Stay Hydrated, My Friends

nuunEverything’s coming up DGobs!

Mere days after receiving a happy-dance-worthy email on Monday telling me that I’ve been accepted to the 2015 Honey Stinger Hive, I got an equally exciting email from the good folks at Nuun, telling me that I’ve been chosen as one of their new Nuunbassadors! The happy dances abound!

I’ve written several times before on this blog about my love for Nuun (or, as I should say, #nuunlove), and I’m so excited to share that love in an “official” capacity! (By official, I guess that means hastags and things, and being louder in general about it on social media.)

I’m probably the worst consumer of water ever (read about it here!), but I also have a tendency to faint when I get dehydrated, so Nuun has been a lifesaver for me – it has no sugar, no nasty fake sugar, only a handful of calories, and it makes water taste delicious. I’ve been much better hydrated since discovering the magic that is Nuun, and for that I will happily share the #nuunlove.

Stay hydrated, my friends. (source)

#Stayhydrated, my friends. (source)

Do you prefer your water plain or flavored? Still or sparkling?

Have you tried Nuun? What’s your favorite flavor?

If you’ve tried Nuun All-Day… does the taste remind you of Flinstones vitamins??
Or am I the only one?


4 thoughts on “Stay Hydrated, My Friends

    • Thanks! 🙂 The All Day definitely isn’t my favorite thing, so I’ve sort of turned the Active into my own All Day… it tastes better! (And dissolves faster.) Lemon-lime is a tasty one!

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