GetFit Mid-Point and Life in General

Hi there! I feel like it’s been ages since I posted on here – apologies for the radio silence. A combination of work being super busy (so quite a few sacrifices of the lunch breaks when I would sometimes draft posts) and tons of random after-work and weekend plans meant the ol’ blog got neglected for a while there. I’ll try to be better!

I felt no need to post another pointless Couch to 5 Miler Update in which I had nothing to say for myself due to my dodgy ribs, but I do want to say that the last time I went to the gym (sadly quite a while ago) I discovered the recumbent bike and it was glorious! Expresso also makes recumbent video-game-esque bikes and thankfully my gym has one, so I was able to get my racing video game on while avoiding taxing my still-tender ribs. It was awesome.

Expresso recumbent bike (source)

Expresso recumbent bike (source)

I also attended a group session at my injury prevention clinic place… at least, it was supposed to be a group session, but I was the only person who turned up. Bonus one-on-one time! Rather than the usual gait retraining drills, this session focused on strength and conditioning, so I was given a bunch of leg and core exercises to do. I could definitely feel that I’ve been slacking in the exercise lately, because oof, what a workout!

Other than that, I can honestly say I’ve been excelling at resting my ribs, and, thankfully, they seem to be improving. I had to run the length of a downtown street last week to catch a bus, and my ribs didn’t hurt at all during or after, even though I was lugging a heavy tote bag along with me. I think that’s a good sign! Especially since I have my first race of the year coming up this Sunday… yikes!

php7PkePC_CityRun-2015-HeaderNow, to the GetFit part of this post. As I’ve posted before, my work sponsors a 12-week fitness challenge every winter, called GetFit. In the post linked above, I talked about the fitness test I took part in during the kick-off event back in January. The mid-point event was last Wednesday, and I had a chance to take the same test to see if I’ve improved at all thanks to all the Getting Fit. Despite my recent inertia due to the dastardly combination of flu and dodgy ribs, I’m chuffed to share that I actually improved in all three categories!!

Cardiovascular: A three-minute step test, during which you walk up and down a little plastic step in time to a metronome, and then take your pulse. At the kickoff event in January, my heart rate was about 108… at the mid-point it was 96! That surprised me quite a bit, given my almost complete lack of exercise in the past month. All the exercise-bike racing must be helping!

Flexibility: A sit-and-reach test using one of these doohickeys:

At kickoff, I managed to reach 15 inches… at mid-point, I somehow got to 16.5. Woo hoo!

Muscular Endurance: We have the option of doing crunches or push-ups, and I chose push-ups at the kickoff… though I only managed 6 (5 and a half really, but the trainer took pity on me and counted the last pathetic attempt at a push-up as a whole one). This is the category I’m most impressed by… I somehow did 16 (sixteen!!!) push-ups at mid-point! I only worked out my arms once since GetFit started, and have been avoiding doing anything remotely resembling push-ups or planks since hurting my ribs. Mind = blown. I felt like a total badass.


So, life in general. It’s been busy! I was at an archives conference for part of last week, which was full of introverts trying to extrovert themselves enough to network with fellow archivists and librarians (always a good time) as well as plenty of archives humor:

My conference swag. I'm especially fond of "Process this!" and "I arranged this for you."

My conference swag. I’m especially fond of “Process this!” and “I arranged this for you.”

There was a running joke because the hashtag for the conference (#maracnea15) looked a lot like #macarena15.

There was a running joke because the hashtag for the conference (#maracnea15) looked an awful lot like #macarena15.

I may have also gotten a new tattoo…

[EDIT - Adding a picture of the aforementioned tattoo :)]

[EDIT – Adding a picture of the aforementioned tattoo :)]

…and been a faithful cheerleader at Drew’s soccer games (no more playing for me, honest!), and been doing a lot of reading for book clubs, and also been doing a lot of going to sleep by 9 because work and life in general have been wearing me out. Hopefully I’ll be able to manage my time a little better now that the conference is over (that totally killed my week last week) and will get back into some sort of blogging routine!

I’ve missed you! What have you been up to?

Any tips for getting back into a routine after extended time off – either for exercise or blogging?

Which do you prefer – recumbent or regular stationary bikes? Have you tried both?

Be honest… would seeing #maracnea15 a bunch of times make you want to dance the Macarena??


11 thoughts on “GetFit Mid-Point and Life in General

  1. Now I have the macarena stuck in my head. Aaaahhhh! I hate those flexibility tests, I was always horrible at them and I don’t think I would be any better now. Congrats on the improvements! I am still super jealous of the bikes your gym has. If mine had those I might actually cross train. πŸ™‚ What is the tattoo?

    • Heh… it was stuck in my head all weekend! πŸ™‚ The flexibility test is painful and I don’t enjoy it, but am quite happy that I managed to get slightly more flexible! The tattoo is a little row of symbols that represent my family’s genealogy… I’ll add a pic to the post later!

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