Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Technically this is a few days late, but last Friday a little trophy-shaped notification popped up on my WordPress bar, and when I clicked it I was met with this:

wpanniversarySix years?! It really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when I first jumped on the WordPress bandwagon. Then again, I’ve been blogging in one form or another since 2003(ish?) so 6 years is really only half of my blog life.

Since I’m me, this little milestone set me on a nostalgic path of reflection, and since I’m me, I’m going to take this opportunity to ramble about my blogs for a bit. (Full disclosure: this ramble is also helping me procrastinate from shoveling yet again, so is purely for my own benefit. Feel free to disregard this post!) 🙂

(Source: Zachary Gillman)

(Source: Zachary Gillman)

1. My first-ever blog (circa 2003-2004) was on a U2 fan site, the name of which I now forget. Few of my posts were actually about U2, but they definitely all featured an overuse of emojis and rambles about schoolwork and boys I had crushes on. Be thankful this blog is now lost to the ether of the interwebs.


Working (maybe) in the Unoffice

2. In the summer of 2004 I got my first “real” job working for a newspaper. Us interns got stationed in a weird little not-quite-a-room, not-quite-a-hallway space at the back of the building, which we affectionately called “The Unoffice.” Apparently our superiors weren’t giving us enough work to do because we started a blog called “The Unoffice of Sven” (long story) and chronicled our workplace adventures there regularly for the next few months. This was the first time I blogged for an audience other than myself, and even though I read my posts with a grimace now, it was a major step up in my writing from the U2 blog!


Being silly in St. Albans, England

3. I started my next blog in February 2005 as an easier way to chronicle my semester in England; I kept a hand-written journal for the first month but I had too much to say and was suffering too many hand cramps, so typing was the way to go. Most of my study-abroad buddies used xanga so I jumped on that bandwagon. When the semester was over, I chronicled my life back home as a way to keep in touch with those same study-abroad buddies, since my school didn’t have access to facebook yet. And now I have aged myself quite a bit by admitting all this.

4 & 5. During that semester in England I also kept a semi-secret Blogspot blog… for reasons I now don’t remember. Probably as a place to be emo without worrying various family members who followed my xanga. I also had a super top-secret blog that was completely private, so I could fly my emo flag without worrying anyone whatsoever. I was very emo back then.


Boston, and the header for my old blog

6. I happily kept my xanga as my main blog for 4 years (2005-2009), writing about all manner of things. With some prodding from a bloggy coworker, I made the switch to WordPress in January 2009 and was happy with the jump… it just seemed like a much more grown-up place to blog than xanga. I blogged here off and on until it all petered out in January 2013; it had been great as a procrastination destination while I was in school, but once I stopped taking classes I didn’t have much to write about. Nobody really read it anyway, apart from a handful of people, and I was too bashful about my writing to publicize it at all.

ptq7-12. All in all, I actually have/am a contributor for 7 WordPress blogs… one of which I’m still active on (one guess as to which one that is…).

One, Pushing the Quill, was a required-post-a-day experiment to try to break the writer’s block of a few people, and was pretty fun until it started feeling like too much of a chore.

Another, Cheap Seat Chronicles, is a sports blog that Jeremiah kindly lists me as an author on, despite not having written a post since March 2011 (if you don’t count the draft post about Pedro Martinez I’ve been working on for a month…….) My sad little list of 3 posts can be found here if anyone’s interested in my sports-related rambles.

Two blogs aren’t really blogs at all, but are mini websites used for library school assignments… one is a pretend library’s reader’s advisory site, and another is a preview of an essay I wrote about the Oxford English Dictionary, Wikipedia, and crowdsourcing (Hi! I’m a nerd.) A third blog was also part of an assignment for library school, but is actually a blog. (Are you keeping up? Good. I’m not either.)

