Couch to 5 Miler: Week 2

My first week of training was going so well, readers. So well. As I ran my prescribed miles on the treadmill, I was eagerly looking forward to writing a wrap-up post on this blog that showed just how well I had stuck to my training plan (lame, I know), and I couldn’t wait to show up at my second running class with my head held high, having actually completed the “homework” of sticking to the plan.

And then I got the flu.

You can guess how well the rest of my training went this week. 😦 Let’s talk about the good, shall we?

Last Wednesday was my first running class, which involved intros, setting goals for the class, and then running for 20 minutes outside in the balmy 30* weather we were having that day. As per our training plan, the week before our second class was supposed to look like this:

Thursday: cross-train
Friday: run for 20-25 minutes
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 2 miles
Monday and Tuesday: cross-train

How did it look for me?

Thursday: I spent some quality time with my Sworkit app, doing some core-strengthening and upper-body workouts. Total time: 30 minutes. (I would have liked to get my cycle-video-game on at the gym, but Drew had a geek night with the boys and our other car is currently buried in snow, so Sworkit it was.)

Friday: Drew and I hit the gym and I ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill. After my lament-worthy treadmill experience the last time, I tried a different machine and was chuffed to find that my gym has a much more Dana-friendly treadmill on offer! Huzzah! This machine was slightly smaller and had a TV that is tilted in such a way that short people like me can actually see it without glare… and the fan is quite strong and blows directly in my face, so I liked that. However, despite the lovely fan, I was still quite literally dripping sweat, and that’s just not pleasant for anyone. I also wobbled pretty severely when I stepped off the machine, but hey, I got my 25 minutes in so let’s count this as a victory.

The more Dana-friendly treadmill! (source)

The more Dana-friendly treadmill! (source)

Saturday: This was supposed to be a rest day, but hear me out:

  1. Drew had a soccer game scheduled for Sunday night, which meant he wouldn’t want to accompany me to the gym earlier in the day, for fear of wearing himself out before the big game.
  2. I’m not quite brave enough yet to go to the gym by myself. Sad, but true.
  3. I considered joining the Shammies for their Sunday morning run, but a) there was supposed to be a nor’easter happening that morning, and b) the Shammies who run on Sundays go for 5+ miles and are all faster than me, so I’d end up running by myself in the snow watching the rest of them disappear into the horizon together and that’s no fun.

So, yeah. I moved my rest day to Sunday and hit the gym with Drew again on Saturday, where I ran my 2 miles. It was supposed to be long/slow/easy, but my ego got the best of me (Only 2 miles? Pshh. I can knock that out in no time.) as well as my competitive side (Oh, this girl next to me wants to race, does she? Let’s go!) and it ended up being my fastest treadmill run yet. This time, I wore a tank top and tiny shorts but STILL ended up dripping sweat, but I took my sweet time cooling down so I wasn’t quite so wobbly when I got off the machine. Small victories!

Sunday: Rest day. If, by “rest day,” you mean more shoveling. We were in the midst of a nor’easter that was supposed to go from Saturday through Tuesday, but Sunday saw a break with only 2-3 inches on the ground, so Drew and I tackled it… partly to get it out of the way, and partly because we badly needed groceries and the car needed to be cleared off anyway.

Come at us, snow.

Come at us, snow.

Sunday evening is when the flu struck… I had felt fine all day, then suddenly I couldn’t stop nodding off as we were watching TV, then I had a wicked sore throat and a fever. I thought the aches were from shoveling, but they’ve stuck around longer than usual, so my self-diagnosis is flu. Yay. I’ve been home on the couch ever since, missing two (soon to be three) days of cross-training and my second running class. Boo.

I’m feeling slightly better today, and am hoping that I’m on the road to recovery. I’m itching to get back on the training plan… and also really looking forward to getting off the couch!

How was your week? Can I live vicariously through your non-flu-y adventures?!

Whyyy is my gym so ungodly-hot?? Is yours hot and stuffy too?

What do you do when you miss a week of a training plan due to illness?

How do you keep yourself entertained when you’re couch-ridden?
I’ve been flying through Outlander (the book) and watching a lot of Miranda. Still, I’d like a change of scenery!


14 thoughts on “Couch to 5 Miler: Week 2

  1. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well :/ I hope you recover soon so you can get back out there! Being sick is no fun. I usually stay in bed and watch a zillion movies. It gets tiring just being in bed.
    I’m pretty sure ALL gyms are pretty hot and stuffy…at least, that’s been my experience anyway and I’ve been to a number of gyms. That’s one of the reasons I’m not a big fan of them. I always did have a preferred treadmill option though – it’s kind of funny how little things can make such a big difference – i.e. the airflow in that spot, how many people are around you, the comfort of that particular treadmill (some just always seem more stiff than others).

    • Thanks! I hope I recover soon too… you’re right about being sick being no fun!
      It’s ridiculous how hot and stuffy the gym is, and I always want to faint when I look at people working out in sweats! To each her own, but I could not do that without keeling over.
      It *is* funny how little things on the treadmill make a difference! I’m so glad my gym offers 2 different kinds, because the first one I tried was just not a good fit.

  2. Boo, I’m sorry you’re sick, especially when you had such a strong start to your week! My gym is also wicked hot, and I’ve been gross and sweaty after my runs recently. The problem is, it’s too bloody cold to wear shorts from the car to the gym, but I HATE communal changing areas at the gym. Just…no… Time for capris and tanks! Anyway, I hope you’re on the mend and back at it soon!

  3. I always feel like a disgusting mess at the gym and I usually try to be under one of the big fans but it doesn’t help. Yuck. When I was sick in January I binge watched The 100… Not too bad. I also rewatched all the Harry Potter movies. That way if my eyes/ head hurt I could close them and still know what was going on. Feels better soon!

    • I can understand gyms getting a bit stuffy due to all the people crammed in there working out, but then wouldn’t you expect them to have better air flow or the AC on or something? *shrug*

      I was strongly considering watching Harry Potter earlier in the week, for just that reason! 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Sorry you are poorly 😦 You can totally rock the gym on your own though hun, show them who is boss – just like you did that girl on the treadmill next to you 😉 I’ll have to check out that Sworkit app.

    • Haha thanks 🙂 The girl on the treadmill next to me may have beaten me in the end… but I held my own for a while! 😉 The Sworkit app is pretty great, although the Android version seems much better than iOS right now.

    • Thanks Corinne, I’m feeling a bit better each day 🙂 The 5-miler class does seem much more my speed (heh) so I’m looking forward to getting back into it!

      I hope you had a lovely weekend too 🙂

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