Weekend Wrap-Up, 8/17(ish)

This week’s edition of the Weekend Wrap-Up is coming to you a day late because I’ve been in DC since Wednesday and didn’t get home until last night. More about this adventure later… first let’s talk about running things and my stupid shins!

Monday (scheduled): rest day
Monday (actual): rest day/assessment test from Anatomy for Runners

Even though my barely-1-mile trail run on Sunday didn’t really necessitate a rest day, I wanted to give the ankle I rolled another day to be calm in hopes it wouldn’t become a full-fledged injury (It didn’t! Huzzah!). In lieu of working out, and trying to embrace the “let’s not get injured” mindset, I decided to completed the assessment test in Anatomy for Runners, which would supposedly let me know what areas of my body needed work in order for me to run at my best.

The assessment test involved 10 exercises ranging from moving your toes around to a series of single-leg squats. Each piece of the test had instructions and accompanying photo demonstrations in the book, and briefly explained what passing and failing would look or feel like. I was half-expecting to fail each test because of how injury-prone I am and how bad my form tends to be, but I actually passed several! For some I half-passed – one side of my body would pass and the other would fail.

So, from what I failed, I now know I need to work on the following areas: my left toe, my left hip, both hamstrings (dear God they’re so tight!), and my posture (this is a known issue). Also, I passed 4/6 of the single-leg squat test, only failing the bits about knees and trunk shift. So, lots of core and leg work are needed! Thankfully the book offers exercises for each of these areas so I have a starting point to work at getting them better.

Tuesday (scheduled): speed workout
Tuesday (actual): speed workout

Speed workout did not go so well this week 😦 The scheduled workout was 12-16x 400m at 5-mile pace, with 100m recovery. Steve told me that I should aim for 4-6 reps instead of 12-16, since he knew I’d been struggling with my shins, and said to stop immediately if they started hurting during the workout. I made it through 2 1/2 repeats before my shins got angry, and I pushed myself to complete the 3rd repeat. Then I stood and stretched with a fellow run clubber who had injured himself in a recent Spartan race and we watched everyone else run while we lamented our injuries.

After everyone else finished, Steve came over to see how I had done and looked alarmed when I told him how few reps I had completed before my shins started hurting. He told me to stop running on roads for a while, and to only run on gentle trails or grass/sports turf if I had to run. Another of the coach-type-run clubbers chimed in that I should be focusing on biking/swimming/elliptical until my shins calm down (which is a little difficult without a gym membership!). Steve also looked alarmed when I told him I have two 10Ks and half marathon coming up. Awesome. I spent the rest of the night feeling majorly bummed and hoping that I can still run my big races!

Wednesday – Sunday:

This is where my week went way off kilter. After work on Wednesday, I met Drew at the airport and we flew to DC, where I’d be attending a conference and he’d be enjoying a few vacation days. I had fabulous intentions and brought two sets of workout clothes (for a 4-day trip) and my trail running shoes. I really, really wanted to go for a run in DC and find things for this week’s scavenger hunt, but a) didn’t want to run unknown streets alone, b) didn’t want to anger my shins. If Drew and I could find a cool trail then we figured we’d squeeze at least one run in, otherwise I decided I’d hit the hotel gym for some bike/elliptical time.

Yeah, none of that happened.

Drew made it to the hotel gym during one of my conference days, but I didn’t get there at all. Neither did we have time to fit in a trail run. However, I ended up walking more than 20 miles over the course of the 4 days (two of the days hit 7+ miles each!) so my weekend wasn’t completely devoid of exercise. Also, my shins didn’t hurt once so I consider that a win for recovery.

So what did I do during all that non-running/gym time? I did the conference thing – attended a few sessions, chatted up some vendors in the exhibit hall (free swag!), and met some fellow archivists. I met up with one of my best friends and her husband, who’ll be moving to Hong Kong within the month, and got to meet their adorable 4-month-old son. I also did a lot of sight-seeing, as this was the first time I’d visited DC… apart from once 7 years ago when I saw things real quick out the car window while driving to the MLS Cup.

The final reception for my conference was held at the Library of Congress, and clearly I was very excited to go inside:


When you let hundreds of archivists and librarians loose inside the mothership, it’s like seeing hundreds of kids in a candy shop. Especially when the fancy-pants reading room is open and grants them access to the card catalog room:

This scene was replicated by countless archivists in all the aisles around me.

This scene was replicated by countless archivists in all the aisles around me.

A few days later, Drew and I hopped on the bus to the other mothership and I could not contain my excitement:


The National Archives!

Totebags were purchased:


And lots of touristy photos and selfies were taken:

The Capitol

The Capitol

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon



Reflecting pool and Washington Monument

Reflecting pool and Washington Monument



It was a whirlwind four days, to say the least! Despite not getting out for a run, it was still a fun trip and I’m glad we were able to see everything – and everyone – we did.

How was your weekend?

Have you been to DC? What’s your favorite thing to do/see in the District?


10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, 8/17(ish)

  1. That looks like a fun (and informative) trip! I have been hardly anywhere so I like getting to travel vicariously with all of you. πŸ™‚ I hope your shin pain eases up a bit, being told to ease back is hard, but sometimes a necessity. And maybe I should take my own advice, oops. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ Ugh, easing back is always tough, especially because I seem to be having to do just that every couple of months! But you’re right, it’s a necessity.

      I love to travel vicariously through the blogs I follow, too! And run races vicariously too πŸ˜‰

    • It was pretty fun! I haven’t taken advantage enough of the fact that I live so (relatively) close to DC. I was supposed to go on a field trip in 8th grade but mine was the first class that didn’t get to go because the year ahead of us misbehaved so badly they ruined it for everyone else. Boo!

      I’m glad my ankle didn’t get worse either! I need to keep looking at the positives like this πŸ™‚

  2. DC is so awesome! Ben’s sister lives there and we went for a long weekend a few years ago. It definitely wasn’t enough time. FYI, Rock Creek Park has some awesome walking/running trails for next time πŸ˜‰

    • It’s true, there’s way too much to see in DC in just a few days! Drew and I already have a list of places to go the next time we’re in town because we didn’t have time to see them this time. πŸ™‚ And we heard about Rock Creek Park! I’m bummed we didn’t have a chance to check it out, but now we’ll know for next time πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m so jealous that you got to do a conference in DC! I was there about a year ago for a wedding and went absolutely nuts about the LOC and National Archives, though I didn’t get to go into the reading room or see the card catalogs (lucky duck XD) I have to say my favorite part was sightseeing at dusk- it was completely unplanned, but the Lincoln and Washington Monuments were stunning with the sunset!

    • The LoC reading room and card catalogs were a total giddy surprise! I was a little disappointed that so many things were closed in the National Archives when I was there, but I suppose it was actually open on a Sunday which was a pleasant surprise in itself. πŸ™‚ I didn’t get to do much sightseeing at sunset, but I bet everything looks breath-taking!

  4. Sounds like so much fun! I was in DC last October, unfortunately when the government was shut down, so I’ve been itching to go back! I hope your shins get their act together soon. I little resting now hopefully will prevent a longer rest later.

    • Aw, that’s unfortunate timing! Hopefully you’ll get to go back soon when everything is actually open.

      Thanks for the shin wishes… I need to keep telling myself that resting a little now is better than a long layoff later, but I think I’m going to take some convincing!

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