Weekend Wrap-Up, 7/13

This week was pretty decent training-wise… that’s two weeks in a row now! How long can I keep this streak going??

Monday (scheduled): ??
Monday (actual): rest day/lunch walk


The fact that I hadn’t gone for a recovery run on Sunday sort of threw my training schedule for a loop. I didn’t plan anything specific and figured I’d do whatever felt right (not the best tactic, I know). I was intensely aware that I had spent my entire morning sitting at my desk at work, so after scarfing down my lunch I set out for a walk along the river. It felt great to stretch my legs and also made me wish I had brought my running kit so I could have joined the other runners on the path!

Other than wrestling some heavy boxes in the afternoon, that was the end of my training… the evening was spent watching an intense thunderstorm pass through as the power went off and on several times. There was even a tornado warning in nearby towns and a few funnel clouds were spotted… yikes!

Lots of storm fronts moving through the area meant one windy walk! My hair and the tree behind me looked like they were trying to flee the river.

Lots of storm fronts moving through the area meant one windy walk! My hair and the tree behind me looked like they were trying to flee the river.

Tuesday (scheduled): speed workout at the track with the Shammies
Tuesday (actual): speed workout at the track with the Shammies

Steve kept his promise from last week and brought a pace chart to the track… not just for me, but for all the other Shammies who’ve been coming to Tuesday night workouts. Based on our latest 5K race times, he broke down what our 5K pace time should be for each interval we run on the track – 200m, 300m, 600m, etc. It was a little embarrassing that mine was at the very bottom (we were ranked by pace), but I suppose I have to start somewhere, right?

The workout was 4x 600, 400, 300, 200 with 200m rests in between. This was my first speed workout where I was actually trying to hit a pace, so it was my first time really focusing on my watch and trying to project how fast I’d have to go to hit my target in time (I was running with a regular sporty Timex, not one that provides current pace and other fancy things). Knowing I wouldn’t be able to remember both the order of the laps AND my goal times, I jotted my times onto my hand for easy reference:


…clearly not the best idea given that it was again about 90 degrees and I was sweating like crazy as well as dumping water on myself, but I made it work. I just need to remember not to try to wipe sweat off my face with that same hand that’s written on in the future:


It was a hard workout and I had to walk my recovery laps each time. However, I was also finding it hard to stay at my pace because it felt too slow, so I was actually beating my goal pace each interval… and this is probably why I was wiped out and had to walk. After the workout Steve checked in with how it went and said yeah, next time slow it down to goal pace and then jog the recoveries, since that builds endurance better than walking. He also went into a whole spiel about tempo runs and how I may be racing too much, but I already wrote about all that here.

Wednesday (scheduled): rest day
Wednesday (actual): rest day

I wasted my entire evening watching a recording of the Netherlands v Argentina World Cup semifinal. In retrospect, I wish I had looked up the score to save myself the crippling disappointment after getting my hopes up as well as a few hours of my life. I could have been doing laundry or reading or drowning my sorrows in a Smirnoff Ice instead of burying my head under a pillow and peeking out to watch penalties. Oh well.

Thursday (scheduled): Shammies Fun Run #1
Thursday (actual): Shammies Fun Run #1

Mini recap: For 6 weeks in the summer, my run club hosts a free, weekly fun run around a local pond. After my discussion with Steve at Tuesday’s speed workout about treating these fun runs as tempo runs and trying to balance them with my races, I had decided to just take Fun Run #1 easy and sort of use it as a warmup for my 5K on Sunday. Steve did bring me a little scrap of paper with my goal paces just in case I decided to go the tempo route – my goal time for the 2.5 miles was 27:00, with a mile pace of 10:48.

Colin joined me, and we took off at the back of the (small) pack intending to just go easy, especially as Colin was planning to run an additional 2.5 miles after the race. We ended up pushing the pace a little, and while it was a little tough we managed to keep it going until we reached a killer hill around the 1.5 mile mark. I made it 2/3 up the hill before I had to walk; knowing I would be one of the last Shammies to finish and that everyone else would be at the finish line watching, I wanted to be able to finish strong and knew I wouldn’t be able to if I kept fighting to run up the hill.

We didn’t finish dead last somehow (34th and 35th out of 37 or 38, I think) and I was surprised that MapMyRun read just over 27 minutes when I went to stop the workout. I was also SO excited later when I was looking at my MapMyRun graphics that I had managed it as a tempo run after all! Look at my last run club pond run a week ago (first graphic) compared with the fun run (blue line indicates pace):

2.5 mile pond run, July 3

2.5 mile pond run, July 3

2.5 mile pond run, July 10

2.5 mile pond run, July 10

The pace line in the second graph is so much steadier! It’s not perfect, but for my first tempo run – and an inadvertent one at that – I’d say it isn’t too bad! (The routes weren’t exactly the same for these runs, which is why the elevation lines differ so much.)

The only bad thing about Fun Run #1 was that Colin rolled his ankle at the finish line and fell (when my pace line in the second graph falls drastically, that’s when he fell; I was trying to help him up and didn’t stop the running app right away). I felt so bad… not only were we planning to run Sunday’s race together, but he’s also in the middle of training for a 10-miler that’s coming up in a few weeks. We bailed on whatever post-race activities happened so he could get home and put some ice on his ankle. Fingers crossed it’s not as bad as it looked!

Friday (scheduled): rest/travel day
Friday (actual): rest/travel day

Last year Drew, Colin, and I went up to Portland on Saturday for our race that was happening early in the morning on Sunday. This year, I booked through Airbnb instead of a hotel, but the host required us to stay the full two-night weekend. We set off mid-afternoon on Friday in hopes of beating the traffic (we did!) and were looking forward to an extra day in one of our favorite cities. I’m thinking of writing a travel recap since I took so many photos and we did too much to get it all down here!

Saturday (scheduled): tooling around Portland day
Saturday (actual): tooling around Portland (and Freeport)

At the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport

At the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport

We definitely enjoyed this extra day in Portland! Like I mentioned above, a recap of the touristy part of our weekend is coming soon!

Sunday (scheduled): Shipyard Old Port 5K
Sunday (actual): Shipyard Old Port 5K

A reprise of last year‘s wicked hot, very slow, tons of stairs and hills race in Portland, Maine. Recap coming soon!

Happy running!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, 7/13

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ And yeah… it’s a giant boot. I didn’t realize until after the photo was taken that the way we were standing made it hard to tell what we were standing in front of… oops!

  1. Great week and sounds like a fun trip! I heard about those funnel clouds. A coworker of mine went to the Red Sox game and they weren’t allowed to move outside of certain areas, but no one knew at the time that it was a tornado warning and not just a rain delay. LOL

  2. It’s always nice to be able to see improvement in a concrete form, isn’t it? I’m really excited to get back into training and be a lot more structured this time around. Hill repeats and tempo runs, here I come! Oof.

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