Woe Betide the Body That Tries to Love Running

Or at least that’s how I feel right about now.

Readers, I’m sick of writing about injuries. I’m sure you’re sick of reading about my injuries. But guess what? I was just getting all enthusiastic about running again and…

I'm being melodramatic and all I can think of is Nancy Kerrigan saying "Whyyyyyyyy?" (source)

I’m being melodramatic and all I can think of is Nancy Kerrigan saying “Whyyyyyyyy?” Though it could be much worse… someone could have taken a baseball bat to my knees! (source)

I guess technically I don’t have an injury right now, but I do have something preventing me from running: costochondritis. Turns out the cartilage between my ribs is unhappy about all the coughing I’ve been doing for the last few weeks, and it has decided to inflame in protest. So now I get a blinding stab of pain every time I cough, and lots of discomfort every time I laugh or move my torso or arms more than slightly.

*shakes fist* Couuuuuugh! (source)

*shakes fist* Couuuuuugh! (source)

I asked the doctor if I could keep running and she raised an eyebrow and stared me down over her glasses. Never a good sign. She told me to hold off for a week to 10 days, and to let pain be my guide after that. So much for my next running class or Shammies workouts! The good news is, I can still exercise in ways that don’t involve my torso as much, like cycling or “stairmaster-type-things” (verbatim from the doctor). So I can try to keep my fitness up even if I can’t run. Not all is lost!

To be fair, this was probably a good thing to happen today. Last night I started getting pains in my right Achilles – one of the few things I’ve never injured before. I’m hoping it’s just the residual effects of the zipper from my running tights chafing there during my run on Sunday morning, but the red flag in the back of my mind went up with memories of last year’s ankle fiasco. My better judgment said to rest and ice it tonight just in case, but the rest of me reeeeeally wanted to do speed work with the Shammies, so, in a way, this rib thing might be a blessing in disguise for forcing me to rest. *sigh*

Shamelessly taken from Slacker Runner :)

Shamelessly taken from Slacker Runner 🙂

Ever had costochondritis? How did you treat it?

Seriously, is my body trying to sabotage me?

Any exercises with minimal torso involvement that you’d suggest?


19 thoughts on “Woe Betide the Body That Tries to Love Running

  1. Ugh, that’s rough! Hope you feel better soon! Use it as a way to catch up on any reading/tv you need to, then when you return to training there will be fewer distractions. I always try to do that but it never seems to work.

    • Thanks Fallon! And ooh, that’s a great idea… might as well indulge while I can’t move, so that I’ll have fewer distractions once I can get back! Worth a shot! 😉

    • Thanks Courtney! Sorry to hear you’ve been hit with the cough too… everyone’s coughs seem to be really lingering this winter. Hope you feel better soon too!!

  2. I think ALL runners have an innner Nancy Kerrigan moment when something starts hurting. I know I do!
    That said, you’ve had a rough go with injuries lately- I know how frustrating it can be and I really hope you’re able to get yourself where you need to be physically and mentally during the injured times!

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