Airplanes, Pastries, and a Dodgy Foot

Oh, hey there, strangers. Remember me? The last time I posted – nearly a month ago – I had fallen off the Couch to 5K wagon thanks to some crazy-pants blisters.

And then: radio silence.

Sorry for that. I was pretty much being a bad blogger and a bad runner. BUT, I have a good excuse. One of Drew’s best friends from high school invited us to his wedding… in Corsica.

At first we scoffed, thinking of the amount of money and vacation time needed for a trip like that. And then we thought, “when are we ever going to have a reason again to go to Corsica? We may never go, and here we have a reason.” Apart from my insane number of DNS races this year we’ve been pretty frugal, and what good is vacation time if you don’t use it, right? So we bit the bullet.

Not only was this fancy-pants wedding in Corsica, but it was also held at a convent that was built around 1260. It was like a dream:

  Since the cheapest flight to Europe we could find was to Amsterdam, we also took the opportunity to visit some family of mine in the Netherlands, and explore a totally new-to-me country, which was awesome:

Looking at the North Sea from a dike

Trying out some wooden shoes

Token windmill shot

Geeking out

Since getting to Corsica is kind of difficult and flights only go in and out on certain days, we found ourselves with a day-long layover in Toulouse:

IMG_4546 And after Corsica, we splurged on a whirlwind trip to two cities neither of us had ever been to before- Venice and Vienna:

Geeking out at yet another library

All in all, in 2 1/2 weeks, we:

  • took 9 flights (God bless EasyJet)
  • took 3 trains
  • took 1 regular bus and 1 water bus
  • hit 5 countries
  • tried our best to adapt to 6 languages (Dutch, Frisian, French, Italian, German, and English with many different accents)
  • ate ALL the pastries and drank ALL the coffee

Trying to be good and fully recovered from my blisters from hell, I brought running gear with every intention of getting back on the horse. Our first real chance to run came in Amsterdam, but we walked about a million miles while there and figured that probably covered our exercise.

And then I hurt my foot in Toulouse, our next stop. I have no idea what I did, but it started hurting as we walked, and only got worse while we were in Corsica. I’m sure all the walking I continued to do on it didn’t help, but what could I do? I thought trying to run on it would be pushing my luck, and so alas. The best made plans of mice and men….

Because this is the year of my running discontent when it comes to injuries, of course it still hurts. It hurts to flex my toes, hurts to walk too much, and hurts even to put a sock on. What the heck. I have a visit with my ol’ pal the orthopedist later this week and hopefully it’s not terrible news. I need to run again so I can burn off all my pastry weight!

IMG_5027How have you been these past few weeks?

Anyone else have a weakness for pastries?
I’m currently in love with the stroopwafel I brought back from Holland!

Ever had a sharp pain on the top of your foot while walking or running?
Mine is right in the center of my foot, but only hurts on the top.


8 thoughts on “Airplanes, Pastries, and a Dodgy Foot

  1. First off, welcome back. Second, I am SO jealous of your trip–what an adventure. Lastly, OMG STROOPWAFEL! I love that shit. Have you had the Honey Stinger Honey waffle? Tastes almost exactly like stroopwafel. Nommmmm.

    • Thanks! And dude…. stroopwafel blew my mind. I have had the Honey Stinger honey waffles, and they’re pretty darn close! At least I know where I can get my hands on something awfully close to the real thing if I get any hankerings!

  2. Welcome back!! That sounds like such an amazing trip! But oh man, 9 flights?! That sounds exhausting. But the pictures look awesome and I am sure it was worth it all. 🙂 I’ve never had a stroopwafel but have you tried Rip van Wafels? I follow them on IG and they look like that. I’ve been tempted to order some.

    • Thanks! It was pretty incredible… minus all the flights. My sinuses are still angry about that. But, like you said, it was worth it! 🙂 I’ve never heard of Rip van Wafels but I am definitely going to check them out now!!

  3. What an awesome-looking trip! Welcome back to the USA and to blogging :0)
    I’ve had some foot pain like you’re describing, but mine came after it being trampled on during a soccer match :0/ Hopefully yours feels better soon!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’ve had similar soccer injuries but have no recollection of getting trampled or doing anything questionable to cause injury. *shrug* I have an appointment to get an x-ray so we’ll see!

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