Sunday Brain-Leaks

Just a quick post of updates and random things in my head (aka brain-leaks!)

-Today I ran my first relay race, one I had absolutely no intention running (what team would want me slowing them down?). I attended the Shammies year-end banquet on Friday night and got peer-pressured all night to take an injured runner’s place. After being reassured that it didn’t matter how slow I am, I relented. I’m so glad I did! Despite the cold, it was so much fun. Full recap coming soon!


-At the relay race today, I ran my fastest* mile to date: 9:25! This tends to happen any time I run with – and try to keep up with – another Shammie. (*”Fastest” because I have no record of my pace for the first mile I sprinted at the 5K I PR’d in.)

-I was reading the December issue of Runner’s World and came across something that reminded me of my “machine-like” state in the last mile of my half marathon: “If you’ve ever been out running and achieved an indescribable rhythm-flawless mechanics, a sharpened focus, an almost out-of-body clarity…” Apparently that’s called “flow.” Now I have a name for it! (And now I want to read The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler, RW’s Book of the Year!)

-Go Revs!!

Have you ever run a relay race?

What’s on your to-read list?

Any brain-leaks to share?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Brain-Leaks

    • I’m sad too. I wrote this post while I was watching the match, so I take full responsibility for jinxing them 😦

      Thanks! I had a blast. I bet the Ragnar Trail relay would be awesome!

  1. So glad you did something outside of your comfort zone and had fun! I’ve never done a relay, but I’d like to. The Vermont City Marathon always has relay teams and up til now I’ve been too scared to try to get on a team with my friends, but I just might for 2015 🙂

    • Me too! 🙂 Whenever the Shammies mentioned relays to me I always said something about how I’d never do one unless they could find one with a leg of 100m or shorter, so that I wouldn’t feel bad about holding a team back. Luckily I was put on a team with 4 awesome ladies who didn’t care one bit about pace! I’d highly recommend doing a relay, especially if you can do one with friends!

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