Random, Happy Things Friday

Today has been gray, rainy, and gloomy, so I thought a list of happy things might cheer me up a bit! So without further ado, here are some of the things that have been making me smile lately:

  • The Shammies had a cookout last night, and it was my first time hanging out with the club since April 1, when I injured my ankle. I hadn’t realized just how much I missed them until I was back among them last night! We gathered at a local Irish-American club for some burgers, dogs, and beers (or, in my case, a plastic cup of rum with a tiny splash of Coke) and it was so nice to chat with my run-club buddies again. I met some new people too, including a guy who commutes on my bus with me every morning and we always give each other that “I think I know you…?!” glance. Now we know why we look vaguely familiar to each other! (And this morning we exchanged hearty hellos instead of awkward glances!) There were some guys from a local running store there too, and I ordered some cool running shorts that will match my run-club singlet. Yay kit! I’m curious to check out their store one of these days too.
I signed up to bring macaroni salad to the cookout... turned out several other people did too!

I signed up to bring macaroni salad to the cookout… turned out several other people did too! (I was hoping to take lots of pictures of Shammie-good-times but the lighting in the club was terrible and I didn’t want to be the weird girl taking pictures of everyone. Ah well.)

  • Related to the cookout, the Irish-American club smelled just the way my grandparents’ cellar did when I was a kid… stale cigarettes and old-man cologne/aftershave. While I didn’t enjoy leaving smelling like smoke, the memory did make me feel cozy.
  • My running buddy Colin is back from his overseas travels! Huzzah!! I’ve definitely loved running with Drew while Colin’s been away and exploring new trails with him, and I’m looking forward to keeping him as my trail-and-track running buddy, but I’m excited to run with Colin along the new routes through the city he mapped out while I was injured, and to have my road race running buddy back!
  • The World Cup!! I’ve been missing watching soccer on weekend mornings ever since the Premier League season ended, and I’m excited to binge-watch for a month. I’ve started decorating my cube at work:
Come on England!

Come on England!

…and I’ve decorated my nails like I did for the last 2 World Cups:

I had forgotten how hard it is to paint the nails on my right hand... I'm not left-handed at all!

I had forgotten how hard it is to paint the nails on my right hand… I’m not left-handed at all!

My boss is the only other person at work who cares about the World Cup at all, and we’ve talked about sneaking away for a lunch “meeting” to watch a match. I hope that happens!

I was lucky enough to be in England right before both of the last two World Cups, and I miss all the excitement and flags and fun-flavored crisps and silly swag covered in St. George’s cross that came with it. I live in a hockey-centric city that’s still bummed out that the Bruins didn’t make the finals, and in a country that – while getting much more excited about soccer than it used to – doesn’t really go all-out for the World Cup. I’m okay with having to make my own excitement around the event, but it would be nice to have all the fun stuff that goes along with it everywhere else in the world. Someday?

  • Candlepin bowling for morale day at work!
I'm the one at the back being goofy.

I’m the one at the back being goofy.

Hard not to smile when you get to leave work at 11.30, travel in a pack to a local bowling alley, eat delicious pizza, drink cider, bowl like a fool, and then go home at 2. My kind of day!

Happy weekend everyone!

What’s been making you happy this week?


2 thoughts on “Random, Happy Things Friday

    • Thanks! They actually look really good in that picture; in real life they’re a bit sad if you look too closely šŸ™‚
      I love when dots connect too! And it’s extra nice to have a friendly face during my commute now, too.

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