Midweek Confessions, 6/11

It’s Wednesday, so it’s once again time for Midweek Confessions, part of the Humpday Confessions link-up hosted by Kathy at Vodka and Soda!

I confess…

…I injured myself in the lamest way over the weekend. Whether it was from my feet swelling in the heat as I ran two races (a total of roughly 6.25 miles over two days), or from the new socks that I tried out (Wrightsocks one race, and Thirty 48 socks the next), my baby toe on my right foot got wicked bruised around the nail and I could barely walk on Sunday afternoon and all day Monday. I have to wear minimalist sandals because every other shoe or sandal I own hurts too much to wear, but now my toes are exposed to the errant wheels of the book trucks I push around so much, and I’ve already run over them too many times. And, after walking funny to protect my toe for two days straight, my right calf muscle has a giant, rock-hard knot in it, forcing me to limp lamely everywhere I go. I can’t even blame this on a legit injury… no sprains or breaks. I bruised my baby toe, one of the most useless parts of my body, and it makes me feel ridiculous when people see me limping and ask what happened. Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad it’s not a sprain or break!! It’s just really embarrassing.

[Photo of my gross toe has been redacted. You’re welcome.]

That's pretty much me. Except I don't grab my hamstring while my calf hurts... but that's just me. (source)

That’s pretty much me. Except I don’t grab my hamstring while my calf hurts. (source)

…related to the above confession, I once sprained my ankle by falling down over nothing. Talk about embarrassing injuries! I was walking to the door of my freshman dorm, someone held the door open for me so I started jogging, and then *boom* I was suddenly sprawled on the ground. My foot hurt so badly that I barely made it up the stairs to my 3rd floor room (no elevator), and I had to be carried back down the stairs by security guards to my friend’s waiting car so she could drive me to the ER. I was convinced it was a break, but it ended up being a real bad sprain. And when people saw me hobbling around campus on crutches and asked what happened, the answer was “I fell over nothing.” I started inventing stories to make it more exciting and to save myself the embarrassment, but tripping over air was the pathetic truth.

…lately I have been obsessed with Anna’s Taqueria. Ob. Sessed. There’s one near work and I’m starting to think that it might be easier if my paycheck just went directly to Anna’s instead of coming to me first. I’m trying to limit myself to one visit per week, and so far I’ve managed it, but now that the students are gone so it’s not nearly as crowded as usual and the pull might just be too strong one of these days. I don’t even care that the cooks always raise their eyebrows skeptically at me when I tell them I don’t want any meat or vegetables on my burrito (just black beans, rice, cheese, and guacamole… mmm!). I’m hooked.

Burrito love!

Burrito love! (source)

…we had a goodbye party for a coworker yesterday and I might have eaten more than my fair share of pastries. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true.

…I think I’m finally giving in to my hair’s crazy whimsies and am getting used to it. It actually looked pretty good yesterday without any styling (luck? hair finally behaving itself? me not caring?) but is back to crazy today after I tried a new product. I might just let it fly its freak winged flag and leave it alone most of the time. Now I just have to figure out how to tame it when I run and don’t wear a hat.

Me giving up caring about my hair.

Me giving up caring about my hair. (Classy bathroom selfie? Check…)

Have you ever gotten an injury you were embarrassed about?

What food or restaurant do you have a weakness for?

If you have short hair, how do you tame your hair for workouts?

Vodka and Soda

20 thoughts on “Midweek Confessions, 6/11

  1. I was telling someone about this last week, but I have fallen of the step at step aerobics TWICE. I have absolutely no grace. I was a klutz child and my parents frequently remind me about it.

  2. All of my embarrassing injuries are soccer-related. Years ago, I somehow broke my thumb during a soccer game. Thumb. It’s weird enough to break your arm during soccer, but your THUMB?! I had a thumbs-up cast for two months. It was ridiculous!
    And most recently I bit my tongue during a soccer match. Well, ok, a ball hit me in the jaw and I guess my tongue was in the way… thankfully all that happened was some swelling, and now it hurts to eat and talk, but it’s still so weird to explain to anyone lol
    I hope your toe/calf feel better soon!

    • Thanks! They’re already feeling a bit better today, so I think that’s a good sign. 🙂

      I don’t know what it is about soccer, but some of my weirdest injuries have come from playing too! I ended up with some really bruised knuckles from taking a clearance to the chest (explain that one! I must have put my arm up to protect myself, but I don’t remember doing it). I got the wind knocked out of me and had three black knuckles for a few days. I hope your tongue starts behaving itself soon! Getting hit in the head/face with the ball is never fun.

    • How do these mystery injuries happen?! I don’t understand! And I hate those velcro sandal things… I had to wear one for a broken toe a few years back and it was so uncomfortable (and my injured toe hung over the end…wtf?) that I just opted to wear my own sandals instead.

  3. I hate the mystery injury. I somehow bruised my big toe, enough for it to leave a big bruise under the nail and have no idea how…I did not drop anything on it. It took almost a year for it to grow out…so gross!

    • They do take forever to go away, don’t they? I’ve learned that dark nail polish is my friend… if it’s going to take close to a year to grow out, might as well hide the grossness by painting all of them dark!

  4. Oh man I have IT band syndrome otherwise known as “runner’s knee” and all of a sudden my knee will lock up if it’s really bad….so classy if it happens mid-walk…

  5. I’ve started doing a small braid or twist across the front of my hair to keep it out of my face while running. I also occasionally wear a light weight running hat. But then my hair grows wings under the hat and I look RIDICULOUS. Oh well.

    • Ooh, the braid/twist tip is a good one! I’ve been rocking the hat too, but hats make my ears stick out all goofy, and yeah, the hair wings happen as well. I’ll have to test some things out and see what works best!

  6. Anna’s is awesome! I haven’t been there in a few months since I left my job that was nearby. I might have to make it happen soon! You’re not alone; I also get it w/ no meat or veggies, and I get the eye roll when asking for the vegetarian rice that they keep in the back.

    • Ooohh I had no idea they had vegetarian rice! It’s funny, no matter how many times I go in there and the same guy makes my food, it’s always the eyebrows and “No meat?!” The good part is, when they realize you’re not putting meat or veg on there, they throw extra rice or beans – or sometimes guac! – on top. Bonus!

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