Secret Blogger Club: August Edition

Before I launch into this month’s theme of bragging rights, I have to confess something. I was catching up at the Blonder Side of Life early last week and was excited to see that the theme for August’s meeting of the Secret Blogger Club was scheduled to be the beach. I had a whole post in my head about beach running and general beachy good times, and then noticed a few days later that the theme changed. It’s probably for the best – my beach running post was likely going to be boring, and anyway I can always post it in a non-linkup situation – but I’m still going to post the following picture of Drew and me after a beach run in Los Angeles back in December, just because I like it:

photo(1)Anyway, on to bragging rights! What am I awesome at?

  • I bragged pretty shamelessly about this in my last Weekend Wrap-Up, but I’m decent at sprinting. I’m certainly no FloJo, but I’m the fastest female, short-distance sprinter on the Shammies (to my knowledge!), and I cling to this. I cling oh, so tightly. Any other time I run with my run club I am so slowwww compared to everyone else (I went all psychoanalytic on this topic a few months back) and it gives the ol’ self-esteem a boost when I’m able to lead the pack for once. If only the club participated in more short-distance events so I could actually contribute positively! Otherwise I just slow everyone down.
  • I am awesome at picking up little injuries and niggles any time I participate in sports or other activities. I am the Niggle Queen. Bruised toenails? Got ’em. Shin splints? Splinty as hell. Dodgy ankles? They sprain like it’s their job. Debilitating blisters? A-go-go. (You get the idea!)
  • I am awesome at buying unnecessary kit for any sport I participate in because I am a total gearhead. There is a closet in my house that contains an entire Freshmeat package shoved in a bag because once, a few years back, I decided I should do roller derby. Skates, helmet, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, an extra set of wheels, and padded compression shorts. I used all that stuff once. Once. I’m awful! Why does shopping for kit have to be so much fun?


  • I am awesome at managing to function through daily life as well as bouts of running while being generally underhydrated. I am strangely proud of this, even though I know I shouldn’t be!

That’s probably enough awesomeness for one day… I don’t want to overwhelm you 😉

What are you awesome at?

Blonder Side of Life
Thanks to Kelsey, Suzan, and Kendall for hosting this month’s Secret Blogger Club!



14 thoughts on “Secret Blogger Club: August Edition

  1. I’ve always been sort of interested in roller derby. But then I remember I didn’t even want to play rugby for fear of bruises and broken bones and concussions. So derby? Yeah, not so much. I blame it on that Ellen Page movie Whip It.

    • Whip It definitely piqued my interest too! So did having a co-worker join the Boston Derby Dames. She was so enthusiastic and her bouts were so much fun to watch. I even had a derby name picked out! Then I realized a) I can’t skate, and b) I’d probably get more hurt doing derby than playing soccer and I couldn’t justify the danger. Especially because I couldn’t skate 😦 Running will do just fine!

        • I’m jealous of your skating skillz! Right around the time I was getting really into the idea of derby, I had a silly birthday party at a skating rink and thought I’d be okay. Yeah… nope. I was dreadful! It was embarrassing.

  2. That’s totally my bad. Good catch though because you’re the only one who noticed it was changed so there’s something else to brag about lol How long did you stick with Rolelr Derby? I doubt I could stay on my feet anymore!….Thanks for linkin up “niggle queen” lol

    • It wasn’t meant to call you out, I think I just wanted an excuse to remember the last time I went to the beach (it’s been too long)! Plus it gave me an idea for another post, so thank you! 😉 Ugh, can the amount of time I stuck with derby be measured in negative numbers? I got as far as buying the kit and trying to skate once or twice and then I gave up. I don’t think I’m brave enough!

    • What is it about gear that’s so addictive?! It’s fun to just window shop, even. I’m glad I’m not the only one! 🙂

  3. Roller Derby? Even attempting that is impressive. 🙂 I too, run under-hydrated but the rest of the time I am probably over hydrated. Like I have had multiple doctors tell me to drink less. Does that count as a special kind of awesome? Haha.

    • I never got so far as to attempt *actual* derby, so it’s not all that impressive… but thanks! 😉 I think being over hydrated totally counts as a special kind of awesome! We could be the cautionary tales for the opposite ends of the hydration spectrum haha.

  4. I think you also get to brag about the fact that you beach run! What?! That’s amazing and soooo difficult. Seriously my calves can’t take it. You are welcome to help me pick out my next sport gear kit cause I’m the opposite of you and will try to make do with nothing. It never works out well for me 🙂

    • I’ve only run on the beach once (and it was soo difficult! My calves were angry for days) so I can’t brag too much 😉 If I lived closer to a beach I might attempt it more. And I would gladly help pick out your next kit! Any excuse to shop for gear makes me happy 🙂

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