The remaining two are my first WordPress blog, and this one. I actually had no idea that I was responsible for so many chunks of the blogosphere… apologies to anyone who’s stumbled across any of my old posts! (Additional apologies to anyone who’s read this post in particular… definitely one written for my own procrastinating benefit! Now I suppose I must go shovel so that I can actually get to work tomorrow…)

Which do you prefer, blogging or keeping a journal by hand?
I love the idea of keeping a physical journal, but I find it tough to make the time… typing is so much faster!

If you’ve been blogging for a while, do you ever look back on old posts and grimace at what you wrote?
Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Which blogging site/host is your favorite and why?


20 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to Me!

  1. I definitely prefer blogging. I’ve done the journal thing and I take LOTS of hand-written notes, but there’s something both incredibly intimidating and incredibly exciting about seeing a blank word doc sitting in front of you and then mind dumping until you’ve filled that sucker up.

    I have mixed feelings about a lot of old posts. Some of them I dislike because there are little hitches and whatnot in my writing style that I’ve either worked out since then and it pains me to see them or — more often — I dislike them because I sound like a whiny punk. I do find, however, that I really, really like a lot of my old stuff. Especially, the stuff at BSBP that could occasionally be well-written and very funny. Those always make me hopeful that this writing gig can be more than something I do in between meetings or after work if I’m not burntout on sitting in front of a computer.

    WordPress. I’ve used a bunch and it’s just the most user-friendly of the bunch and — as you mentioned — seems the most grown-up. It’s odd that having “WordPress” in the name instead of “blogger” or “typepad” or whatever means so much, but it really kinda does.

    • Heh… glad I’m not the only one who sounds like a whiny punk in the old posts 😉
      You have some really, really good stuff in the BSBP archives. I’ve got my fingers crossed that there’s some amazing writing career waiting out there for you!

  2. I like the IDEA of a hand-written journal, but a) it’s time-consuming, and b) hand cramps. I also tend to get way more emo and negative in a private journal, which, while it’s a nice release at the time, is no fun to look back on.

    I got a new thing for Christmas that I actually really like–it’s a line a day journal, and had a page for each day of the year. But each page is divided into 5 years, so you’ve only got a tiny space for each day. This allows me to write a short blurb about the day without getting too emotional or loquacious. And then it’s fun because each day for 5 years you can easily see what you were up to in years past.

    For training documentation purposes and writing about running, blogging is definitely the way to go for me. I’ve thought about a physical running journal too, so I can write about each individual run, but that seems tedious.

  3. I used to love journalling, I have a box under my bed filled with them but if I try to now I find they take too long. I don’t have the patience I did then and handwriting seems to be much more arduous than typing – which is sad isn’t it? I also think my motivation to journal was fuelled by teenage angst (hence the giant box under my bed, a lot of angst!) and after my husband and I (then boyfriend) got together when I was 16 I didn’t need to spend hours scrawling in my journal at night because I was texting him haha!

    I appreciate there was sslightly excessive use of parentheses in this post – apologies 😀

    • Teenage angst was definitely the motivation for all my old half-finished journals, too! A bit embarrassing to look back on (for me anyway!) but I’m sure I’ll laugh about it all someday.

      And never apologize for parentheses! I use way too many of them too, and I like when others do as well 😉

  4. Love this post, so interesting, I’m a relative noob to the blogging world, but I’ve had blogger sites and fiddled around with a few different topics. Still now there are photos on my blog I’m not happy with – I need to go back and remake and photograph them.

    • Thanks! I’m glad it wasn’t dead boring 🙂 Whenever I go back and look through old posts, even on this blog, I *always* find something I’m not happy with – photos, typos, etc. Typos I’ll go back and fix, but photos… meh. I’m a little too lazy 🙂

  5. That’s a lot of blogs!! Happy blog-versary! Slacker was my first attempt at a blog and I was never able to make journaling stick. I do have another blog for those moments when I fell darkly poetic but it’s one of those anonymous secret things.

    • Ha, thanks! 🙂 I didn’t realize quite how many I had out there until I wrote this post. More than I expected! And anonymous secret blogs are key… sometimes you just need to vent/be darkly poetic!

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