Running Scavenger Hunt: Week 3

After my seriously off-kilter week last week, in which I spent 4 days in Washington, DC and only ran once, it shouldn’t be surprising that my scavenger hunt got thrown seriously off-kilter as well. During my one run, I found two of the five items; I saw the other three later in the week, but since I wasn’t running when I saw them, it didn’t feel right to snap pictures and post them here. So I scored a measly 2/5. Let’s see what I did find:

The list included:
1) An American flag
2) A traffic light
3) Something pink
4) A horse
5) A fire hydrant

I found:

1) An American flag:


3) Something pink:


Womp womp. I’m not planning to travel this week, and hopefully my shins will behave themselves, so fingers crossed that Week 4 goes better!

The items to find for Week 4 are:

1) A red car
2) A bumper sticker
3) A mile marker
4) A sundial or outdoor clock
5) Christmas lights

If you’d like to join in the fun, check out Amy’s post for Week 4 here!


4 thoughts on “Running Scavenger Hunt: Week 3

    • It is a fun idea! (All credit to Amy!) I’ve been enjoying having things to look for when I can actually get out for a run 🙂

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