Weekend Wrap-Up, 6-15

Maybe it was because I decided to run 2 races last weekend after being out injured for so long, but this week did not go how I planned! Here is my sad week of training:

Monday: Could barely walk because of bruised baby toe.

Tuesday: Could barely walk because of severely cramped calf due to walking funny to protect bruised toe.

Wednesday: Still hobbling. Calf still misbehaving. Plus side: could actually wear shoes for first time since bruising toe.

Thursday: Wanted badly to run the Shammies’ weekly 3-miler. Didn’t want to aggravate toe on first day it finally didn’t hurt. Attended Shammies cookout instead.

Friday: Bowled like a fool. That counts as an arm workout, right? Bonus: floor at bowling alley had been recently sanded or waxed and was super slippery. All stabilizer muscles in my body were activated and worked out.

Saturday: Workout for facial muscles as I fought tears during a viewing of The Fault in Our Stars. Workout for vocal chords as I screamed at Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshire, and Roy Hodgson during England’s loss to Italy in their first World Cup match.

Sunday: Should have ran; gorgeous day. Instead, dashed around the house cleaning before my dad arrived for a Father’s Day cookout. (Happy Father’s Day!) Ate delicious food, then watched more soccer. Made tentative plans to run with Colin tomorrow.

So, yeah. Not very impressive at all. I’m planning to attend the Shammies’ track workout on Tuesday, and their 3-miler on Thursday, as well as my run with Colin tomorrow, so hopefully this week will be more successful.

Have a great week and happy running!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, 6-15

    • Ugh, the niggles are driving me crazy! I’ve been so excited to get back to normal after being out for so long, but maybe this is my body’s way of trying to slow me down. Or it’s just irritating 🙂 Thanks, I hope they go better this week, too!

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