Weekend Wrap-Up, 7/20

Well, given my history with these wrap-ups I guess it was bound to happen… I once again lapsed and had a sub-par week of training. At least I made it through two good weeks in a row before lapsing… maybe next time I can make it three!

Monday (scheduled): rest day
Monday (actual): rest day

Drew and I took Monday off and I’m SO glad we did. Due to the combination of loud festival things keeping us up late and 5am sunrises waking us up, we didn’t sleep very well the whole time we were in Portland. It was glorious to have our own bed with our beloved blackout curtains over the windows, and after such a busy weekend it was nice to just sit and read and not do much else. I don’t know if it was all the sitting/relaxing, or the fact that I actually remembered to stretch after the race, or the food I ate afterwards, or the compression sleeve I wore on our trip home, but I felt totally fine all day Monday… no muscle soreness or niggles to speak of. Maybe it’s a sign I didn’t push myself hard enough during the race, but it felt tough at the time! Whatever – I was pain-free so I won’t complain!

Tuesday (scheduled): speed workout
Tuesday (actual): speed workout

Tuesday’s workout was 1600m at 10K pace (20-30 seconds slower than 5K pace), then a “ladder” at 5K pace – 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 300m, 200m, and 100m with 30 second breaks in between – and another 1600m at 10K pace. Drew and I ran most of the first 1600m around my 5K pace, despite my best efforts to slow us down (Simon was giving me dodgy paces for a while… maybe because of the storm front hanging over us? That threw me off a bit) and we both struggled to keep the shorter legs of the ladder at 5K pace (I think our brains and legs were saying short distances! sprinting time! yay!).

After all my bragging about no post-race soreness in my race recap and above under Monday, my legs finally started hurting Tuesday (shin pain sporadically throughout the day when I walked) and really began acting up during the workout. Steve always checks in with everyone to make sure their workouts are going okay, and when I told him my shins were killing me he told me to shut it down after the ladder. (Timing-wise it worked out well anyway… by the time Drew and I finished our ladder, everyone else had finished the entire workout.) I stretched and chatted with the non-sprinters while everyone else finished up with Flying 30s. Hopefully my shins won’t be jerks for long!

Wednesday (scheduled): core/arms/legs
Wednesday (actual): Ha! Surely you jest.

Yeah. If almost fainting from overheating and underhydrating while drinking Strongbow on our heat-trap of a couch while watching Friends counts as cross-training then I nailed it.

Thursday (scheduled): Shammies Fun Run #2
Thursday (actual): sushi and a mini Friends marathon

Yup, failed another day of productive training. My shins were still bothering me a bit and I wasn’t looking forward to attempting another tempo run. I thought maybe I’d just take it slow and not “race” this run, but felt a little awkward knowing I’d likely finish last and all the Shammies would be hanging out at the finish line watching me dally my way down the last hill. That shouldn’t have bothered me – especially because I know the vast majority of the Shammies would cheer me on and be supportive anyway – but it did. Especially since I’d be running #2 alone.

It also didn’t help that, after my overheating episode Wednesday night, I spent most of Thursday feeling a bit… off. I was vaguely dizzy throughout the day despite eating a good lunch, and I overheated a little again during a crowded T ride to my friends’ salon after work (I needed to cut my hair because I was starting to get a bit mullety) and I didn’t like the idea of running around in the heat and humidity on top of it. So Drew and I got dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant and then watched more Friends. Training failure for sure.

Friday (scheduled): rest day (originally); wanted to attempt a long run after Thursday’s fail
Friday (actual): yet another “rest day”

Yep, no running Friday either. After my disappointing Thursday (training-wise) I decided to go for a long run after work Friday, before going to Drew’s soccer game to be a supportive wife and cheer him on. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? It ended up being a frustrating day at work and I went out to lunch with some co-workers, and adult beverages were had. Not much water was had at all, maybe a few sips. All day. I’m horrible. So, by the time I got home, I was dehydrated and in no shape to attempt a long run before Drew’s game at 8. I could have tried for a run later in the evening and skipped the game, but I was determined to go. So I did.

