Weekend Wrap-Up, 9/28(ish)

Monday (scheduled): travel/rest day
Monday (actual): travel/rest day

Monday was the day after the Beat the Blerch race, and also the day we bid farewell to the Pacific Northwest. It was the only day it rained while we were there (we lucked out with gorgeous weather!). The flight home seemed longer than the flight out, but luckily we were flying JetBlue (DirecTV at each seat FTW!) and TBS was showing a Friends marathon. Score!

Tuesday (scheduled): speed workout
Tuesday (actual): additional rest day

Drew and I both took Tuesday off from work to recover from the trip, which ended up being one of the best ideas we’ve ever had. We were both jet-lagged to oblivion – we usually can’t sleep in past 8am, but we both were passed out until noon – and it gave us a day to catch up on errands, go grocery shopping, etc. I also felt a bit out of sorts and had to sit down in the middle of an aisle in Target so that I wouldn’t faint, and still felt weird in the evening – light-headed, pounding heart, just weird – so decided sprinting around a track might not be the best idea. Sigh. Maybe one of these days I’ll get back to workouts with the Shammies.

Wednesday (scheduled): cross-training (soccer)
Wednesday (actual): cross-training (soccer)

After a bye the first week of the season and then missing our first game due to being in Seattle, Drew and I finally got to meet our indies 6v6 team on Wednesday. Colin and Julie are both on the team and they both had only good things to say about the team – chill as well as good soccer players. In fact, the team won 7-1 last week! After meeting them ourselves I was happy to see that the team is, in fact, awesome and chill… I really did not want to play on a super intense team!

It was weird running around in cleats again and, after playing my last few seasons on sports turf, I had to get used to running around on an uneven, muddy grass pitch again. And this pitch was pretty terrible… divots everywhere just waiting to turn ankles, and my cleats got stuck in mud more than once. Plus, I was super rusty. It had been more than a year since my last soccer game, and yikes… I was bad. I managed to fling myself through the air at one point, landing flat on my back, and didn’t make one successful pass. I also didn’t successfully receive any passes. It was rough. I just hope I improve as the season goes on! (We tied 1-1, with no help from me.)

Thursday (scheduled): cross-training (kickball)
Thursday (actual): cross-training (kickball)

Since I last played with my indies kickball team, Thursday Night Lights, some changes took place. For one, our super intense captain quit for mysterious reasons (rumors were he had a fight with the other moderately intense guy on the team, but most of us think he just didn’t want to be associated with a team that will likely win zero games this season), and for another, a tradition of beer, pizza, and karaoke seems to have been instituted. Otherwise, it’s the same ol’ Bad News Bears story. We had a double-header on Thursday and lost each game soundly, though we did manage to score 1 run in the second game! What I really like about this team, especially now that Psycho Captain is gone, is that no one really cares that we’re crap. When one of us has a howler, we all laugh with the person (and the person laughs at him/herself… and if he/she doesn’t laugh, we console him/her) and we loudly cheer the routinest of plays. Other teams look at us like we’re crazy but we’re just having fun, and I love it.

After two games of essentially goofing off, the entire team set off for the bar down the street for some post-game festivities. (The owner of this bar kind of sponsors the kickball league, and gives each team a free pizza and free pitcher of cheap beer after every game.) We took over a giant table in the nearly empty back room (occupied only by one other kickball team; all the other teams were in the main room, huddled seriously over their beers) and when the unbeknownst-to-me weekly karaoke session started up, several of the quieter members of our team jumped up to get their requests in. (It’s always the quiet ones, right?) After years of playing on semi-serious soccer teams in this league, it’s so refreshing to be part of a team that does not take itself seriously at all, and is more concerned with laughing and singing and having some beers than making the playoffs. I dig it.

(And in terms of cross-training, I did some sprints in the form of base-running, and got a bit of an arm workout trying to throw the giant rubber ball. My right tricep is still sore four days later! I also managed to tenderize part of my lower calf during my at-bats (at-kicks?), thanks to a nasty divot in the field that made the ball pop up into my shin instead of staying down by my foot whenever I tried to kick it):

Kickball wounds

Kickball wounds

Friday (scheduled): rest day
Friday (actual): rest day

Not like I needed a rest day after playing barely 10 minutes of soccer (read: bumbling around on the pitch before benching myself in shame) and spending two kickball games standing around with a sprint thrown in now and again, but hey, I’m a champ, and a champ needs her rest. 😉 Friday was also the after-work going-away party for my friend Audrey, so feeling bittersweet whilst drinking cider at the pub at work was clearly a higher priority than squeezing in a run.

Saturday (scheduled): rest day/long run if feeling adventurous
Saturday (actual): rest day

With a 5K scheduled for Sunday, and given my dodgy toe situation and the fact that my pounding heart/light-headedness/weird feeling had stuck around all week, I wasn’t really feeling 7+ miles on Saturday. Plus I accidentally slept in til 11:30, and the North London Derby was happening at 12:30, and the house needed to be tidied, and… you get the idea. Drew and I did manage to carbo-load, however. God bless Noodles and Company.

Drew and I sleepily celebrated the NLD by flying the colors of North London's one true club.

Drew and I sleepily celebrated the NLD by flying the colors of North London’s one true club.

Sunday (scheduled): Holdenwood Trail Run
Sunday (actual): Holdenwood Trail Run

I was very excited about this race, as it’s the first 5K I’d be able to actually run with Drew (whose legs/ankles/feet abhor running on roads or sidewalks). Colin joined us, and it was the first trail race any of us had run. Recap coming soon!


How was your week?

Which do you prefer, trail races or road races?

Do you like karaoke? What’s your go-to song?


6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up, 9/28(ish)

    • Heh, thanks… except after all that I’m exhausted and feel like I did nothing productive last week! 😉 I’m already excited for the season to end so I can have time again to run, clean the house, read… *sigh*

    • Permission to go slower… I like that! 😉 I wish your volleyball team was more chill too, it’s no good when you just want to play a sport you enjoy and have fun and someone has to make it super intense. Why do people have to go and ruin a good time like that?! Haha… I shouldn’t sing in public either! 🙂

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