The BBC Doesn’t Think I’m Cut Out to Be a Runner*

*Not exactly, but it made for a dramatic title!

In honor of the Commonwealth Games kicking off yesterday, the BBC offered a quiz with “13 quick questions” to determine which events from the Games “could match your physical and mental abilities.” Curious, I took the bait. Each question asked you to rank yourself – your body type, your endurance levels, your ability to focus, whether you like working with a team or alone, and so on – on a scale of 1-10, and used your results to determine which 3 sports you’re best suited for.

My results?


Ping-pong. Out of all sports, I’m best suited to ping-pong. Cheers, BBC.

(No offense whatsoever intended to anyone who loves the above 3 events! I quite enjoy ping-pong and badminton (never played squash), but I never really associate them with competition… more like goofing off at a party, or the things I’d pick to do in gym class during the winter because I was rubbish at basketball and weight lifting.)

Okay, so I’m apparently best suited to have a racket or paddle in my hand. Whatever. The real kicker was when the quiz told me I’m NOT suited for:


Least suited to athletics/running, especially long distance. Brilliant. Thanks for the encouragement!

*Clearly this quiz was just for fun. The BBC covered itself with the following disclaimer: “Having a close match to a particular sport does not necessarily mean that you will be poor at other Commonwealth Games sports which are not listed in your results. It just means that, on the basis of your answers, these are the sports you might want to try.” Cheers, thanks.

Care to find out what sport BBC thinks you’re best suited for?

If you took the quiz, are you pleased with your results?



12 thoughts on “The BBC Doesn’t Think I’m Cut Out to Be a Runner*

  1. Ben took this quiz last night and he got squash for number one, which is actually pretty accurate because he’s dirty good at Racquetball, which is fairly similar. I got almost the exact same results as you! Except sub in hockey for badminton and triathlon for weightlifting. YOU DON’T KNOW ME, BBC!

  2. Hahaa…this is pretty funny. I am best suited for table tennis, lawn bowling, and badminton. While I’m not sure how true those are, they really hit the nail on the head with what I’m not suited for: weightlifting, rugby, and boxing.

    So, I’ll see you at the national table tennis championships. Game on!

    • I think a table tennis tournament needs to happen, since so many of us are getting that as a result. May the most-suited to table tennis win! πŸ˜‰ I’m jealous of these lawn bowling results too, that sounds fun!

  3. Substitute judo for squash and we got the SAME results for our abilities. My less suites were Athletics (long distance), swimming (long distance), and swimming (sprint).
    I couldn’t agree more with the second two less suited-for sports, but otherwise I think they’ve got me all wrong. Or I just don’t know myself very well! lol

    • I’m seeing a trend that suggests this quiz is more than a little flawed lol. Either that or those of us who can’t run 5-minute miles for an entire marathon aren’t *as* suited to athletics (long distance) as those who can?! We’ll show you, BBC!

    • Sometimes I wonder if these results were put in randomly just to give someone at the BBC a laugh. Either that or you’re very strong and focused and would kick butt at those events?! I’m sad that they think so many of us aren’t suited to run 😦

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