Midweek Confessions, 6/4

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for my second installment of Midweek Confessions, part of the Humpday Confessions link-up hosted by Kathy at Vodka and Soda!

I confess…

…I am the worst gym-goer ever. I am so ashamed to confess that, after getting all excited about my first ever time running on a treadmill, I never ended up going back to the gym. My discounted trial membership ended yesterday, and I only used it once. I was hoping that having to actually pay for the membership would force motivate me to go, but alas. It was too difficult to squeak gym trips into my lunch breaks, I love sleep too much to get up early and go before work, and my commute home tends to be a nightmare so I never wanted to go to the gym after work and stay later than I needed. So that ended up being the most expensive 20-minute treadmill run probably ever. You can’t see, but I’m hanging my head in shame right now.

…I’m becoming obsessed by the thought of ice cream now that it’s summer. My long-dormant inner radar for ice cream truck jingles has reawakened, and I’ve found myself searching for nearby ice cream stands when I look for new routes to run. I stumbled on Thrillist’s “The 21 Best Ice Cream Shops in America” list last week and am now determined to visit each one at some point during my life. (Luckily I’ve been to Tosci’s already, so I can cross one off my list!) I suppose a seasonal ice cream obsession isn’t a bad thing as long as I can keep my consumption in moderation…

…I’m not entirely happy with my new haircut. Don’t get me wrong – I loved it right after I got it cut and it was all styled and awesome. It’s just that I’m useless when it comes to taking care of my own hair (which is why I wore a ponytail every day for the past however-many years), and I can’t get it to look as fab as it did that first day. Let me demonstrate:

Looking cool at the salon, immediately post-cut

Looking cool at the salon, immediately post-cut

Left to its own devices, my hair grows wings. You can tell by my emo expression that I am saddened by this.

Left to its own devices, my hair grows wings. You can tell by my emo expression that I am saddened by this.

How it looks after using a flat iron. Still a tad wingy on one side, flat and lifeless on the other.

How it looks after using a flat iron. Still a tad wingy on one side, flat and lifeless on the other.

This is the expression of someone who is ready to just shave the whole damn thing off!

This is the expression of someone who is ready to just shave the whole damn thing off!

A coworker who also has fine hair like mine gave me a bunch of tips, so I’ll have to see if those help at all. Other coworkers have been very sweet… one even compared me to Twiggy the other day, which was very generous of him. (I’m more of the mind that I look like the original Charlie Bucket.) Hopefully I’ll figure this hair out one of these days!

…I’m in a bit of a book rut right now. For most of May I struggled through a few books that were just okay, then got my hands on Divergent and happily flew through it, but now I’m struggling again as I wait for Insurgent to to come in from the library. There are so many books out there that I want to read, so I feel a little ridiculous fighting through ones I don’t really like. I’m perfectly willing to give myself a good dose of reader’s advisory, but I feel obligated to finish two of the three I’m in the middle of right now… mostly because both authors follow me on twitter, and one in particular knows I’m in the middle of his book. I’d feel guilty if I gave up now. (Technology is a wonderful thing that brings us all closer, but it also gives me another source for guilt!)

…I was at a retirement party last week that was also attended by the Archivist of the United States, and I unashamedly fangirled over him pretty badly. From afar. I was inadvertently rude to pretty much everyone else I chatted with because I kept glancing over at him, trying to muster up the courage to talk to him. (I’d met him once before, but it was at a similar party and I knew he wouldn’t remember me.) Eventually I all but frog-marched my boss over to him so she could reintroduce us. I then proceeded to ramble about how I love the “what I’m reading” section of his blog, because, well, I’m an AOTUS fangirl.

That’s all til next week!

Are you good about using your gym membership?

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
I’ve got a long-standing soft spot for Milky Way ice cream.

What’s the best book you’ve read lately?

Vodka and Soda

20 thoughts on “Midweek Confessions, 6/4

  1. I love ice-cream. I might just start a similar journey to the places on that list! My favorite flavor is cookies and cream, but I had a delightful salted caramel yesterday afternoon!

