My Sanity vs My Right Foot

Remember how I just recently said “everything’s coming up DGobs”? Well, hold that thought.

I feel like this already happened so many times this year, but again, just when I was starting to get all giddy about my faster race times and Shammies bonding and running in general, my body decided to rebel. Who’s the miscreant this time?


This foot may look innocent – and perhaps even a little festive – but it is not to be trusted. Readers, this foot may be harboring a stress fracture. The minimum sentence for this crime appears to be 4 weeks of no running, pending diagnosis.

Now, the book has not been officially thrown at this offending foot just yet. X-rays turned up negative, and the jury is still out on the results of this morning’s MRI scan (this jury will likely be out until after the holidays… lousy timing for impatient me!). In the meantime, let’s examine the crime scene:

Sunday, December 7: I run the first leg of the Mill Cities Relay – 5.4 miles. I am uninjured going into this race. Mile 1 is admittedly faster than usual, otherwise nothing abnormal. Everything feels fine during and after. I suspect nothing.

Monday, December 8: I notice sharp pain on the outside of the foot in question, in the evening during a meeting of book club. The severity of the pain and the fact that it didn’t go away after a few minutes gives me pause, otherwise the niggle is shrugged off.

Tuesday-Thursday, December 9-11: I travel to New Jersey for work, wearing the same shoes I wore on Monday (my semi-professional-looking-but-more-importantly-warm LL Bean winter shoes). The pain returns at random, and is severe enough to give me a limp when it strikes. I chalk it up to the shoes, which do not have the best support and are a tad too big.

Friday, December 12: I wear sturdier shoes and throw inserts in for good measure. The pain is much less severe, but still intermittently present.

Saturday, December 13: I go shoeless for as much of the day as possible. Pain is near nonexistent.

Sunday, December 14: I run the Jingle Bell 5K, ignoring the voice in the back of my head warning me not to. Foot feels fine before and during the race, but begins to hurt again during the walk back to the car post-race.

Monday, December 15: Pain increases during the day, getting to the point where I almost take a detour to urgent care during my walk to the subway. Email sent to doctor.

Tuesday, December 16: Skip last indoor track practice of the year with the Shammies. I am saddened by this.

Wednesday, December 17: Having not heard back from doctor, I email the orthopedist I’ve seen about my various other injuries. He responds immediately, saying it sounds like a stress fracture and that I should come in for an evaluation. I need a referral from my doctor to see him. I call my doctor for a referral but am told I must see her first. Appointments are made.

Thursday, December 18: Waiting. Hoping. Praying. Cursing foot.

Friday, December 19: See doctor. She pokes and prods foot, speaks of casts and crutches. My spirit is wounded, but not broken. X-rays are taken. Results come back negative. Doctor says to rest and monitor over the weekend, and if pain does not go away, MRI scan will be ordered.

Saturday, December 20: Lots of rest. No shoes. Foot feels much better. Hope springs.

Sunday, December 21: Errands must be run, so shoes must be worn. Pain returns. Spirit is wounded once again. Email doctor to request MRI scan.

Monday, December 22: Appointment made for MRI scan. Foot continues to be a stupid jerk.

Today, Tuesday, December 23: MRI scan completed. Results expected to reach my doctor in 24 to 48 hours. Due to the holidays, this means I likely will not get results until next week. Chances of my running on New Years Day with the Shammies? Slim indeed.

And so, I am left with a hung jury for another week. I am itching to take advantage of these upcoming days off with temps in the 40s-50s range and run with reckless abandon, but alas. I await the verdict with bated breath.

Have you ever had a stress fracture? How did you handle it?

What’s your go-to way to keep your fitness up while you’re unable to run?

On a happier note, what are you most looking forward to about the holidays?
I’m super excited to see my extended family on Christmas Eve!


17 thoughts on “My Sanity vs My Right Foot

  1. Boo, this sucks big time. Can’t we both be healthy at the same time for more than a hot second? If it gives you any hope at all, my x-ray was negative and my doc didn’t bother ordering an MRI (thanks?), but less than a week after the x-ray, pain disappeared almost instantly and completely. I took a full 6 weeks off running anyway just in case, but hopefully your recovery is as instantaneous and miraculous as mine!

    I CAN’T WAIT to go home to my family for Christmas–PJs, eggnog, and Christmas movies, here I come! And hopefully, another mile run? *fingers crossed*

    • Seriously! Maybe one of these days we’ll both be healthy and able to run for a long, long stretch of time πŸ™‚ I’m glad your foot stopped hurting so quickly – that does give me hope!

      PJs, eggnog, Christmas movies, and family… sounds perfect! πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe it’s just a deep bruise that’s aggravated by shoes? I don’t know if that’s a thing but it’s what I would be telling myself right now if I was you. Hopefully the doctors will get back to you soon with a solvable answer!

  3. Oh no, poor you! Let’s hope they can find out what’s wrong for you. Nothing worse than not knowing what’s up. However, it’s Christmas Eve and I bet you have lots to look forward to? So put that foot up and try to enjoy the lovely festive time πŸ™‚ Happy Christmas and hope you have a fab one!

    • Not knowing is definitely a special kind of torture! But you’re right – Christmas was a great distraction with family and Christmas movies and general festivities πŸ™‚ Happy Christmas to you, too, and I hope you had a fab one as well!

  4. Hope you get better soon… I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing… Take care of yourself and stay off the pavement until you know for sure what is going on…

  5. Oh, man… Sorry you’re injured and, I hope it doesn’t take too long to hear your results. I bet Christmas was a good distraction and hope you had a merry one!

    • Thank you! My MRI did end up coming back negative for a stress fracture, which was quite a happy Christmas present for me! πŸ™‚

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