Weekend Wrap-Up, 9/14(ish)

Sigh, yet another delayed weekend wrap-up. Better late than never, right? Anyway, here’s how my weird week went:

Monday (scheduled): ??
Monday (actual): rest day

Since so many of my races or long runs have been on Sundays, it always throws me off a little when I have a Saturday race, like the Canal Diggers. Even if I had planned on doing some sort of exercise Monday, there was no way it was getting done. I already wrote about my sleeplessness and exhaustion and general woe, so I won’t repeat it here. Basically, I did a lot of nothing on Monday, except for a zombie-like walk home from the bus stop which included getting jumped on by an angry dog while its owner ignored me. Good times.

Tuesday (scheduled): speed workout
Tuesday (actual): rest day

Despite my exhaustion, I really, really wanted to get back to some kind of routine. Plus I’ve been missing my Shammies, since it’s been more than a month since my last workout with them. I was scheduled for an all-day workshop at the JFK Library, but I figured I’d be able to get from Dorchester to the track in an hour and a half so I could take part. Nope. It took more than 2 hours for me to get anywhere near the track, and the workout was pretty much over by that point. Boo.

JFK Library

JFK Library

The closest I came to running on Tuesday was watching people run down the Harbor Walk while I ate my lunch at a picnic table, shivering in the chilly sea breeze. Ah well.

Wednesday (scheduled): cross-training (aka soccer)
Wednesday (actual): another rest day

I was all excited to start off my new cross-training regimen with a bang, but alas, my team was assigned a bye for the first week. No soccer for me! I honestly can’t remember what I did on Wednesday… probably read on the couch. That’s been my jam recently.

Thursday (scheduled): cross-training (aka kickball)
Thursday (actual): kickball

Soccer might have started with a dud week, but kickball happened! After squeezing in an emergency haircut (my hair was reaching the mullet stage) Drew and I met Julie and her friend for a pre-game beer (this might not be the most serious of cross-training regimens…). After filling up on pumpkin beer and french fries, we set off down the street to meet our teammates and get our kickball on.

Our team seems to consist mostly of fresh-out-of-college kids who haven’t played since elementary school and who just want to have fun, which I can get behind. Then there’s the category of people who are significantly older than most of the team, but who also haven’t played in ages and just want to have fun (me and the Julies). Then… then there are the people who take their kickball VERY seriously. Like our captain, who has a special whiteboard divided into a kickball diamond and a kicking order, full of little magnets with our names written on them and he is VERY serious about this board. I think if it were up to him, there would be no laughter during these games, just concentration. When we lost 10-1, I half expected him to huddle us up and say something along the lines of “I want you all to think long and hard about what you did wrong tonight.” Luckily he didn’t, but still. Yeesh. Other teams were talking about what kind of shots they’d take before games, and our captain was trying to get people to agree to weekly practices. This should be an interesting season, to say the least.

Friday (scheduled): soccer substituting
Friday (actual): soccer cheerleading

After our kickball game on Thursday, Julie told me she was going to miss Friday night’s soccer game and asked if I’d bring my gear in case not enough girls showed up (in the league we play in, which is 7v7, at least 2 girls have to be on the field at all times). I agreed, somewhat tentatively because I hate the Friday night league, but thought it would make up for there being no soccer on Wednesday. Turns out I wasn’t needed, which was good because the team they played was full of fouly jerks. So along with cheering Drew and his team on, I may or may not have also yelled things at the opposing players, or loudly encouraged our team to violently take out the meanest of the opposing players. Or both. (This is why I don’t usually go to these games… I get way too worked up. I wish I could just sit blithely on the sideline but alas.)

Saturday (scheduled): long run?
Saturday (actual): rest day

My original plan for Saturday was to wake up early, do my long run, then join Drew on a trek into the city for his haircut and brunch at one of our old haunts. After a long week of bad sleep, I’m sure you can guess how I felt about the prospect of waking up before 7 to go for a run. I joined Drew for the haircut/brunch fandango, we did some grocery shopping, and hung around the house feeling sleepy. It was kind of nice, despite the lack of doing much else that was productive.

Sunday (scheduled): make-up long run
Sunday (actual): long run


The wonderful thing about the nasty heat and humidity giving way to cooler weather is that I no longer have to run at 7am in order to beat the heat! I did find, however, that I quite enjoyed running early… the streets were quieter, the running paths weren’t crowded, and I had the rest of the day ahead of me to do whatever. But again, after a tired week, I was relieved when Colin said he was planning to run at 10am… still enough time to sleep in, but we’d be done by noon.

I was initially aiming for 6-6.5 miles, and Colin said he was aiming for 7. I picked a route from MapMyRun that was roughly 6.6 miles and figured we could improvise at the end if we felt like going for more. I like trying out new routes for these long runs… it makes it more interesting for me to take in new scenery and explore different places. Colin mentioned during the run that he prefers to add laps of the pond to his long runs rather than do new routes; having run the pond so many times, he knows what to expect of the course and roughly how far along he is on his route, whereas new routes seem endless and surprise hills aren’t pleasant. I can definitely see his point, but the pond has felt so boring to me lately.

