Weekend Wrap-Up, 7/6

This week I rode the swing back toward “good week of training”… now let’s hope it sticks and continues into next week! I hope everyone had a happy 4th or a happy Canada Day… or just a happy day 🙂

Monday (scheduled): rest day
Monday (actual): rest day

My quads and hamstrings on both legs were pretty angry with me after Sunday’s race, so stairs and I weren’t getting along too well… it was a good day for a rest day. Drew and I went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 after work and the fancy new reclining seats at our local theater were a nice treat!

Tuesday (scheduled): speed workout at the track with the Shammies
Tuesday (actual): speed workout at the track with the Shammies

The elevation spikes on this fascinate me... I was running on a flat track and have no idea where the changes in elevation came from!

The elevation spikes on this fascinate me… I was running on a flat track and have no idea where the changes in elevation came from!

After missing last week’s speed workout, I was determined to make it this week. I brought my kit to work and changed before hopping on the T, hoping to save time, but of course the transit gods were frowning down upon me. The T was running with delays so I just missed the bus I wanted to catch, and the next one was about 20 minutes late. Luckily there was no traffic on the highway so I was only about 10 minutes late to the track. I missed warmups and announcements, but as Drew and I jogged our own warmup Steve ran over to us to fill us in. The scheduled workout was 7×300 with 300m rests. Since we were late, and since Steve is also trying to ease me back in after injury, he said to aim for 3×300.

Drew and I managed 4×300, but in my enthusiasm for being back I wiped us both out by running the first interval way too quickly – between a 5 and 6 min/mile pace. (Drew sticks with me during the intervals, partly to pace himself because he’s not a distance runner and doesn’t want to burn out too quickly (oops!), and partly I think to lend me moral support. He’s the best.) After that we managed between 7 and 8, and I had to take an extra long rest/water break before the last 300m. It certainly didn’t help that it was 90 degrees, humid, and sunny… or that I had had cheesecake and ice cream only a few hours earlier. Not the smartest choice.

This was me after getting home from the track workout. I had an icepack on my head and was laying in front of the fan. I may have gone a little harder than I should...

This was me after getting home from the track workout. I had an icepack on my head and was laying in front of the fan. I may have gone a little harder than I should have…

We finished the workout with Floating 30s, run on the turf of the soccer field this time instead of the track. I love these because it’s the only time I’m fast compared with the other Shammies – last night I was the fastest woman and the third fastest overall during the sprints. 60 yards I can handle! Drew loves the sprints too because he’s the fastest out of the whole group. I have to tease him a little to keep his head from getting too big 😉

Steve stopped me as we were leaving to say he wants to work on my intervals a little more… I tend to just run fast with no goal in mind, whereas everyone else, it turns out, has goal paces they’re trying to hit. He has a chart that gives goal times for each pace (5K, 1 mile, etc.) and he asked for my most recent 5K time so he could determine my pacing goals. Turns out I’m so slow my time wasn’t even on his chart (sigh) so he said he’d calculate it for me for next week’s workout. He said his goal is to get me used to banging out my 5K pace regularly, and then he’d work with me to get it faster. I’m super excited about this… having more structure during these workouts can only help me reach my goal of breaking 30 minutes for a 5K!

Wednesday (scheduled): core/arms/legs
Wednesday (actual): rest/sweat on the couch day

Scheduling a workout for Wednesday night was ambitious. With humidity it felt about 100 degrees when I got home, and since I live in an old house with no insulation or central air, it felt warmer inside than out. And outside was wicked buggy. Excuses, I know. But it was a good night for some Pimms, a salad, and trying not to sweat too much on the couch.

Thursday (scheduled): 3-mile run with the Shammies
Thursday (actual): 2.5-mile run with the Shammies


Due to (partially) the heat and (mostly) the fact that the Shammies were hosting a race the next morning and an early packet pickup during the usual Thursday night workout, turnout wasn’t too great. Only 6 of us showed up (it’s usually closer to 15) and I was the only one who wanted to do the 3-mile route, so it ended up being the first club run I ran alone. The others opted for a cooler, shadier route through the pond, instead of their usual neighborhood roads, and said I could hang with them until our paths separated. It was a bit of a challenge for me to hang with them for the first 3/4 mile, since their “let’s take it easy” pace was between 8- and 9:30-minutes/mile, and it was really freaking hot. Like, in the 90s and humid. But I did manage to stay with them until our paths separated, and I was pretty proud of myself for keeping up!

