running a race in each town in Massachusetts. These maps will help me visually track my progress, and, well, they’re fun. šŸ™‚

Happy running!


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