April Wrap-Up and General Update

Hello there and happy weekend!

I know my posting has been intermittent at best these past several weeks, but I’m hoping to get things more or less back on track now. My life was pretty much usurped by a giant project at work this past month or so, but it was completed April 30 so I’m hoping to get my lunch breaks and evenings back once again!

Now, where were things? Oh yes, my last post was about whether or not I should run the 10-mile race I had signed up for. Thank you for all the support and advice in the comments – it was much appreciated! In the end I didn’t run, and I’m glad I didn’t. Drew and I spent most of the day with my mom and stepdad, who were very awesome and sacrificed their day to help us eradicate our front garden from a slew of mutant hosta that had taken over and resisted our past attempts to be rid of them. We kicked some hosta butt, and then Drew grilled up some lamb chops and it was a wonderful day. Plus, I didn’t get injured or feel bad about myself for not being able to run a good race, so that was a bonus as well.

We ain't afraid of no mutant hosta!

We ain’t afraid of no mutant hosta!

So, missed 10-miler aside, how are running things in general? Not entirely regular, and I should really change that and get myself onto a training plan so that I don’t die at my upcoming half marathon. I ran with the Shammies 4 times in April, and apart from my one giddy “Happiness is a Warm Run” run, that was all the running I did all month… *hangs head*

I ran 17.63 miles in April:

1) Happiness is a Warm Run: 3.5 giddy miles over snow and ice and through the woods to a happy return to running we go!

photo(7)2) Easter morning run with the Shammies: 5.12 miles of more giddiness at the fact that I was able to beat my 5-miler PR a mere 7 days after beating it at a race.

easter3) First speed workout of the season: 2.56 miles made up of 400s and strides. It felt great to be back doing speedwork again, and I felt fast and strong!

apr144) Another Sunday morning 5-miler with the Shammies: 3.39 miles, not all of which was actually running. I may have made it 2 miles of actual running, but kept my Garmin going in hopes that I’d be able to continue. I gave up and turned it off at the 3.39-mile mark and walked the rest of the way home. My legs felt like lead; my right knee, hip, ankle, and shin all started bothering me; and my stomach was wicked dodgy after a not-so-great breakfast. It was a bummer.

The Shammies disappearing into the distance as I gave up the run

The Shammies disappearing into the distance as I gave up the run

5) Speed workout #2: 3.06 miles of laps at 5K pace*. Simon says my average pace for this workout was 9:52 (I completed the 3.06 miles in 30:11… had I just gone a little farther I might have beaten my 5K PR!) I opted out of strides this workout, since I nearly puked after strides the previous week, and the faster laps this time around meant I was already vaguely nauseated. Plus my knee still wasn’t 100% from the previous Sunday, so I didn’t want to push my luck.

apr21*Apparently, according to Steve the Shammies Coach, my 5K pace should be somewhere around a 9:30 now, whereas he was telling me to aim for a 10:40 in previous sessions. I may have shared with him that I ran a wicked fast (for me) mile last month, and now my punishment for bragging is that I have to run faster at speed workouts. (Not really punishment… he just wants me to run faster because allegedly a fast mile pace means I have the potential for faster 5Ks… if only I had the stamina to keep up the speediness for more than a mile!)

I had every intention of going to speed workout this past Tuesday as an extra warmup for tomorrow’s 5K race, but… well, Monday night was a goodbye party for a much-loved colleague, and there may have been a lot of wine consumed and not a lot of food, and, well…

Who says the party can't continue during clean-up?

Who says the party can’t continue during clean-up?

Let me just say, thank God for the 2 glasses of Nuun I drank before going to bed that night, otherwise Tuesday morning would have been pretty rough! #stayhydrated my friends!! Anyway, despite lack of a hangover the next day, I wasn’t feeling 100% and was incredibly tired, so I sat out speedwork.

I also thought about joining the Shammies for their weekly Thursday night run, but Thursday was Deadline Day and I was at work too late to join in.

So, that means I’ve got a pretty hilly 5K race looming over me in the morning without much training at all going in. I tend to run decent races when I’ve been slacking in the training department, but one of these days I feel like my luck is going to run out! I’m not going to push anything tomorrow… I’m going to test out my knee to make sure it’s okay, run the best I can, and just enjoy a race and after-party with the Shammies.

After tomorrow’s race, I’m going to buckle down and get serious about this upcoming half… June 21 seemed like a long ways away when I registered, but somehow it’s already May. Uh oh. I may need some accountabilibuddies…

How was your April? Any races in May you’re looking forward to?

What’s your favorite way to build endurance for running?
I could use some tips!

Anyone want to be my accountibilibuddy to make sure I stay on-track with training these next few weeks??


8 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up and General Update

  1. I want to be your accountibilibuddy! The only thing I’ve been less consistent about than running, is blogging. And I signed up for that 10 miler on 6/21, soooo I really need to get back on track!

    • Yes!! Let’s be accountabilibuddies! My half is on the same day as your 10-miler, so this could work out well πŸ™‚

    • Well said! Thanks for the perspective… I was a little ashamed when I first calculated my monthly total. My race was interesting, I’ll be posting a recap hopefully tomorrow! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! It was quite a fight. Those hosta had been there for 50 years minimum and did not want to go. And yes! Hopefully I can whip my butt into shape and get the miles in in May! πŸ™‚

  2. I ran 17 miles in April, too! *high five* I’ll happily be your accountabilibuddy–I’ve got lots of races coming up and my training hasn’t been super steady either.

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