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How did it get to be almost the last week of January?! Time is wily thing. Anyway, apologies for the lack of posts lately… I’m hoping to get my blogging act together soon.

Speaking of blogging, I’ve been tagged to take part in the Blogging World Tour, so this post will be all about this blog – a meta-post, if you will. I won’t be offended if you skip it in favor of something more interesting, but I’m a nerd and also desperate for things to write about at the moment, so I’m running with it. [Edit: Tee hee! I made a running pun and didn’t even mean to do it on purpose!]

Step 1 of the Blogging World Tour is to acknowledge the blogger who tagged you, so here’s a shout-out to Rae at Darlin’ Rae! Rae lives in Vermont (but, unbeknownst to us at the time, used to be my neighbor in MA – H2O represent!), has an adorable cat named Creemee, and is a Tiggerific badass runner with an awesome blog that you should definitely follow if you don’t already.

And now Step 2 – answering the questions:

What am I working on?

This is a vague question that I will do my best to answer with minimal rambling. Sticking to the theme of this post and this blog, I am working on becoming a better runner, and am using this blog to chronicle that. It began as just an online running diary where I could dump my thoughts for my own benefit, but has evolved to a place where I’ve made awesome running-blog buddies who I can learn/get advice from and commiserate with, and who make me feel like I’m part of this giant running community. And it’s still a place where I dump my thoughts and ramble too much.

More specifically, I’m working on getting faster (I will break a 30-minute 5K one day!!), being able to run longer, and figuring out how to move my body without constantly injuring myself. I’m also constantly working on making my writing better/less rambly/more entertaining, which results in both hits and misses on this blog (hopefully fewer misses than hits!).

How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?

Um, good question. When I first started looking at other running blogs, the ones I found were written by people who run incredibly fast (but say they’re slow), get lots of free gear to try out because they write reviews and have thousands of followers, and who offer lots of running advice because they actually know what they’re talking about. I’m a newbie runner so I’m not big on offering unsolicited advice (unless it’s silly, like my half marathon training plan), and I don’t have nearly enough followers to get free stuff to review. I don’t know… I guess I write for me rather than to collect an army of followers/commenters (though I do enjoy followers and commenters!), even though I know that not all bloggers have that as their M.O.

Ooh! And I have a category of posts called “diner tour” and I try to add brief reviews of diners to as many of my race recaps as possible. I guess that could be unique?

Why do I write what I do?

Like I mentioned in my first answer, I write to chronicle my training and my gradual transformation from non-runner to runner-who-feels-mostly-comfortable-with-running. I’ve found keeping a blog to be much easier for me than keeping a written journal (mostly because my thoughts move too quickly for my hand to keep up – my handwriting is terrible to begin with – so typing works out much better) and have had multiple blogs over the years, so when I started running and wanted to keep track of my races and my training, a running blog just seemed like the right thing to do.

The most consistent type of post on this blog is the race recap, which is what this blog was originally entirely composed of. I love being able to look back on the races I’ve run, both to see how far I’ve progressed since I started running, and to remember cool things I saw or experienced. They also give me a place to dump all the pictures I and/or Drew take at these races.

How does my writing process work?

I feel like my writing process should be more organized than it is, but it usually consists of me getting a random idea of something to write about, and then either sitting down immediately to let my fingers attack the keyboard with my stream of consciousness (hence all the rambling), or I make a few notes on the notepad app on my phone if I’m in a situation where I can’t blog (like at work, or while walking, or whatever) so that I won’t lose my random burst of inspiration. Once everything is written, I hit the preview button and then go to town with editing what I just type-vomited. I’ve never been good at outlining what I write beforehand, and my sit-and-type-my-rambling-thoughts method has been how I write everything, ever since high school essays. Sometimes I’m hit with multiple ideas at once, which I love because then I can jot off a few posts and schedule them to publish in the future (I love this feature of WordPress!) and this makes me feel so much more productive and on top of things.

Lately I’ve been struggling with the writer’s block, probably because I’ve lost my routine of regular workouts due to injury, the holidays, and everything else so I feel like I don’t have much to say. So my writing process these past few weeks has been mostly just feeling guilty that I’m not writing, and then continuing to not write anything. (A few years ago my buddy Jeremiah started a writer’s-block-busting blog called Pushing the Quill, on which we were supposed to write something – anything – every day, just to get the juices flowing. Maybe I should start something like that up again… but only drafts, and whatever rises to the top I can publish. Hmm. Perhaps.)


Alright, there is my contribution to the Blogging World Tour! It looks like I’m supposed to tag people to pick their brains about their blogging process, so I choose Fallon at Slacker Runner, Claire at Flake and Cake, and Jeremiah at Cheap Seat Chronicles because I’m curious to see how their blog gears turn 🙂

What’s your writing style – ramble-then-edit like me, or organized and outlined? Or maybe something totally different?

For you, what elements make for a really good blog post? Lots of pictures/media? Bulleted lists vs a more narrative structure? Something that makes you laugh?

6 thoughts on “Blog World Tour

  1. Your description of me is hilarious and awesome! I love reading about how people’s brains work.. It’s like, “Oh, thank god, I’m not as weird/random as I think I am!” Regarding what makes me like/not like a blog, it’s all over the map. I’ve found myself steering away from blogs that are obviously nothing more than money-making machines, or where people are over the top with ads/sponsored posts etc, since that seems really inauthentic. I like humor, good spelling/grammar/punctuation, and a balanced outlook–not too whiny, but not too “Everything is awesome!” I really hope your foot gets better soon! We’ve got the Tufts 10k to train for!

    • Same here! It’s always a relief when I find out that I’m not the only one who feels totally random 🙂 I’m with you on what makes a good blog, too. And yes! I will be ready for the Tufts 10K!!

  2. Thanks for the tag! 🙂 I think you’ll definitely get sub 30 on a 5k, I think 5k is the hardest distance because (for me) it’s not short enough to go hell for leather the entire time but not long enough to get into a stride.
    I’m sure you could get products to review, I don’t have thousands of followers but I do send thousands of emails to companies I like!

    • Thanks! I’m certainly going to try my hardest this year to break 30 minutes. 5K is definitely a tough distance because I don’t quite have the fitness to go hell for leather the whole way, plus like you said, it’s hard to get into a stride. We’ll see anyway!
      Sounds like I just need to be more proactive on the review front! I should try that too 🙂

  3. Aww, thanks for the shout-out! I tell myself to organize but usually fly by the seat of my pants. 🙂 Then whine to myself about it too. One of these days I’ll get my act together. 🙂 Jotting notes on an app is a good idea though- I should try that! I forget things all the time!

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