Live Long Memorial Mile, 30 May 2015

A friend of mine, who created “Team Okay!” (the Facebook description for this team is: “Do you like to get outside and walk and/or run? Are you maybe not the best ever but you try really hard and want to train anyway? Join Team Okay!” I love it!), alerted me to the Live Long Memorial Mile, a virtual run/walk race in memory of Leonard Nimoy. I signed up for it before my knee went wonky, and I pictured it being a chance for me to try to beat my current mile PR… I imagined myself down at the track, limbering up, and then doing my best Sir Roger Bannister impression. Well yeah, that’s a whole lot of nope.

In truth, I had totally forgotten I had even signed up for this race. I was reading the Half-Marathon Amnesia post over at It’s a Marathon AND a Sprint yesterday, which inspired me to peruse my own Races page to see if I had forgotten any. Oops!

Given the current state of my knee, an attempt to improve my best mile time was not going to happen, so I decided to walk the virtual run/walk mile. At my PT appointment yesterday, my physio wasn’t exactly happy at the thought of my even walking the WFPL 5K tomorrow, so she told me to walk 1 mile today, see how I feel, and decide on how I approach the 5K once I know how my knee might act. I decided to make that prescribed mile more fun by making it my Live Long Memorial Mile!

First, I slathered myself in sunscreen, donned a hat, and wrapped my newest tattoo in an Ace bandage to protect it from the sun (it’s still too fresh to put sunscreen on):

Stylish, right?

Stylish, right?

I popped Simon on my wrist and tried to psych myself up to take a leisurely stroll, given that it was quite warm out:

photoI then set off on my first errand: picking up a book from the hold shelf at my library. It’s about a half-mile from my house to the library, and it was a nice, pleasant walk. I managed to not walk too quickly – my usual speed is roughly “wicked fast” – and picked up my book successfully.

Next stop: the library book sale, justย  over a mile away from the library itself. Including the walk home from the book sale, I knew the walk would be more than a mile, but figured Leonard Nimoy wouldn’t mind if his memorial mile went a bit over. Halfway to the book sale I decided I could use some mid-race fuel:

America runs on Dunkin, after all!

America does run on Dunkin, after all!

With a coconut iced coffee in hand, I trekked the rest of the way to the book sale, which was thankfully indoors. I was really starting to feel the sun beating down on me by this point, and I may have been a bit sweatier than socially acceptable as I wandered around the book sale. Oh well.

My spoils from the book sale

My spoils from the book sale

After filling my tote bag with a pile of books, I walked home, popped an ice pack on my knee, and sat on the porch with a glass of Nuun:

photo(6)My memorial mile ended up being 2.89 miles… oops. I’m sure my physio wouldn’t be happy if she knew my experimental mile was nearly a 5K, but my knee felt fine during and after, and it was a lovely day to walk around the city!

I forgot to turn Simon off during each of my stops along the way

I forgot to turn Simon off during each of my stops along the way

photo(7)I didn’t shatter my mile record as I had hoped, but I had a lovely day walking around, supported my public library, scored some sweet books, got a pretty nifty medal, and donated my registration fee to a good cause. Not so bad after all!

Have you ever done a virtual race?

Ever had a race – virtual or actual – not go anywhere near as planned?


9 thoughts on “Live Long Memorial Mile, 30 May 2015

  1. See? I’m not the only one! Although your lovely race was WAAAAYYYY better than the hot, hilly, humid, BEAST of a half marathon we just ran. Sweet Lawd. And? Your medal is way cooler. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the shout out!

    • Isn’t it awesome? It’s HUGE. I hear about most virtual races from the weekly email I get… they advertise a lot. The rest I hear about through word of mouth!

  2. Good effort! You look like you had a lovely time and lovely day! Loving the book stop and drink on the way. So nice to do something a bit different. And definitely agree with Fallon about the medal… It’s very cool!

  3. What a cool medal! I had no idea that was even a thing. I’ve done one virtual race before, and I’ll be doing at least two others this summer. I like them because I can do them whenever I want, but I definitely miss the crowds and support of a “real” race.

    • Isn’t it cool?? It’s also huge… easily the biggest medal I have. It’s a little ridiculous, but I love it. And I’m with you on the virtual races – gotta love the convenience, but I definitely miss the race day atmosphere!

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