Weekend Wrap-Up, 7/27

Thanks to my dodgy shins, this week wasn’t spectacular training-wise, but it was a pretty good week all things considered! Craft Brew Races added some photos from the Providence 5K and I found myself lurking in the background of one:


This week also brought some impromptu adventures and new experiences. Without further ado:

Monday (scheduled): rest day
Monday (actual): rest day

My shins were grateful for a rest day after being pretty ticked off at me during the Craft Brew Race the day before. It was a rare day at work that required no manual labor, which was extra nice. Monday night was also my first ever time participating in a book club! There was wine, there were snacks, and we chatted happily about the chosen book, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Tuesday (scheduled): speed workout
Tuesday (actual): extra rest day

Given how angry my shins were at the last speed workout, and given the fact that they haven’t showed signs of healing miraculously yet, I decided to give myself and my shins a break. Though I feel bummed that I missed two run club events in a row, and though I’m extra bummed now that I’ve looked back at the scheduled workout and see there was so much fun sprinting, I think resting my turbulent leg bones was for the best.

It ended up being a late evening at work anyway, and there were T delays in both directions, so I probably would have been very late to the track anyway. It was a great night for a Pimms cup and some delicious grilled Greek feta brats (so odd but so good!).

Wednesday (scheduled): core/arms/legs
Wednesday (actual): Football at Fenway

I had such plans for Wednesday. Such plans. Drew had been invited to see Liverpool play Roma at the Football at Fenway fandango, and since there was only the one ticket on offer I gave him my blessing and planned out my evening – a trip to my local public library; a smattering of planks, lunges, squats, and weights; a dinner of leftover brats and couscous; and catching up on some reading. Relaxing, chill, lovely. I was looking forward to my solo evening!

Then, as home time approached, Drew IM’d me to say that Colin had an extra ticket, and would I want to go? As much as I had been looking forward to my evening, how could I turn down a chance to see a soccer match at Fenway? I met up with the lads after work and we grabbed a very rushed dinner at Sweet Caroline’s across from the park (there was only one extremely harried waitress – hey, it was only a Wednesday night with the Sox out of town, it shouldn’t be busy, right? – and about a million soccer fans all wanting food fast before kickoff). I barely had time to realize that my black-bean-and-sweet-potato burger with brie and fig jam on a pretzel bun was delicious before we had to dash.

The line to get into the park was unbelievable and we missed the opening ceremonies – which were apparently quite moving and involved the releasing of 96 red balloons in memory of Hillsborough – as well as kickoff. Drew and his friend Carl made their way to their right field seats, while Colin and I settled into the very back of the center field bleachers:

Our view from the bleachers

Our view from the bleachers

My evening didn’t go as planned, but it was fun to have a completely impromptu adventure! Definitely very weird seeing soccer happening at Fenway, and bizarre to be surrounded by Liverpool shirts, but it was fun.

Lansdowne St filled with Liverpool shirts instead of Sox jerseys... weird

Lansdowne St filled with Liverpool shirts instead of Sox jerseys… weird

Thursday (scheduled): Shammies Fun Run #3
Thursday (actual): Shammies Fun Run #3

After missing Fun Run #2, as well as the speed workout on Tuesday, I was determined to give #3 a go on Thursday and try to get back into the swing of run club. I planned to take it easy and test out my shins to see how they behaved, embarrassment at the likelihood of my finishing last be damned!

I walked to the race, which was about 2 miles away from my house, and that proved to be a really good warmup for the ol’ shins. I jogged for brief intervals during the walk, just to test them out, and they only protested a bit. I was wearing one of my fancy new Pro Compression sleeves (the one with the shamrock on it because, well, it was an event sponsored by the Shamrocks and it just seemed right!), hoping I could trick my brain into thinking it would help my shin hurt less.

