Happy National Running Day!


It’s that happy time of year again, when we celebrate running, and when I watch the celebrations sadly from the sidelines. Womp womp. Two years ago I had a back/neck injury and couldn’t participate, and last year it was a dodgy stomach that kept me out. This year it’s the dodgy knee. Sigh. Oh well… I can still celebrate in my own way, right??

Last night I had a PT appointment and it actually went quite well. I was having a bit of pain in my knee after the nearly 6 miles of walking I did over the weekend, but the physio had me try running on the treadmill again and it actually felt fine. Huzzah and yay for running!

Today I am celebrating NRD by planning to heartily complete my PT exercises, in hopes that I will soon be back among the running for more than just 4 minutes every 2 days.

And, speaking of PT exercises – and as a special PSA from your friendly, neighborhood, perpetually-injured, slow running blogger friend – only YOU can prevent overuse injuries like Runner’s Knee! Take it from me – stretching is your friend, and don’t ignore your hips! 

In fact, be sure to check out this awesome video – The 5 Hip-Strengthening Exercises Every Runner Should Do – which I found on a recent post over at Run, Rest, Repeat. Most of those are actually exercises prescribed by my PT for my dodgy knee… if only I had seen this video before the dodginess struck! Or, you know… if only I had seen the video and actually DONE those exercises. (Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.)

Finally, runners love their gear right? And we all love deals on our gear? Check out the NRD deals on the NRD website

And, finally-finally, do you ever find yourself flagging on a long run, wishing you had someone to cheer you on and give you the motivation you need to keep going? Are you running alone in these moments and bereft of such motivation? Well, be bereft no more! Thanks to the awesome folks at Nuun, you can get a free week subscription to Motigo, an app that sends you audio clips of personalized cheers from friends and family (and even running celebs like Kara Goucher!) while you run! Who can pass that up? Head over to http://nuun.getmotigo.com/ to start your free week of “emotional fuel!”

Why do you run?

Are you doing anything to celebrate National Running Day?


6 thoughts on “Happy National Running Day!

  1. yes to strengthening your hip flexors! I had runners knee a few years ago and that’s what I was told to work on. A cheering ap is so cool! Who doesn’t need some motivation every once in awhile?

    • My hip flexors have been a mess for a few years, thanks to an old softball injury. Who knew they were so important?! I’ve learned my lesson… 😉

  2. I’m not sure if I run is in the cards for me today. We’re so busy with moving stuff, and I’m exhausted. 😦 But I’m planning to do the Nuun Running Day virtual race with Motigo tomorrow, so that’s better than nothing!

    • Ditto. I’m terrible about stretching and doing all the other important things. Oops. I hope you successfully outran your bad day and that today is better!

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