Midweek Confessions Are Back

It’s been a while since I linked up with Kathy at Vodka and Soda for some Humpday Confessions but today apparently I had the urge to confess some things. So Midweek Confessions are back!

I confess…

…I wrote in my 10K race recap that I felt a little bad about passing a fellow runner at the last second to cross the finish line ahead of her. Then a few days later I saw this gif and – even though I’m not fast enough for this exact situation to happen (breaking a tape? HA!) – it shows pretty much exactly what I felt like I was doing. So I’m shamelessly bringing that moment up again just so I can share this gif:


(source… Buzzfeed somewhere but I can’t find the post where this came from!)

…I’m a sucker for those silly quizzes at Buzzfeed or Lifebuzz or wherever else, especially when I come across one called “How Much Does Running Rule Your Life?” I was pleasantly surprised to get a score of 23 out of 50, for a result of: “Congratulations! You have a perfectly healthy relationship to running. Be thankful the cold stiff fingers of running aren’t clamped around your still-beating heart…for now.” Aww yisss. (However, anyone who reads this blog regularly probably could have guessed that running does not rule my life, since I still struggle with the whole motivation thing. If running ruled my life, I’d have no issues there!)

…speaking of being a sucker for Buzzfeed, that quiz then led me to a post titled “21 Cool Gadgets That Every Runner Could Use.” C’mon, Buzzfeed… it’s like you know I’m a gearhead and are targeting me specifically! My wallet needs a break!

…I ordered several books through my local library network and they all arrived yesterday. Now I have like 5 books waiting for me and there’s a very slim chance I’ll be able to read them all before the due date, so I’ll have to renew a bunch and I just feel like a giant book hog. I do this way too often… I put holds on a bunch of books at once, not thinking that there’s a chance they will all come in around the same time. Why have I not learned? I blame my intense desire to read ALL the books, which makes me panic-order a bunch and then feel overwhelmed that I can’t read them all simultaneously.

What I look like leaving the library when these hold-placing marathons happen

What I look like leaving the library when these hold-placing marathons happen (source)

…this photo of graffiti made me laugh more than it probably should have:

…my favorite Spurs player got sold to Hull during the transfer window and I am bereft. Daws had been with the club since I started supporting them – one of very few constants in a club that has changed a lot in the last 9 1/2 years – and I feel like part of my fandom/supportership/whatever has been ripped away. He was a leader, he gave his all in every match, and it didn’t hurt that he was a bit of a dish with a sexy Yorkshire accent. I have a lot to say about Michael Dawson but that could be an entire blog in itself so I will spare you my rambling. In summary, I am sad. Angry too, but mostly sad… probably sadder than I should be about a footballer leaving my club, but what can I say? I get attached.

Vodka and Soda

Anything to confess this week?

Ever been really attached to a player on your favorite team only to have him/her be sold/traded?
I went through a period of mourning after Nomar Garciaparra was traded away from the Red Sox in 2004, and I’m still sad about that too!

What are you reading right now? Do you ever find yourself in the middle of several books at once?


20 thoughts on “Midweek Confessions Are Back

    • Haha, very true… I just felt like a jerk because the lady I passed had been in front of me for the whole race. I guess it happens, right?

  1. never feel bad about passing someone during a race! also, those buzzfeed quizzes are amazing. and addictive. i did one where it tests you on your knowledge of dirty dancing. please, i aced that thing; give me something harder buzzfeed!

    thanks for linking up!

    • SO addictive! And I may or may not have just searched out that Dirty Dancing quiz… I hadn’t seen that one before! I’ve aced pretty much every Friends-related quiz they’ve had 🙂

  2. I got a 27 on that running quiz and laughed so hard at “…been so in the zone during the run that you forget who you are and transcended into a parallel dimension, mentally speaking?” because, um, yes XD

    Also, I ALWAYS fall victim to the library holds! It’s like feast or famine with that system, I swear. I am also always juggling reading about 17 books (real honest-to-God average is about 3-4) and right now I think I’m reading 6 at once… I don’t know how I do this or why lol

    • Hahaha, that “transcended into a parallel dimension” part made me laugh too. Definitely been there! 🙂

      Feast or famine is definitely the term for it! Most of the time when I have like 12 books on hold at once, it’s because the ones I wanted most had a million holds on them and I requested others in the meantime, but then they all come in together anyway. Why does that happen?!

  3. the library won’t let me check out books because I apparently have a nondescript charge from 2003 on my history. since they won’t tell me what the $1.38 is for, I don’t want to pay it. also I never have the cash, but mostly I’m sticking it to the library….

    • Hmm, odd they won’t tell you. I’m assuming it’s because the software doesn’t say, since many don’t keep records of what we’ve borrowed either at all or for longer than a certain period. Not sure I can fully support sticking it to the library (I’m a librarian!) but I can sympathize! 😉

  4. Buzzfeed is awesome, haha! Thanks for sharing your confessions. Mine for today would be that even though I’m supposed to go to Body Pump tonight, I’m gonna go home, do some laundry, and play video games until bedtime. Woohoo!

  5. I got distracted reading this because I had to click on those awesome links, thanks!
    I am reading 2, no 3 books right now. I am in an easily distracted phase.
    Feel good about passing someone! It happens, sometimes we just need that little motivation to step it up.

    • Haha, Buzzfeed can be like a rabbit hole with all the clicking! I am totally an in easily distracted reading phase right now too. I just can’t settle on one! And I do need to stop worrying about passing that lady, I suppose. Thanks! 🙂

  6. The most recent time I remember being devastated was when Wes Welker was traded from the Patriots. Crushing.

    I have to tell you, after I ready your blog this morning, I spent half the day at work on Buzzfeed. It’s like crack! I got the same answer as you on the running quiz – but only 18 out of 50.

    • Oh man… even *I* was disappointed when Welker was traded, and I’m not even a football fan!

      Hehe… sorry to provide you with a Buzzfeed distraction at work! It is wicked addicting, which can be good sometimes but other times I have to just get up and walk away, otherwise I know I’ll be on it all day lol

  7. I can understand why you’d feel a bit guilty about passing her at the last minute but at the same time I don’t think you should feel bad at all. Like @VeryRach said, it’s a race! You trained for every bit of that 10k and I think you should congratulate yourself on having enough steam left to burst through the end. That gif made me laugh because it’s what every track and field coach says, “Don’t celebrate before you reach the finish line.” I think Usain Bolt is the only runner who consistently gets away with it (but he’s bad ass and hilarious so I never hold it against him lol).

  8. I’m going through player loss with the new football season. I just watched a (former) NY Giant play for the Colts last night and it broke my heart a little… I still cheered for him, though.

    • I can definitely sympathize. I hated seeing Nomar play in a Cubs/Dodgers jersey because it meant he wasn’t on my team anymore, but I always rooted for him. It helps when the team your player goes to is in a different division/league/etc… makes it easier to cheer for your player without having to necessarily root against you own team 😉

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