It was a bit of a frustrating run… at one point I looked down to check Simon, feeling like we had run several miles already, and we hadn’t even hit 2 miles yet. So disheartening! Plus, I felt like we had started the run at a pretty good clip and was worried we’d wear out… turns out we started running at an 11:40 pace and only got slower. I know long runs are supposed to be slow, but when 11:40 seems fast… yikes. It got me worrying that I’m losing my pace (which wasn’t all that fast to be honest, but 10:30 is faster than 11:40!) but hopefully this isn’t the case.

Also, I was way overdressed and so was uncomfortable for much of the run. It was 48* when I checked the weather before leaving the house, and wasn’t supposed to get much above 55* by noon. I figured I’d be pretty chilly, having gotten used to running in 80-90* weather, so I opted for capris and a long-sleeve tech tee, thinking I could always roll up the sleeves if it got warm. Just a mile in and I was wishing I had chosen shorts and a t-shirt! So silly… I’ve learned this lesson the hard way in the past, but I blame the sudden change in weather for throwing me off. Plus, I think weather.com was lying to me… it was so much warmer than low 50s!

I had to walk several times, and each time felt bad for making Colin stop, but these long runs are a killer for me. I enjoyed our last one, where I had the excuse of a scavenger hunt to allow me to stop and take pictures and catch my breath, but Colin seemed serious about not stopping this time and each walk break piled a bit more guilt on me. At one point, we ran a different way to the pond than usual and crested a hill to see this amazing view of the pond, in its sparkling, bright-blue glory, peeking out from behind trees that were starting to change color, and I wanted to stop and gawk at it for a few seconds, and maybe take a picture. However, we had only just started running again after a walk break and Colin wasn’t having it. I’m grateful he was motivating me so much, but I’m looking forward to the day when long runs don’t feel like such a drag. (Please tell me that day will come?!?)

How was your week?

Which do you prefer, trying out new routes or sticking with the tried and true?

Do you ever get worked up watching sporting events, especially ones your loved one(s) is/are playing in?
As soon as someone knocks Drew down, it’s all over!


11 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, 9/14(ish)

    • I definitely would have walked much more – and maybe not gone the whole 7 miles – if not for Colin, so I’m thankful he was there to push me along! Even if I did curse him silently a few times πŸ˜‰ And yeah… this captain should make kickball fun lol

  1. The weather pulled the SAME trick on me this week! I went out in capris and a long sleeve one day that was forecasted to be in the low-to-mid 50s and was good. The next day? Mid-to-high 50s, wore the same dealio and was sweating my tush off! Aye, I forgot how to Autumn.

    And to answer two of your questions: as much as I like to pretend I like to run new routes, I always gravitate toward my trusty ole paths. I think I like knowing exactly how much further I have to go!
    I get nuts watching the Bears (you follow me on Twitter, you probably noticed lol), but I’ve never really watched an *exciting* sport that someone I know has played in (that I wasn’t also playing in myself haha). I bet I’d go just as bonkers :0)

    • I forgot how to Autumn too! Haha, that’s such a great term for it. I always lose my brain a little when the seasons change and forget how to dress. It’s so silly.

      I definitely see the pros in running the old reliable routes, especially remembering how sad I get on these new ones when I think I’ve run a lot further than I actually have. I might go back to my tried-and-true for my next long run.

      Ugh, I’m bad enough when I’m playing in a game with Drew, but the sidelines is worse… at least if I’m playing I can slyly get revenge on people for taking him out, but if I’m on the sidelines I end up running my mouth and it’s not a good thing! I get a little bonkers watching my teams on TV too πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry about your rough run, but congrats on the 7 miles! I have had some good long runs in the past. None lately and I wish I could get back to those but slow is still good too. Kickball sounds awesome except your coach sounds like my volleyball manager. Seriously calm down, we just want to have fun. πŸ™‚ I admit that I have never really been in to watching sports, I have troubles focusing on what is going on, I’m easily distracted. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! Miles is miles, right? πŸ™‚ I think kickball will be fun… at least it’s only a few games so I know I won’t be stuck with Captain Intense for long! Sorry your manager is like that too… for real, just let everyone enjoy the game!

  3. Congrats on your new distance record! 7 miles…awesome! I couldn’t really tell you when long runs won’t feel like a drag because I have the opposite problem; I love the long runs and the short ones (or speed work) are where I lack motivation.

    I like tried and true routes because I have a better feel for how far I’ve run/have left, but since I’m increasing every week, I like to add new parts to the middle. Tacking on to the end is tough because I feel like I “should” be done and I’m not. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! One of these days I’ll be banging out 20-milers like you πŸ™‚ And I agree… tacking on at the end has the potential to be bad, but luckily it hasn’t been a problem so far!

  4. I tend to take the same routes over and over again, because I’m not all that adventurous, and it’s comforting to know where and how far along I am in my run. That being said, it does get pretty boring at times. Of course, now I’m mostly treadmilling it, so routes don’t matter as much.

    Congrats on the 7-miler–that’s awesome! Pretty soon, you’ll be saying things like, “Oh yeah, I only have to run 7 miles this weekend” πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks! Ha, funny you mention that… I was sitting next to a kid on the bus about a month ago who was chatting on the phone and said “Yeah, just a short run tonight, only 5 miles” and I thought what?! And now 5 miles would be a “short” long run for me! πŸ˜‰

      Maybe I need to incorporate my old regular route into my long runs but toward the end, so I know exactly how much I have to go once I get there. Then I can have the best of both worlds!

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