Weekend Wrap-Up, 6/22

I’m chuffed to report that this week went much better training-wise than last week! It helped that I could actually walk and that my body behaved itself (for the most part), and it felt good to be back!

Monday (scheduled): Short, easy run with Colin, distance to be determined by feel
Monday (actual): 2.14 miles at a 12:19 pace

A little slower than I wanted, but it was hot, our route hit SO many hills, and I was focusing a lot on my injured baby toe and how it was moving in my shoe, and running a little slow because of that.


Tuesday (scheduled): Speed workout at the track with the Shammies
Tuesday (actual): Speed workout at the track with the Shammies


It was my first workout with run club since April 1, and there were a lot of new-to-me faces (they were all established Shammies, so I guess it was my face that was new!) Steve introduced me and Drew to everyone, and when he mentioned that it was my first workout back from injury, everyone cheered and clapped. I felt like a celebrity!

Steve gave me a completely different workout than the one everyone else did, since it was my first time running intervals in months. He suggested a 4×400 with rests in between, so I took a 200m walk break between each lap. It felt good, and I felt like I could keep going, but I didn’t want to push it. They also ended the workout with my favorite – pickups – and it killed me not to run them with everyone else. Sprinting is my favorite part! So I pouted off to the side and took a picture of everyone’s legs to use for my FitSnap.


Wednesday (scheduled): rest day
Wednesday (actual): rest day


Lucked out and caught an early bus home, watered the garden, drank a Pimms or two, and watched the Holland v Australia and Spain v Chile matches. A heavenly evening indeed.


Thursday (scheduled): 3-mile run with the Shammies
Thursday (actual): 2.45-mile run with the Shammies


I walked to and from the meeting point for the Shammies’ Thursday night run (and was pretty proud of myself for not driving it!) and set off with 2 other run clubbers for the 3-mile option. Our leader, Chris, was pushing the pace a little harder than I would have liked (each time I looked at MapMyRun we were going a 9:something mile) and it was hot and humid and the course had some intense hills. I barely made it to the 1.5-mile mark, where we stopped so Chris could point out alternate routes by the pond. I voted for the shortest route back, which Chris said would give us a total of a 5K, but according to MapMyRun it was only 2.45 miles.

I was a little discouraged with this run at first. For how hot/humid it was, I felt like I was pushing the pace a little too much, and when I saw the 9:something pace I was excited that I might finish the 3.1 miles with a PR of under 30 minutes. The last mile was rough – I had to walk briefly a few times, but then ran to catch up with the others – but I still figured I’d make a good time. When we stopped and I checked MapMyRun, I was disheartened to see how short the route had been (felt like it went on forever!), as well as how slow I had run. I think I felt like I was going faster because I wasn’t taking the humidity into account.

Looking back on the run, I’m no longer discouraged (yay!). I met new people and enjoyed running with them, and I took slightly more than a minute off my (projected) 2.5 mile time from the Winchester Town Day Road Race a few weeks back. Plus, I didn’t faint or puke (though I thought I might heave at the very end and made myself walk so I wouldn’t), which is always a bonus!


Friday (scheduled): rest day
Friday (actual): rest day*

*This weekend ended up being a travel weekend – Drew and I went down to NYC to spend some time with his mom – so technically Friday was a rest day spent on a bus and then walking forever* around Manhatten (*not literally).

Bye Boston! (We sat in the top-front seats of a double-decker MegaBus. It was awesome.)

Bye Boston! (We sat in the top-front seats of a double-decker MegaBus. It was awesome.)

Hello [distant] New York!

Hello [distant] New York!

However, I had forgotten that we had these NY plans when I signed up for…

Saturday (scheduled): WFPL 5K, a race benefiting the Watertown Free Public Library (a cause close to my heart!)
Saturday (actual): no WFPL 5K 😦

Oops. I really wanted to run this race, and even convinced Colin to run it with me, and I signed up, forgetting completely about the NYC trip. Instead, I spent the morning at the new 9/11 museum, then ate delicious noodles at Momofuku and watched some World Cup games. Colin said the turnout was a bit poor for the race (making me feel bad I had missed it) and that it was quite disorganized… which I guess isn’t too surprising for a brand new 5K.

Sunset on the leafy, quiet street on the Upper East Side we stayed on.

Sunset on the leafy, quiet street in the Upper East Side we stayed on.

Sunday (scheduled): rest day
Sunday (actual): “rest” day

After meeting one of Drew’s high school buddies for brunch, we set out on an endless trip back home. The bus stop was in the middle of nowhere, the bus itself was running late, there was traffic everywhere, but we finally made it back to Boston, feeling very unrested. Tomorrow may end up being another rest day to make up for today’s rest day!

Have a good week and happy running!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, 6/22

  1. Awesome training this week! So glad to hear that things are improving and you’re able to get back out there! Looks like it was pretty jam-packed too!
    I ❤ Pimms in summer SO SO much! 😀

    • Thanks! 😀 I’m *so* glad to be back to nearly-normal. This week felt awesome! It was jam-packed… I’m so exhausted now!
      And Pimms in the summer is one of my favorite thing! 🙂

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