Weekend Wrap-Up, 6/29

One of these days I swear I’ll have an awesome week of training followed by another awesome week. I’m not liking this crap week – great week – crap week pattern I’ve started!

Monday (scheduled): extra rest day
Monday (actual):
extra rest day… plus a sick day

I don’t know what it is about New York City, but each time I’ve gone in the past decade, I’ve come home worse for wear. Last time, I ended up with a raging cold that came oh-so close to turning into a sinus infection, and the time before I ended up with the worst sunburn of my life. Likely because I spent an entire day walking around wearing this, without thinking to put on sunscreen:

The resemblance is uncanny, right?

The resemblance is uncanny, right? (source for Strummer photo)

This time, I’ve either caught a summer cold or I’m fighting my worst allergies so far this year. Either way, I had to NyQuil myself to sleep Sunday night and could not fight through the fog Monday morning in time to catch my bus. I spent most of the day on the couch with a killer headache and a faucet nose. Rest day indeed.

Tuesday (scheduled): speed workout at the track with the Shammies
Tuesday (actual):
rest day

I slept terribly Monday night (not wanting to drug myself to sleep again) but soldiered off to work Tuesday. I spent the day coughing, sneezing, honking, and dealing with a scratchy throat, and thought that a speed workout might not be the best medicine. It also didn’t help that I couldn’t breathe very well. The Shammies were scheduled to do aĀ  5x1K workout in preparation for their 5K next weekend (which I’m not running) so I let them do their thing and spent another evening on the couch.

Wednesday (scheduled): rest day/cross training
Wednesday (actual):
rest day… walking counts as cross training, right?

Still fighting my cold/allergies but feeling well enough that I was strongly considering going down to the track to do my own intervals after work. I had to take a different bus home than usual, which required a lot more walking on both ends of the trip. While I usually enjoy this, it was about 90 degrees on Wednesday and humid, so by the time I got home (after walking on streets with no shade whatsoever) I was dripping with sweat, a bit sunburned, and wiped out. I made myself a Pimms and sat in front of the fan and there went all my interval dreams. What can you do, right? (…please don’t answer that!)

Thursday (scheduled): 3-mile run with the Shammies
Thursday (actual):
kickabout with Drew with some “floating 30s” thrown in for fun


I called out sick again on Thursday – NOT because I wanted to watch the USA v Germany match (though I did watch it, and though my boss did say he would have happily signed Klinsmann’s note for me), but because I was, in fact, still feeling crap. A four-hour nap and some World Cup matches later I was feeling a bit better, but not sure I was up to a 3-miler. I’ve been threatening to sign up for a 6-a-side league next month after having taken a year-long hiatus from soccer, and Drew suggested we kick a ball around sometime to get me used to the sensation again. Perhaps driven by enthusiasm from having watched a few matches, or from overwhelming guilt at having sat on the couch all week, I basically said “ooh ooh! let’s do that now!” and off we went.

It felt SO weird running around in cleats again after having only worn running shoes to frolic for the past year. Also, my legs were a little ticked off at me for all the kicking and strange motions I was putting them through, but it felt good to kick a ball around again. I added the “flying 30s” (aka “pickups”… the fun sprints the Shammies sometimes do to finish up track workouts) at the end so that I’d feel like it had been a productive-ish day training wise, even though it wasn’t very productive at all. Fun, though.

Friday (scheduled): ??
Friday (actual):
I wasn’t really sure how to treat Friday this week. It would have been nice to have had my Sunday race on Saturday instead, so I could have taken a rest day and then done a recovery run or something on Sunday, but the Sunday race plus my week being all messed up from my being sick anyway threw everything off. When I got home from work I really wanted to go for a run, but I was also starving and so was Drew, so I opted to forgo a run for some barbecue. If Drew hadn’t had a soccer game at 9 we could have had a bit more wiggle room so I could eat before dinner but… ah whatever, these are all excuses anyway. I did nothing on Friday. Except for take a nice walk in the sunshine with a coworker at lunch. That’s something, yeah?

Saturday (scheduled): rest day
Saturday (actual):
yardwork, housework, hydrating

My past few weekends have been either wicked busy or very lazy, and there were so many things around the house that were driving me crazy. Drew spent the day with some buddies so I took the rare alone time as a chance to get stuff done. I weeded the garden like a madwoman and spent a few hours picking up clutter. I also tried to get some hydrating in before my race Sunday morning. At least this day felt a little productive!

Sunday (scheduled): Fired Up 5K
Sunday (actual):
Fired Up 5K

A hot road/trail hybrid race at 9am (recap coming soon), followed by watching Holland beat Mexico, then a delayed post-race nap, then a delicious dinner of grilled coconut shrimp. A good day indeed. Hopefully I can have a better week next week!

Happy running!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, 6/29

  1. Hah I was soooo sick on Monday, too, with the same kinda symptoms. I swear, it was the worst… And I had a kind of off week because of it, too. Blah!
    Glad to see you getting your cleats on! Nothing beats that feeling :0)

    • Ugh, it’s awful how much a whole week can get thrown by a cold/allergies! I wonder if there was a particularly evil strain of pollen out last week?

      Putting the cleats on again was a nice feeling šŸ™‚ I had missed them!

    • That’s true… every week can’t be perfect!

      And thanks! Haha… I was so determined to take that picture even though I couldn’t get to a spot with the right perspective. šŸ™‚

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