    • Ooh, that sounds yummy! I need to get better at trying new flavors… I tend to fall back on the Milky Ways and Chocolate Chip Cookie Doughs, but there are so many (like salted caramel!) that are waiting for me to expand my ice cream horizons! πŸ™‚

  2. ahhhh i hate when my hair looks amazing at the salon and less than amazing at home. my hair does that wings, fling out thing too. boo. i think it looks super cute though! i have super fine limp hair too, hate it! i feel you on the book rut. i have a list a mile long to read but im just like so eh about them all.

    • Thanks! People keep saying they think my mess of a hairdo looks cute, so I should just start trusting them πŸ™‚ I think it’s always easier to like other people’s hair than your own – I’m sure yours looks better than you think!

      And YES that’s exactly how I am about my to-read list! I have a ton that seem promising, but none are jumping out at me at the moment.

  3. Sigh, my hair is also thin and flat and likes to grow wings. Most of the time I just let it do it’s own thing, because no matter how hard I try to make it look good, it’s usually wasted effort. I still think yours is super cute, though! Give it a few days to figure itself out.

    • I’ve always thought your hair looks awesome in your pictures! But it is so frustrating when you want it a certain way and it just goes and does what it wants to do. I always think of this amazing Edward Monkton drawing when I’m struggling:

      Thanks, though πŸ™‚ If it doesn’t figure itself out in a few days I’ll probably have resigned to just accepting it anyway, so hopefully I won’t be complaining on here much more about it!

  4. I feel your hair woes! This post is exactly why I can’t do short hair- I don’t understand how to get to look anything like they do at the salon :0( good luck!!
    And books? So many!! If you like Divergent (loved the book, wasn’t happy with the series) I suggest Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau. The last book in the series isn’t due out til June 17, so I can’t say how I like the series as a whole, but I think it’s Divergent done right :0)
    I also really liked The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian and the Al Capone on Al Cartraz series, if you want to do the YA/kidlit route.

    • Thanks! I should have known what I was getting myself into… ah well, it will be an adventure anyway πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the book tips too! “Divergent done right” sounds promising, and the Al Capone series sounds interesting too. I loved Alexie’s “The Absolutely True…”! I read that during Banned Books Week a few years back πŸ™‚ Have you read the 3 “sequels” to The Giver at all? I adored The Giver as a kid and am equally intrigued by and wary of the others.

      • I haven’t! But the kids in my ‘brary devour them- though whether it’s for a school assignment or fun is beyond me. They’re definitely high on my to-read list. As in, in the top 100 hah

        • There’s never going to be enough time in my life to read all the books on my to-read list! Maybe I should embrace that reality and be a bit stricter about how long I stick with a mediocre book…

    • I hear you. The gym I went to at work was arranged so that the treadmills faced the weight benches, and without TVs or anything else to look at I was pretty much staring at the “I lift things up and put them down” guys. Awkward!

    • Ha, that’s certainly a good goal! I wish I were rich enough to hire the stylist from my salon to come live with me and do my hair every day. That would be pretty nice.

    • Very true! I should be grateful that hair grows back πŸ™‚ Thanks for the compliment, and also for the book recommendation! I hadn’t heard of Reconstructing Amelia but I looked it up and it sounds promising. It’s officially on my to-read list!

  5. hi thanks for stopping by my confessions!!! i can feel your pain about the gym memberships + haircuts. I got my hair cut short also recently (not as short as yours) and i just can’t style it like it looked post-cut!! it makes me crazy. also, i miss my pony tail when working out!! what do you do when you run, clip up the front pieces? i’ve resorted to a hair with a little nub of a ponytail sticking out the back-other wise its so dreadful!

    my favorite icecream flavor- i dont even know if i really have one! i personally like a good old fashioned swirlcone with chocolate sprinkles πŸ™‚

    • I’m still figuring out the whole tame-hair-while-running thing! The ponytail made everything so easy. I run with a hat when it’s sunny anyway, so that’s an easy fix, but otherwise I’m still experimenting! I used a Buff band last night that worked pretty well, so I might keep playing with that.

      Can’t go wrong with a classic swirlcone! Especially with sprinkles πŸ™‚

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