Saturday (scheduled): rest day?
Saturday (actual): attempted long run


Well, at least I got out and attempted a run. As for how it went? Ugh. To make myself feel a little better about it, let’s break this down into good and bad, shall we? Just so I can see that some good did come of it:

The good:
-I got my lazy butt out the door! Finally!
-It was my first time running solo (not including races or organized run club runs, since those involve other people even though I’m not running with them) in, well, in as long as I can remember. This makes the first point even more impressive, since I suffer heavy motivation blues when no one else is involved in my running plans.
-Simon worked well and I continue to be happy that I made that purchase.
-I got to try out my new water bottle (a splurge during the Portland trip; bought with races like my upcoming 10K in mind) and it worked relatively well. Since I was out alone it was nice to have a place to stash my phone and key without having to hold them… I don’t have a gear belt or pockets big enough.
-The first 2 miles weren’t bad. It was cloudy, there was a nice breeze, and it wasn’t too hot. My pace was about where I wanted it, and the path I took around the lagoon was quite pleasant. Each runner I saw smiled and said hello. It was nice.
-My stomach didn’t bother me at all, despite my having had cereal and tea with milk for breakfast.

The bad:
-My shins, especially my right one, were not happy for the entire run. The compression sleeve I was wearing on righty didn’t help at all. I had to stop several times to stretch after the second mile.
-I misjudged the amount of liquids I had consumed prior to the run (not enough) and I could feel it.
-After I emerged from the lagoon, the sun decided to come out and it got quite a bit warmer. In fact, it was hot enough that I started seeing spots after mile 3 and had to walk.
-I had to walk a LOT. My last (and first ever) long run had been so great in that I was able to run all 4 miles without stopping once. Though I traveled a total of 4.21 miles on this run, I only actually ran about 2.5 miles of it.
-Fellow runners were no longer smiling. I got glared at by a guy running with a stroller, even though I ran onto the grass when he was about 50 yards away so that he could have the sidewalk to himself. Families out for a stroll were walking 4 abreast on the sidewalk so I had to keep hopping the curb to run in the street to get around them, and I don’t think my shins enjoyed that movement very much.

So, yeah. Not a great run. I stretched like crazy when I got home, took The Stick to my calves, and put on a pair of my new compression sleeves in hopes they would help a little. I was sort of cursing my decision to attempt a long run the day before a 5K, but my excuse was that I knew I’d be taking the race easy and enjoying running in a new city with a new running buddy.

Sunday (scheduled): Craft Brew 5K
Sunday (actual): Craft Brew 5K


There was running. There was beer. Recap coming soon!

Who else raced this weekend? How did it go?

How do you bounce back after a really disappointing run?


9 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, 7/20

  1. I have this mental method I use for really crap runs. I think about it all written down on paper, screw it up tight and chuck it in the bin and slam the lid! There’s always the next one and sometimes it’s our body telling us to have that friends marathon, a beer and an extra rest day!

    • Ooh, I like that method! Sounds like a satisfying way to deal with a disappointing run. And good point… maybe my shins needed another day of rest and Friends instead of struggling to carry me through a long run!

    • Hope so! πŸ™‚ Haha, I can see why the race wouldn’t tempt you if you don’t like beer! It was definitely an interesting experience…

  2. I think of bad/hard long runs as mental training for hard parts during races. So, instead of thinking “ugh..that was terrible”, I think about how during a tough part in a race, I can look back at how I forced myself through a disappointing run during training.

    • That’s a great way of looking at bad runs! I might have to borrow that method… I can definitely see it coming in handy during a tough part of a race!

  3. Hooray craft brew race! There was one that happened up here in June but I couldn’t go because of a wedding. Stupid wedding! Can’t wait to hear all about it πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about the sub-par week–it happens to the best of us. Especially me, lol!

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