Weekend Wrap-Up, 9/21

This week’s wrap-up is a bit wonky, mostly because I’m writing it before the week’s even half-over! Bear with me…

Monday (scheduled): rest day/anniversary celebrations
Monday (actual): rest day/anniversary celebrations

In addition to really needing to rest my toes after their anger flared up again on Sunday, Monday was also time for celebrations with Drew in honor of our second wedding anniversary! He skipped a soccer game and I skipped book club and we went out for a fancy(ish) dinner after work. There was wine, there was yummy food, there was incredible dessert, and there was the lovely company of a handsome man (all together: awwww). I think he’s a keeper.

A bit crazy that this was 2 years ago already!

A bit crazy that this was 2 years ago already!

Tuesday (scheduled): speed workout
Tuesday (actual): packing!

Much like last week, I was practically chomping at the bit to get back to workouts with the Shammies, but it was not to be. For one, my toes were still angry and I wasn’t sure a speed workout would help them much. For another, Drew and I would be hopping on a plane after work Wednesday and I hadn’t packed yet. Combine that with getting home late on Tuesday because the T is useless, and that didn’t leave a whole lot of time to get organized for our trip. So no speed workout for me… though it was probably for the best, since I’d want my toes in tip-top shape for…


… our trip to Seattle! Way back in March I surprised myself by actually squeaking my way into registering for the Beat the Blerch race in Washington. I tried to register, figuring I probably wouldn’t get in, but when I actually did Drew and I decided to turn the event into an anniversary trip to the Seattle area, where neither of us has ever been. So we’re spending a few days in Seattle being touristy, then heading out to Carnation for the race on Sunday. Keep an eye out for a travel post, because I plan to take a ton of pictures!


Beat the Blerch! I’m running the 10K race, and plan to run for the experience rather than to beat my 10K PR. I want to take full advantage of the Nutella sandwiches at the aid station! Keep an eye out for a race recap in addition to a travel post!

How was your week?

Have you ever been to Seattle? What are your favorite things about the city?


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