The rest of the run was a little miserable. Without the self-inflicted peer pressure to keep up with other people, I stopped to walk more than I would have otherwise. (I kept telling myself it was to ensure that I wouldn’t faint since I was off on my own, but I think I could have pushed myself a little harder without fainting.) I was a giant bundle of sweat, bugs kept flying into my eyes and nose (the downside of running by the pond), sunscreen sweat off my arms/hands and onto my phone, and I was just so unbelievably slow. I tried to focus on how pretty my surroundings were (see above photo), and how proud I was that I had dragged my arse off the couch, but it still wasn’t an enjoyable run by a long shot. I think I really missed the company and motivation of other runners, which I had gotten used to at all my other Thursday runs. Hopefully attendance won’t be so sparse in the future!

Friday (scheduled): volunteer at the Feeney Five Road Race
Friday (actual): volunteer at the Feeney Five Road Race

After suffering a pretty miserable race and the embarrassment of coming in last (with a time of 50:04… yikes) last year, I decided that this year I’d volunteer at the race and pay forward all the encouragement and kindness I had received from last year’s volunteers. It was my first time ever volunteering at a race and I have to say it was pretty fun! That’s all I’ll say for now though, as this is the topic of my post tomorrow for the July meeting of the Secret Blogger Club!

Saturday (scheduled): first attempted long run
Saturday (actual): 4-mile run with Colin


With my first 10K looming in about a month and a half, I was determined to start tackling the dreaded Long Run this week, something I had never done before. I was planning to start weekend long runs a few months back before my ankle injury sidelined everything, and since I’ve been feeling decent during and after my other workouts I decided that this was The Week.

In an ideal world, I would have gotten up early(ish) and banged out the miles in the morning while it was still relatively cool, but a weekend lie-in and leisurely breakfast with Drew was just too tempting. Drew plays softball on Saturday afternoons, which would be prime time for me to blaze my own trails… except that between noon and 3 (when he’s on the softball diamond) is the hottest part of the day and I don’t want to run at midday if I don’t have to. I was planning on going out in the evening, but I knew there were World Cup games to watch, and dinner to plan around, and I was unsure enough of my own motivation that I was actually worried I wouldn’t get out there. Aren’t I ridiculous?

Cue Colin. He ran his first 10K last month and is currently training for an upcoming 10-mile race, so I figured he’d probably have a long run scheduled at some point this weekend. At the very least, I thought I’d tag along with him either until I couldn’t keep up with his distance or until he felt too held-back by my slowness. In any case, knowing that I’d have a running buddy for at least part of the run would be motivation enough to get me out the door. And as luck would have it, Colin had a 4-mile run planned and invited me to join him for 2 laps of the pond.

I was initially hoping to do 3.5 miles, since my runs post-injury have been mostly 5K distance or shorter, but thought that 4 miles would be a great goal if I felt okay. We took it very slow (slower than Colin would have preferred, though I did tell him a few times that he could blaze on ahead and I’d catch up to him eventually) and the first mile and a half was a little rough, but I made it all 4 miles without having to stop or take one walk break! I was a bit disappointed in our time; it took us 49:36, a good 30 seconds slower than our 4-mile race back in March, which felt much slower than this run. However, it was also at least 30 degrees warmer this time around, so I suppose 30 seconds isn’t too bad considering. Regardless, I’m pumped that I was able to go all 4 miles, and am looking forward to trying for a longer distance next week!

Sunday (scheduled): recovery run or rest day
Sunday (actual): rest day

A recovery run sounded like a nice idea – a mile or two of very gentle, slow running whilst looking at the scenery along a shaded trail with Drew was the plan. Then I woke up all sore and both our lower backs were bothering us, so we downgraded our recovery run to a recovery walk, which still sounded nice. Then Drew got a call from work and there was trouble at mill, so those plans were shot too. I did some housework and we had some friends over for a kickabout/trying out of a friend’s fancy World Cup soccer ball, then had a bit of a delayed holiday cookout. Not a bad way to end the long weekend!

Happy running!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, 7/6

    • It is pretty awesome! And I think you deserve a slacker weekend after totally kicking butt and placing in your race! 😀

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