Weekend Wrap-Up, 6/8

Pardon my quick jotting of a post tonight; I have 2 race recaps to write for this very busy, very hot double-race weekend (and I will soon!) but now I am exhausted and just want to veg on the couch with my bottle of sangria and an ice pack or two. I promise I’ll be better at blogging later.

Training this week:

Monday: 2.22 mile trail run with Drew after work. Buggy, crowded, but still pretty and I felt good that my pace had improved from the last trail run.

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: National Running Day! Intervals planned, dodgy stomach postponed those plans.

Thursday: 2 miles at the track with intervals. Took the sprints easy; 100m around 7-8 min/mile, 100m recovery jog/walk

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 2.5 mile road race

Sunday: 6K road race (~3.73 miles)

My ankle handled both races quite well (huzzah!) and I only got the tiniest of sunburns, but I came away with a pretty messed-up baby toe on my right foot. I will spare you pictures of the hot mess, but let’s just say it’s not pretty. I really hope it’s nothing serious that will have me sidelined again…

Happy running!

How was your week?


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