Midweek Confessions, 6/18

Happy Wednesday! It’s once again time for Midweek Confessions, part of the Humpday Confessions link-up hosted by Kathy at Vodka and Soda!

I confess…

…seriously, I think my body is in self-destruct mode right now. Monday, just during the short walk from my office to the T station, I managed to hurt both my left knee and my right ankle. I can’t even. Luckily they were just temporary niggles (happens a lot, especially in my knees and ankles) but, given all my recent injuries and niggles-a-go-go, I was worried my whole commute home that I’d be forced into yet another break from running. Luckily that wasn’t the case, and I went on a short, easy run with Colin. I like his take on the situation – he thinks my body is rebelling from all the walking its had to do while I’ve been injured, so it’s acting out until I start running again. Let’s hope that’s the case and it starts behaving now!

…as much as I’ve been enjoying the World Cup so far, I feel like it’s making me spend too much time inside on days when the weather is gorgeous. This past Sunday, for example. Absolutely perfect day. I went outside to visit an open house down the street and to water the garden, but otherwise I was inside in front of the TV. Then Monday, when I should have gone outside to enjoy the sunshine and get out of my freezing office for a few minutes, I spent most of my lunch break in front of my computer watching a feed of the Germany v Portugal match. If I could rig up some outdoor viewing station, or if I had a pub nearby with a beer garden, I’d be all set. Alas…

…as much as I’ve been enjoying the World Cup so far, I’m already feeling a tad overloaded with soccer. Just a tad. Not overloaded enough to stop watching, but I think more than 2 matches in a short time span is more than I can handle right now. I fell asleep during half-time of the Japan v Ivory Coast match, and not even my city’s Flag Day fireworks fandango could wake me.

…as much as I’ve been enjoying the World Cup so far… just kidding πŸ™‚

…I’m currently working on a pretty cool project at work, but the part I’m on right now is completely mind-numbing. I’m trying to make it bearable by playing silly music and maybe by doing a touch of desk-dancing while I go. Luckily I’m in a spot where I can hear people coming so I haven’t been caught dancing yet, but the fear is there. A few years ago I got caught dancing in the stacks by my very stern boss as I was shelving books with my earbuds in. I may have been getting my groove on quite seriously, and when I spun around I noticed her standing at the other end of the aisle, staring at me with a half-annoyed, half-amused look on her face, and the shame I felt from her stare lasted for several weeks. Listen to the song in the video below, though, and tell me you could resist stack-dancing to it!

As for my current desk-dancing escapades, I’ve been focusing on fueling recent fits of nostalgia by rocking out to some old school Westlife (as much as you can rock out to old school Westlife… my desk-dancing has included a lot of swaying and sweeping arm motions). And today, thanks to Briterati’s Tunesday post from yesterday, I’ve been bopping my head to some NSYNC. Good times for sure.

Are you watching the World Cup? Who are you rooting for?

Do you have any “guilty pleasure” songs or artists?

Have you ever been caught dancing at work, or anywhere else dancing isn’t par for the course?

Vodka and Soda

16 thoughts on “Midweek Confessions, 6/18

  1. I watched the USA/Ghana second half on Monday night when I got home from work, but other than that I haven’t watched any of the other games. I have too much going on. If I were going to watch TV, I’d probably be catching up on Game of Thrones anyway! LOL

    • I don’t blame you, it’s becoming a big time-suck for me! I’m not in the middle of any shows right now so at least I’m not torn between soccer and catching up. At least it only lasts a month! πŸ™‚

    • Before the 2006 World Cup I was the same way. I wasn’t really interested in soccer but thought it was cool (though sometimes annoying when people were fanatical) how excited everyone got about it. It makes it a little more exciting if you pick a team to follow, otherwise it just feels like a lot of random soccer!

    • Glad I’m not the only one! Not all matches are exciting, but I can usually stay interested if players I know are involved. Otherwise my attention has been known to wander a bit…

  2. I’m watching the World Cup and supporting Spain and England and neither have done well yet but I adore soccer do a month of football is heaven!

    • I agree – a month of football IS heaven! I’m sorry Spain got knocked out… fingers crossed England (who I’m supporting too) can make it a little further!

    • Haha, I can understand! It gets old really quick when everyone around you is obsessing over something you don’t care about! At least it’ll be over for you in a few weeks πŸ™‚

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