Let’s Do This Again

I have exciting news to share, readers! I actually ran for the first time since mid-August!!

That’s right. I wrote in my last post (quite a while ago now, apologies) that my ortho had OK’d some elliptical action, and had said that if I could manage the elliptical without pain, then I was clear to try running gently on the treadmill to test out my dodgy metatarsal.

And yesterday I did just that! Drew and I hit the gym and I had treadmill tunnel vision – I wanted to run so bad. I hopped on that bad boy and started walking, and then fired up my trusty ol’ Couch to 5K app once again.

(You may remember my recent(ish) C25K adventures from a few months back… my new running buddy Julie and I started up the program together with our dodgy knees, and we were doing quite well before:

  1. I got the Blister of Doom and abandoned her for not one but two fun summer races
  2. I ran off on a European adventure 
  3. I stressed out one of my metatarsals on said adventure

Before yesterday, I hadn’t run since August 19, when I was in Cleveland. Holy mackerel. That was a long time ago!)

Anyway, back to my Treadmill Run of Glee. I jumped right back on the C25K bandwagon and it felt amazing. My foot didn’t hurt at all, and apart from being pretty seriously out of breath and/or shape, it was incredible. I felt so giddy… I was running again!! Huzzah!

I was trying very hard to take it easy so as not to stress my foot out again, and I think I succeeded. I had a few what I would describe as “ghost pains” during the ride home from the gym – ever-so-slight echoes of pain right on the point of injury – but they were gone within a minute and my foot has felt fine since.

I am kindling a very large flame on my candle of hope that I will be met with no further injuries for the remainder of this year, and for the foreseeable future!

And I can tell you this much for free: after a pain-free Treadmill Run of Glee, I will totally be out on the mean streets with the Shammies Thanksgiving morning, wearing my turkey hat proudly.

Who else will be running on Thanksgiving? Will you be racing a turkey trot or doing your own thing?

When was the last time you had a Run of Glee, treadmill or otherwise?


7 thoughts on “Let’s Do This Again

  1. Glad you had a run of Glee! I’ll be running the Fishercats Thanksgiving 5k in Manchester NH with my Aunts! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Woo hoo!!! So glad to hear you got in a run! Even better that it felt good! I actually had a pretty good run on Monday. 🙂 I’ll be running a turkey trot but I am unsure how well it will go, a 10k seems so far right now. 🙂 Have fun and have a great Thanksgiving!

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