Friday Five Link-Up

Happy Friday!! This week I’m joining the Friday Five Link-Up, sponsored by You Signed Me Up For WHAT?!, Mar on the Run, and Eat Pray Run, DC. (Hopefully they won’t mind this non-DC blog jumping on their bandwagon!)

DC_linkupThis week’s theme is “Five Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago,” which – given my love for waxing nostalgic – appealed to me! Please excuse me now as I launch into a thoroughly non-running-related post about the good ol’ days…

So, let’s see… ten years ago was June 2005, the summer between my junior and senior years of undergrad. What was I doing?

1) I had just gotten back from a semester in England, and I was missing it terribly – the places, the experiences, and especially the people:


My peeps

If you had told me before I left for England that I’d have culture shock upon returning to the States, I would have thought you were crazy… but the struggle was real. There’s a good chance I was one of those super annoying college kids who thought I was full of worldly wisdom after 4 months abroad, and who complained constantly about how the food/music/public transport/money/accent/culture/everything was sooo much better in England. So, it’s pretty safe to say that 10 years ago I was pining, likely in an insufferable manner. I apologize for that version of me!

2) I was blogging like crazy, as it was the best way to keep in touch with all the peeps from my study-abroad program. (My school didn’t have access to Facebook yet, which is weird to think about!)

A screenshot of what my blog looked like back then (courtesy of the Internet Archive!)

A screenshot of what my blog looked like back then, more or less (courtesy of the Internet Archive!)

Good ol’ xanga.

3) I was living in one of my college’s dorms for the summer, with my awesome roommate B:


I remember living off of cereal, stealing mattresses from vacant rooms down the hall so our friends could crash with us, and making trips to the beach to escape the cement-block sauna that was our room. B was my rock that summer, too, when my college boyfriend and I split. She put up with Emo Dana, and probably deserves a medal!

4) I was working full-time at a newspaper:


As soon as my feet hit US soil again, I was back to the UnOffice (pictured above), calling people for interviews, fact checking, copy editing, and also goofing off quite a bit. There were daily morning trips to Dunkin Donuts, coupled with nearly daily afternoon trips to the Coffee Break Cafe, so needless to say I was very caffeinated 10 years ago!

5) I was helping my friends move into a house, affectionately called the UFhOme:


(“UFhOme” is a long story.) After helping paint and move furniture, I got to take advantage of having a friend-house less than a half-mile from my college campus, and so much of my senior year was spent hanging out there. Dance parties, movie nights, home-cooked meals.. it was awesome.

What were you up to 10 years ago?

Who else had a xanga??


11 thoughts on “Friday Five Link-Up

  1. I totally acted the same way when I came back from studying abroad (England too!) – but I was only there for a summer, so I had even less excuse! I remember getting Facebook just before I finished college, and I didn’t get what the big deal was. Amazing what ten years will do…

    • There’s just something about studying abroad, I think, no matter how long you’re abroad for 😉 Where in England were you? I remember thinking Facebook was pretty lame, mostly because our network wasn’t great so I was seeing bare minimum links on the site instead of the whole design… very weird what 10 years will do!

  2. I don’t think I’ve even heard of xanga before but I was usually behind on the times back then. 10 years ago I was slaving away at Taco Bell. Sadly, I don’t really recall anything beyond that. Man, I am boring. You sound like you had great experiences though- nice!

    • I hadn’t heard of xanga until I found that most of the kids in my study abroad program were using it… it was all the rage with us apparently 🙂

  3. I feel nostalgic too now… and yet I have no association with anything you’ve mentioned …and I still have no idea what a xanga is/was… I might just deliberately leave that hanging… Nope… I’ll have to google it… Hang on…

  4. I had (have?) a Xanga. I can’t even remember what I used it for, I was all about the DeadJournal in my youth. I do know my username is (was?) ItsAllBS… so angsty/clever of me :0)
    And ten years ago, I was DeadJournaling about high school drama. And driving my friends around because I had my license and a car and that was about as cool as you could get. Wowwww lol

    • DeadJournal! That’s awesome! I was on the LiveJournal side, though with all the depressing emo crap I wrote about on it, I probably should have been on DeadJournal 😉

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