National Running Day 2014

Happy National Running Day! Today’s the day (for the 6th year running) “when runners everywhere declare their passion for running.”

Look! Look at my passion for running!

Look! Look at my passion for running!

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty excited that I could actually take part this year*; this time last year I was suffering from a back/shoulder/neck injury that made it hard to walk, let alone run, so I made some sad faces and tweeted things about how I wished I could be running. At least that’s how I remember it… I tried to find my tweets from last year but apparently I’m too prolific and Twitter cut me off around November. So it goes.

Anyway, since I could actually take part this year*, here’s how I decided to celebrate:

  • Drew and I were planning our second run of the week together, though we were opting for track time instead of hitting the trails. It was a bit rainy today and I’m not quite ready to go splashing through the mud quite yet.*
  • I was also planning to fire up my Charity Miles app (and my Mizuno Baton!) for my run tonight. When I start to flag, knowing I’m contributing to some good causes should help keep me going. I just hope running all these apps at once (along with MapMyRun, etc.) doesn’t make my phone crash!*
  • I bought a pair of Thirty 48 running socks with NRD‘s special 25% off code. The Fila socks I’ve been running in for about a year have been starting to cause blisters and other unpleasant things, so I think it’s time to increase my collection of dedicated running socks… right now I only have 1 pair that aren’t cotton!
  • Speaking of special deals, City Sports tweeted about a mystery special offer if you bring a race bib into one of their Boston-area stores:


Well, City Sports, your ploy worked. I made a trek to the nearest store during my lunch break specifically because I wanted to know what the “Special Offer” entailed. Turned out it’s 10% off your entire purchase, including sale or clearance items. Now, while that is pretty nifty, I already get 10% off because I’m staff at a local university. What I should have done was ask if the race bib discount can be combined with my uni staff discount, but the staff there were so flustered by my even mentioning the race bib discount that I didn’t want to cause a scene and I just let it go without mention.

I don’t know what I was hoping for… maybe some kind of little trinket? A free sample pack of gels? A heavily-discounted City Sports t-shirt? I’m not really sure, but my sense of entitlement from my existing discount made the Running Day “Special Offer” feel a tad lame. I did get to show off my B.A.A. 5K race bib though, and got a few more pairs of socks to try out, AND nabbed my first-ever tube of Nuun to try, so I was pleased enough.

New gear!

New gear!

I was all excited to try out a pair of my new socks as well as the Nuun at the track tonight, but this is where the above asterisks kick in.

* After my City Sports adventure I was struck down by a dodgy stomach. Upon getting off the bus I detoured Drew into the nearby grocery store to buy saltines, but despite consuming a copious amount of crackers and ginger ale, the dodginess was here to stay. So I had to postpone my Running Day intervals until tomorrow. That’s two National Running Days in a row that I’ve had to celebrate without being able to run 😦

However, in the spirit of the day, I’m not letting it get me down! I’ve got new socks to try tomorrow, and am raring to get down to the track to do some (gentle) intervals before my double-race weekend.

AND, more exciting news, I signed up for my first-ever half marathon today! 😮 I was waffling about trying the Harwich Cranberry Festival Half in October until I received an email about the Newburyport Half today. It’s later in October, so more time to train, and Newburyport is a heck of a lot easier for me to get to than the Cape. I’m excited that I finally made that jump! Now to get my butt into some serious training…

How did you celebrate National Running Day?


4 thoughts on “National Running Day 2014

    • You weren’t the only one! 🙂 And yeah, the special offer was a little weak. Every little bit helps, though. And I suppose anyone could walk in with any old race bib, so I could see them not wanting to make it too extravagant. Ah well.

  1. Yay first half! I’m getting so excited for mine. I may sign up for another in the fall if all goes well. I still have lots of friends in the Boston areas…maybe I’ll look at the Cranberry Festival 😀

    • I’m excited! But also a little nervous. Anything with “marathon” in the name has always intimidated me, but that’s what training’s for, right? The Cranberry Festival looks pretty awesome, I definitely want to do it in the future. You’ll have to let me know if you run it and what you think if you do!

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