Colin – who wanted to give the Fun Runs another go despite rolling his ankle at Run #1 – was stuck in traffic so I ran the race alone, save for a quarter-mile stretch where I ran with a fellow Shammie who had completed a triathlon the night before (!!). My shins felt totally fine for the entire 2.5 miles, which kept making me giddy and I had to stop mentally celebrating for fear I’d jinx myself, but I didn’t have to worry! Apart from some quad soreness going up the steep hill around Mile 2, I felt fine.

Not long after I finished, Colin ran by in the midst of his own long run and asked if I wanted to join him for a bit. I had only stopped for maybe 2 minutes and felt good, so I ran another lap of the pond with him, feeling pretty chuffed that I was able to keep going after a race. I wouldn’t have been able to do that around this time last year, and it’s nice to see a difference in my fitness level! As a bonus, the sunset was absolutely lovely, and I kept staring at the sky in awe as I walked home.

Gorgeous sunset at the end of the run

Gorgeous sunset at the end of the run

The sky continued to be ridiculous during my walk home

The sky continued to be ridiculous during my walk home

During my walk, a fellow Shammie rode by on his bike and complimented me on my great finishing time from the first run. I was a little skeptical; I had been proud of the fact that I had manged to run a tempo run that night, but didn’t think my time was anything special. My MapMyRun app said I had finished in 27:57 (that’s including the time I spent dithering over Colin after he fell… I’m guessing it was more of a 25:00-ish time) but I checked the results online and they gave me a very generous 20:45! That’s an 8:18 mile! I guess that’s what happens when races aren’t chip-timed and high school volunteers keep track of finishers with numbered popsicle sticks handed out at the finish line. I’m certainly not complaining – these fun runs are free and I’m running them for fun – but I’m not claiming that time because I can’t run like that yet! Now I’m really interested to see what my time for this week will be… for comparison, here’s the info Simon gave me:

2.42 miles in 25:58; average pace 10:44

2.42 miles in 25:58; average pace 10:44

Mile 1 in 10:43, Mile 2 in 11:06, and the last .4 miles in 4:10

Mile 1 in 10:43, Mile 2 in 11:06, and the last .4 miles in 4:10

Friday (scheduled): rest day
Friday (actual): rest day

Wasn’t feeling great so I stayed home from work and spent the day curled in a ball on the couch, reading. Would have been quite a nice day if I had been feeling better!

Saturday (scheduled): long run
Saturday (actual): rest day

Sunday (scheduled): recovery run or rest day
Sunday (actual): rest day

I ended up having a bad headache all weekend and didn’t feel up for doing much of anything other than sitting on the couch and making one outing to McDonald’s to get some iced coffee in hopes the caffeine would help my head. It didn’t, but the McGriddle I got to go with it was delicious. So bad for me, but so, so good.

How did your week go?

What was the last impromptu adventure you had?

Have you ever participated in a book club?

Happy running!


10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, 7/27

    • That’s what I’m hoping! My time was ever so slightly better the second time around and it felt a little easier… hopefully that trend will continue! 🙂

  1. Sorry to hear you were feeling rough at the end of the week, hope the McDonalds perked you up! So cool that you were able to watch the match. Those sunset pics are fab 🙂

    • Thanks, I did feel better as the weekend progressed, and I think the McD’s helped! 😉 I’m really happy I was able to see the match too… not my clubs of choice, but fun to experience anyway!

  2. Thursday sounds great, good to hear your shins came back strong. I love thinking back over to a year ago/ two years ago and thinking WOW I would never have done this. I recently downlaoded the timehop app which is a nice reminder some days.

    Sorry you were poorly on Friday, sometimes only a Macdonalds will do 😉 how is your head now?

    • Isn’t it great seeing significant improvement like that? I love getting the affirmation that I’m doing something right! 🙂 The timehop app sounds cool, I may have to look into that.

      My head is finally better, thanks. I’m sure the McDonald’s helped at least a little 😉

    • It was a pretty cool experience! I’m sure they’ll keep doing it as long as John Henry and Co. continue to own both the Red Sox and Liverpool 🙂

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