Run Ride Hydrate, 3 July 2015

What: Virtual 5K race

Where: Los Angeles, California (course map)

Who: Me and Drew, running virtually with other Nuun Athletes

Benefited: Girls on the Run

Time: 40:16

Mile 1: 12:27
Mile 2: 11:54
Mile 3: 14:40
Mile 3:1: 1:16


A few months back, I got an email from Nuun about a virtual race they’d be holding for Nuun Athletes/Nuunbassadors. You could sign up for a 5K run, 10K run, or 15-mile bike ride, and get a swag pack with a t-shirt, medal, temporary tattoos, stickers, and a Nuun tab. Unable to resist swag and having much #nuunlove, I signed up right away, and even roped Drew into (unofficially) running it with me.

photo(9)The dates for the race, July 2-5, fell during our vacation to California, and I was excited to blaze new-to-me trails in LA-LA Land. And, since Drew’s legs protest mightily whenever he runs on hard surfaces, the trails we’d blaze would be literal trails. Trying to find Drew-friendly trails that weren’t a ridiculously long drive away took some research, but we finally settled on the Ballona Wetlands near Playa Vista.

photo(16)The morning of the 3rd started out nearly perfect for a run – low 60s and cloudy – but we soon realized that the humidity wasn’t messing around; it clocked in at a soggy 93%. After walking to warm up and some dynamic stretching, we set off on our run. I was planning a 5:1 ratio of running to walking to test out my knee, and that seemed to work pretty well for both of us.

photo(11)Navigating the wetlands was a little trickier than we had anticipated… Drew thought there were trails that looped through the area, and there were, but many seemed to be off-limits. We logged most of our mileage along the open path that ran around part of the perimeter, and may have accidentally ran through part of an off-limits trail because the gate on one side was open (oops!), which makes for a somewhat awkward course map, but miles is miles, right?

photo(10)The first mile was a little slow but comfortable, and I got a bit cocky and picked up the pace for the second mile. It was around that time that the marine layer decided to burn off, leaving us running in full sun and still nasty humidity. All that combined meant that the third mile was TERRIBLE… we walked more often and made a long stop at the car for water before pushing ourselves to just get it over with. I think I cheered when Simon finally said 3.1 miles! We trudged a half-mile back to the car as a cool down, posing for an exhausted selfie along the way:

photo(15)Going against my unfortunately usual routine of late, I was good and made sure I stopped to stretch as soon as we found a tiny patch of shade. I was rewarded by not having any weariness or soreness in my legs at all, not even the next day! Huzzah!

photo(18)It was fun to follow the hashtag #runridehydrate on Instagram to see how other Nuunies were doing and where they were running, and the virtual race was the motivation I needed to make sure I got at least a little exercise during a vacation that involved a LOT of sitting in the car! Plus, the few hiccups that popped up before the race (getting my packet sent to me in LA and getting my account set up for reporting my results) were fixed in a quick, friendly manner by the folks at Nuun and Gametiime. Cheers, guys!

And now I’ll leave you with a few photos of my views from the run in the Ballona Wetlands:

photo(12)photo(13)photo(14)photo(17)Have you ever accidentally (or not-so accidentally, I won’t tell!) run in off-limits areas when exploring new trails?


9 thoughts on “Run Ride Hydrate, 3 July 2015

  1. What an awesome way to see a new area. Oh man, I always go into gated off areas on trail. the one I run on frequently, I swear someone forgets to open one of the gates, and there’s no other way to access the rest of the park, so I do it. Don’t really feel too bad about it either!

    • I love running in new places… such a great way to see new areas! I felt a little bad about running in the off-limits part of the wetlands because it’s a nature reserve… hopefully we didn’t disturb too much!

  2. Great scenery! That marine layer kicks my butt when I run in work town. There’s a popular trail in SLO that has a trail head on private property. You have to jump a fence to get over it. I don’t know if it’s exactly approved but it is super well known. I think most everyone does it now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sounds so fun to explore a new place for a virtual race! Great job! Humidity is always such a killer for me too.

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